Invite In A Traditional Style With Islamic Invitation Cards

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Islam, being one of the most prominent and oldest religions of the world has its roