5 Ideas to Have a Fabulous Housewarming Party

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Housewarming party is the best opportunity to show your new home to old friends as well as to introduce yourself to your with new neighbors. Traditionally, it is a low-key and casual party, but you can easily mold the event by highlighting the best features of your new house.

5 When to Have a Party:

Organizing even a simplest party just after a major move, can create a lot of confusion and leave you frazzled. It’s better to settle properly before getting into party planning mode. Some decides to have a housewarming party after few weeks to enjoy and burst their stress while some others plan to have it after six months, so, they can unpack their household things calmly and regain all the energy and resources to spend lavishly on it.

4 Partying Style:

Success of the planning depends on the execution of the kind of event you want to have. If you want to have traditional party then make a standard guests list and send invites. Consider holding an open house party, if you want to invite people as many as possible and stay away from any embarrassment of shortage of place. One more advantage with an open house is that guests would leave early.

3 A Basic Element- Invite:

Invitations are must for housewarming party. No need to send invites far in advance if you are planning an average event. You can send them few days before the big day. A customized House Warming Invitation that you will get in online invitation card store is just perfect for the occasion. A beautiful photograph of your home on the invite will make you happy and leave your guests impressed.

2 House Touring:

In a housewarming party, the star of the show must be the house itself. Take small groups through the house and show the best features of your new house. Providing each individual guest a personal tour can make you too busy and touring with a large group can give a left out feeling to the people in the back, so prefer small groups and show every portion of the house.

1 Housewarming Party Games:

To break the ice between your new neighbors and your family, try some classic activities. You can ask them about their favorite neighborhood spot or feature. Guests, who are not local, can participate by telling their experience with a new community or share special facts about their hometown. You can also discuss the favorite local events like weekly market, annual block parties, etc.

If your neighbors are introvert or feeling uneasy to start conversation, then you can opt for classic board games. The games like Scrabble or Monopoly can create a casual and relaxed ambiance.

Arrange indoor or outdoor games for the kids, so their parents can freely focus on their own conversations. If weather conditions are bad then arrange video games, art & crafts, etc. else stick to outdoor activities such as beanbag toss, etc.

Follow these 5 Ideas to have a Fabulous Housewarming Party.

6 Wedding Reception Mistakes to Avoid

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The wedding reception should be planned carefully, as it is vital part of the marriage ceremony. Sometimes different venues are selected for marriage and reception. It generally happens when the wedding is taking place in religious place like temple and church. Making arrangement for the reception is not an easy task as you need to put together various elements like catering, DJ, transportation and food to make it a memorable event.

Wedding Reception

The guests should be given a warm welcome as soon as they enter the reception venue. You can shower rose petals or sprinkle scented water on them, it will make them feel special. Apart from this there are some important elements that you should take into consideration to make the evening memorable. Let us take a look at 6 Wedding Reception mistakes to avoid

1. Arrival Time:

Mention the accurate time when the reception will start on the wedding invitation. Make sure you are reaching the venue on time, making your guests wait is not good sign. Remember, the guests have taken out time from their busy schedule to be part of your marriage celebration. You need to respect and appreciate their kind gesture.

2. Proper Send Off:

Guest should be given a proper sendoff.  We know it is difficult for you take out time, but still it will be wonderful if you can take out time to thanks guests from the bottom of your heart.

3. Avoid Last Minute Preparation:

If you want a stress free marriage then avoid last minute preparation as it generally leads to chaos. For smooth operation of things on the big day make it a point to allocate work. Hiring marriage planner is the best thing, but if you don’t want to hire planner then give responsibilities to your cousins and friends. Ensure that all preparations are over before the marriage day. It will help you to enjoy the celebrations.

4. Selection of Vendors:

Before you finalize the vendor don’t forget to do some background check on his credibility. Once you are satisfied then get into a written contract.  Mention all the terms and conditions clearly. Make it a point to show the venue few days before the big day. When it comes to payment avoid making full payment. You can give 30 percent of the amount in advance via cheque. Making payment through cheque has an advantage as you have proof of the payment otherwise take a proper receipt.

5. Making Alternative Arrangement:

The weather anytime can spoil your party. It is always good to take preventative measure particularly if wedding is taking place in monsoon season.  In case of open venue, put some big tents otherwise opt for a venue that has open space as well as marriage hall. If the weather goes haywire then you can shift into enclosed space. Also make sure there is power backup.

6. Food:

The buffet should be started at right time. Delay in starting the wedding buffet means that the guests will be late for their homes. Sometimes this delay can also create chaos and you will see people rushing towards buffet as soon as it starts. This is one thing that you would surely want to avoid. Starting the meals at the right time will help guests to enjoy the meal and they will remember the hospitality for a long time.

3 Unique Proposal Ideas for Indian Girl

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Getting a perfect match is the first hurdle in wedding, whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage. If you have found your match and you are completely ready to get into wedlock then you should propose your partner in style. This will make it “unforgettable experience” for her. For girls it is a special moment. When it comes to proposing Indian girl you need to carry it out in such a way that it touches her heart. They are very emotional at heart. Here are 3 unique proposal ideas for Indian girl.

Ask hand from parents:


When it comes to proposing traditional Indian girl then it would be better first asking her hand from her parents. The girls like man, who has the guts to ask her hand from her parents. Once you have got their permission then it is time to go ahead. Organize a party where relatives, friends and parents of both of you are present. Make sure that your girl doesn’t get a hint that you’re going to ask her for marriage. Play some romantic number, ask her to dance with you. As soon as the song gets over go down on knee ask her for marriage. Of course, you are going to hear a positive answer.

Saying in with a card:

Saying in With Card

Visit online card shop and select a beautiful wedding invite. You can easily get a single piece as most of the shop happily gives sample. They might charge a fractional amount for it. We asked you to go for invite because every girl dreams of their name to be printed on a magnificent wedding card. Now get your and your sweetie’s name printed on it.  Now is time to do shopping, get a magnificent bridal Lehenga Style Saree in auspicious red shade. Also buy her favorite chocolates and cookies. Put all these in a gift basket with card at the top.  Take her out for a long driver. Stop the car at some serene place. Handover the gift hamper to her, as soon as she starts reading the card, instantly go down and ask will you marry me. Believe us she is going to be touched by the invite, bridal sarees and the chocolates.  The answer apparently is going to be positive.

Well when it comes to wedding, have the same invite as it is the card that did the trick for you and of course your bride would be wearing the same outfit that you gifted her.

Tell a Tale:

If you are good at sketching or drawing use the skill to impress the girl. Make two imaginative characters like it was in movie
Hum Tum. Give the characters your and your girl’s name. Now weave a hilarious love story in pictures with it stopping at one juncture where the boy asks the girls for marriage. Ask your sweetheart to give the reply.  The moment she says “yes” turn to the next page where it shows the girl & boy getting engaged then having a grand wedding then living happily forever.

8 things you should do after engagement

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Getting engaged means now you are officially in a committed relationship. It is a beautiful feeling, and also with it starts the preparation for the next step that is wedding, but before that it is the time for you to enjoy this engaged status.  Especially, in country like India where most of the weddings are arranged by the parents, it gives the couples an opportunity to know each. The families view becomes liberal. They don’t mind couple talking or going out. Here, we are going to tell you 8 things that you should do essentially after getting engaged.

1 Let the World Know:

As generally the engagement is affair attended by close friends & relatives, so let everyone know you know are engaged. Uploaded the photographs on social networking sites and see how you are going be flooded with best wishes and congratulatory messages. Show the stunning ring that your beau has put in your ring finger.

2 Talk & Meet:

The time between engagement and wedding is also known as courtship period, enjoy every moment of it. Talk on phones, most of cellular service providers have pocket friendly plans; why not take advantage of it. Go on long drives; take some candles light dinner together.  The time you spend together will bring you closer and the chemistry will be reflected on the wedding day.

3 Give Gifts:

Who doesn’t like gifts? It becomes more special if it is from fiancée. It becomes of sentimental value. The man can give jewelry and designer wear while the girl can gift watch or gadgets to her man.

Wedding Propose

4 Know about family:

Tell each about their respective family. This way after the wedding nobody needs to try to break the ice. When you will be meeting the relatives, you would be knowing most of them at least by name, so there will not be awaked feeling of being outsider.

5 Decide on kind of wedding:

Remember, it is once in a lifetime affair, so talk with fiancée and decide how you want the ceremony to be, whether you want to settle with traditional wedding or want to go for theme. The choice mainly depends on both of you, if you have any wish or dream regarding wedding then talk to each other first.  Once you have reached a conclusion then it is the time to hire a wedding planner and telling him exactly what you want. It is his job to put up the things together.

6 Wedding Shopping:

Ask each others’ color preferences and also ask what kind of attire the other is planning to wear. There is no doubt that bride & groom look best on the wedding day but things will be better if there attire compliment each others look. If you are buying in from an online wedding apparel store then you can give address of it so the other can see it and give opinion.

7 Wedding invitation:

Although the invites would be distributed separately but it would be great if you can show each the kind of invitation you are buying. You can do this by visiting online wedding invitation card store. This way both the families have card that matches magnificence of wedding in a grand way.

A look at popular wedding customs in Hindu wedding

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The wedding customs are an essential part of every wedding. It is what that makes the ceremony unique and exciting. Some of these customs are followed from ages and people don’t know how they originated. These customs are different for every religion. Like the customs that are followed in Hindus marriage are entirely different from Jain, Muslim, or a Christian marriage. It is important that couple should respect and follow the custom religiously as it is said that wedding is an extension of etiquettes and customs. One thing that is common among all is that they strengthen the institution of marriage. Let us take a look at some of the prevailing customs in a Hindu wedding. Some of these are changed as per convenience.

Hindu Wedding Custom

Change of first name of bride:

Changing the name of bride is quite prevalent in Hindu communities. The reason for the change of name can be many. Generally, the first name is changed to make the horoscope compatible. Especially in north India the horoscope are matched according to name. Some families change the name of bride after the wedding to give her belongingness to the new family.

Change of surname of bride:

The bride’s surname changes after the wedding. She takes the surname of her husband. This custom is bit different in southern India, here the bride takes the first name of her husband as her surname.  The aim of both these customs is make the new bride part of the family.

Wedding Expenses:

Hindu Wedding

Its girl’s side that generally bears all the expenses of wedding but with the changing time even the groom side is seen pulling up resources, so the entire burden is not on one side.  It is a welcome change. One step ahead is the new generation, they don’t allow the parents to take up the expenses but they plan out everything by themselves.

Exchanging of gifts:

Exchanging of wedding gifts is an important part of Indian culture. The gifts are selected carefully. It brings both the families closers and establishes a strong bond. Although, getting a gift that everybody likes is a tough task, so mostly the families make someone a mediator who is known to both sides; this way the know about the preference. The most common gifts are dress material.

Engagement rings:

Engagement ring is seen as the acceptance of marriage. Once the wedding is fixed the engagement ceremony takes place. It generally is a family affair attended by close relatives & friends from both sides.   The groom slides the beautiful engagement ring into the ring finger of the fiancée. The ring is generally of gold, platinum or diamond.

Exchange of Invitation:

In some communities the first invite is given to God that they believe in then the wedding invitation cards are exchanged between two families. The exchange of invitation is one custom that is vastly followed in southern states like Kerala.

These are just a few of the interesting customs followed in Hindu wedding.

5 Modern Wedding Gifts for Couples

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The wedding season is in full swing. Most of you may have got wedding invitation card from friends or relatives. Now you must be thinking what you should gift them. There are numerous products available, but just make sure, what you are gifting is useful and not common. Selecting such item becomes a tough task as on this day they flooded with gifts. The most common being sandwich maker, oven, juicer, walls clocks etcetera. Now you must wondering what to gift the couples, so here we are going to tell you top 5 modern wedding gifts for couples.

Wedding Gifts

1 Digital Photo Frame:

The couples are going to love this gift. They can put hundreds of wedding pictures in digital format in a digital photo frame. All the snaps will run in a slide show. It will automatically change after limited intervals. This way the most precious moment of their life is going to be in front of their eyes always. Of-course they are always going to remember you for giving such wonderful gift.

2 Handy Cam:

Wedding is the journey of love, commitment and togetherness. There are numerous moments like honeymoon, birthdays, anniversary and other instances that couples would love to record and see it with their loves ones. A handy cam will help them to record and treasure these memorable movements for lifetime. You can gift them a latest handy cam. It is going to be sentimental gift for them. By gifting this you will become an integral part of their every loving moment that they are catching in frames.

3 Health Club Memberships:

All of us know that workout is good for health, but have you thought how it would be, if you have your spouse as your workout partner? Well it is going to be fitness with love, well “love” of course is going to be the better half. You can gift newlyweds a health club membership. This way they will move towards good health and fit body. Well, surely it is going to be a unique gift. Do we need to say that they are going to thank you from the core of their heart?

4 Paintings:

Gift the couple painting. It shows rich taste in life. You can gift painting of Mughal era, nature, or modern art. Anything would be magnificent. If you want to go for something unique then you can gift them their own painting. For this you would need to contact professional painter. The painter would paint a brilliant portrait of the couple. Having their own portrait on the wall is fanatic experience. It creates a magic that thousand photographs cannot create. The newlyweds will surely appreciate the time & efforts you put to get it done.

5 Honeymoon Package:

Just after the wedding, every couple eagerly looks towards honeymoon. This gives them opportunity to spend quality time together. Exploring the beauty of nature and making love. This makes the two hearts one soul, so it would be amazing idea to gift newlyweds honeymoon package at some exotic location.

7 Reasons Hiring a Wedding Planner

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It is a wise decision to avail services of a wedding planner. Let us take a look at top 7 reasons for hiring a wedding planner.

Reason 1 “You want everything to be perfect.”

Wedding Planners

It needs adequate planning, resources and right execution of plan to successfully pull of a wedding. It is one thing that if you leave on professionals then you will get the desired results. The right person for the job is wedding planners. They have the experience and expertise of organizing lots of wedding, so they know from where to get the best price. They will ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Reason 2 “You don’t know how to stick to budget.”

Setting up the budget is the first step of the wedding. After this you need to allocate how much money you are going to spend on various things like wedding invitations cards, catering, venue, wedding favors and decoration. If you are not an expert in managing things then it is quite possible that you may go overboard with the budget. Here, the wedding planners are of great help, they are like financial advisors. They know how much things can cost and help you in right allocation of funds. This way everything will be within your budget.

Reason 3 “Enjoy every moment of the wedding proceeding”

The wedding preparation causes so much stress that at times you will find it difficult to even sleep, eat and work. The only thing in your mind would be how to get things done. You will not be able to enjoy the proceedings. The planer has the expertise, so they will everything done easily. The only thing you need to be concerned about is taking good care of yourself.

Reason 4 “Make your Vision a Reality”

Tell your wedding planner the kind of ambiance and style you want to create. It is not important that you should know the detail about it. It is their job to make your vision a reality. They can visualize things and get the work done.


Reason 5 “Have no time.”

If both of you are very busy with your work and have no time for wedding preparation then it is good to avail services of a planner. You will feel like you have hired a personal assistant. They will do all the running around for your big day.

Reason 6 “Don’t need to be bothered about forgetting things.”

If you don’t want to forget things then you need to prepare wedding check list. You need to add up new things whenever the need arises. Keeping track of things and checking again and again means you need go through all the pages of checklist. It may run to few pages. Thankfully there are wedding planners to save you from the cumbersome task. They will keep track of deadlines and ensure that everything takes place as per the schedule.

Reason 7 “Finding it tough to cope up with family and friends expectation”

Wedding is occasion where you will get lot of advices from friends & relatives on how to get things done. All these expectation may leave you stressed and perplexed. On the other hand, the wedding planner will smartly handle your family’s expectations. They will keep you informed with decisions.

7 points to consider when hiring wedding photographer

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The couples spent considerable time in selecting every element of wedding from stunning wedding invitation cards to magnificent wedding attires. There is one element that is often missed by the couples, but it is one of the most vital elements of the wedding that is “wedding photography”. The couples are going to revive the moments of marriage via wedding photograph.

Hence it is very vital that you go with a professional photographer. Selecting a photographer for the event of life time isn’t easy as there are numbers of photographers out there, calming to be the best in the business. Here, are 7 points that you should take into account while selecting the man for the job.

wedding photographer

1 Style of photography:

There are numerous kinds of photography like nature, fashion, street, sports photography etcetera. A person who is proficient in one genre of photography does not necessary means that he is good at every kind of photography. You may be having a friend who is good with camera but you want someone who is good at taking wedding photography.

2 Number of wedding covered:

It is next important questions that you need to ask. The experience matters a lot but simply don’t go with the experience ask them how many wedding they have covered. It is quite possible that somebody have the experience of 7 years but has only shot 15 weddings. Also excuse yourself from part time or weekend photographers.

3 Events they are going to cover:

Ask them about their prior commitment. The number of event they are going to cover during the weekend. If they have their calendar full then it is quite possible that they will not be able to give you needed attention. They will be in a rush to complete the assignment and move on to the next venue. It also possible that the send assistants to shoot the event. If you see they are totally booked then it good to hire someone who has time.

4 Get into contract:

It will be good to get in contract with the studio. The contract should cover up the events that the photographer will shoot like engagement, ladies Sangeet and finally the wedding and Vidhai. What will be the cost and terms for termination of resolution?

5 Unforeseen Circumstances:

What will the studio do if the photographer gets ill on the day? Do they have experienced back up team to take care of such situation.

6 Assistant:

In traditional Indian wedding the number of guests are between 500-800, a single photographer will not be effectively able to cover up the entire event. Like in Vidaii one camera needs to be focused on the bride, the second should catch up the emotions of parents –moist eyes when their darling daughter is leaving to her new home. It is good if they at least two photographers to cover up the occasion.

7 Correction of color:

Color correction and editing is very important part of photography. Enquire in advance whether they would be charging additional amount for it.    The color correction is important otherwise your photographs will have hues of red, blue and green. It will not look natural. Also make sure that they are using superior quality digital or SLR cameras.

Marriage Proposals: 14 Romantic Ways to Propose

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You have found your perfect match, now next you want to propose her for marriage. You want to do it in style so she always shares the moments with everyone.

  1. If you sweetheart starts her day with newspaper then the best way would be to give a full page advertisement in paper she reads daily.
  2. Go out to night club and hit the dance floor, while dancing ask the DJ to give you the Mic so that you can dedicate a song to your girl and then propose her.
  3. Get a hold of a caricaturist and ask him to draw a sketch of you and your beloved. There should be two bubbles the one over your sketch should contain the lines – Will you marry me? While the bubble above your sweetheart’s sketch should say “yes.”
  4. Aquarium is a wonderful place to propose. Catch up a diver at aquarium and request him to put up your proposal inside the biggest fish tank.
  5. Send your sweetie on a treasure hunt. Make sure to include the destination where you both had spent some wonderful time. As she successfully complete the last hint, her prize for the day should be “you” down on knees, proposing her for wedding.
  6. Avail services of skywriter. He will write your message in sky. It will be for her and the world to see.
  7. In you are flying in the near future then propose your sweetheart thousands of feet above the earth. Take permission and use loudspeaker system of the plane for proposing.
  8. If you babe is move buff then make a video of proposal. Approach your neighborhood theater and request them to play it. If they ask for some charge then pay it. Make sure you reach with your girl in time for the preview.
  9. Call up close group of pals of both, give them T-shirts with a word on each one – Will you marry me? As soon as you enter the venue with your darling they will stand in line. If you want to give it a filmy touch then write “Muje Sey Sahdi Karogee?”Marriage Proposals
  10. Gift her packet containing Sari, chocolates and scroll invitation card that contains your proposal written in an elegant way.
  11. When she goes to bed get her regular ring replaced by an engagement ring. In the morning when she will open the jewelry box for wearing ring she will get the surprise of her life.
  12. If your girl loves reading books then write a beautiful note then place it in book and gift her. Make sure the book is a best seller. As she is going through the note, shock her with a wedding ring.
  13. Wait for the evening then keep a candles in a garden in such way that it should read “I love you” followed by Will you marry me! Believe me when she will see it she is surely going to say yes.
  14. Slip a beautiful engagement ring in her finger while she is asleep then wake her with a bottle of champagne. This romantic gesture will sweep her off her feet.

Top 6 Indian Wedding Traditions

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The Indian wedding is popular around the world because of its unique customs. The customs and rituals give wedding a strong and unbreakable bond. The marriages are conducted according to the norms laid in the Vedas. The marriage in another community is simply considered a bond between two individual but in Indian society it is bond between two families.  It brings two families together and they share warm relation of love & respect for a lifetime. As a result there are numerous interesting customs associated with a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. The traditions are the base of marital institution. It strengthens the bond between the couples.

1 Kanyadaan


It is one of the most valued Hindu wedding rituals. According to this the father of the bride hands over his daughter’s hand to the groom. This is emotional as well as moment of pride for the bride’s father. It is believed that sacred ceremonies purify all the sins. During the ritual ladies sings traditional songs.

2 Sindoor:

Just  after the Kanayadan ritual, the sindoor ritual take place. “Sindoor’ is artificial vermillion colored powdered put by the married women on the parting line of hair known as “Maang in Hindi.  It is first applied in the Maang by the groom during the wedding ceremony.

3 Mangalsutra:

Mangal Sutra

The word “Mangalsutra” is an amalgamation of two words Mangal means “auspicious” and Sutra means “thread”.  It is a scared necklace that the groom ties around his bride’s neck. This symbolizes that from this point onwards that she is married woman. It is similar to the wedding ring worn by married ladies in western culture. Apart from this nose ring, toe ring, colorful bangles and kumkum are the others thing that denotes that the women is married.

4 Seven Vows:

The marriage in Indian community is considered bond for seven births. The couples take seven vows around the holy fire. These vows are pillars of the wedding. Love, commitment, prosperity, friendship, health and progeny strongly bind the relationship. With every round the fire, the couple take one vow, after the seventh vow they become a husband & wife.

5 Solah Shringar:

Solah Shrigar means sixteen adornments. It is basically steps for beatification of the bride. It covers her from head to toe. It includes a detailed guideline for makeup, ornaments and accessories. This ritual is followed from ages and is passed from one generation to another. It celebrates and acknowledges the divinity and beauty of women. It is believed that certain embellishments and jewelry enhance the beauty of the bride. According to Hindu mythology these Shrigars symbolizes the sixteen phases of moon.

 Solah Shringar

6 Step Wedding Barat

Barat is heart of a wedding, in this ceremony the groom’s together with friends and relatives proceed to wedding venue. They ride a decorated horse or elephant, the rest of procession proceed slowly along with him dancing and singing.  Even if you look at the wedding invitation card you will see happily dancing people following the groom.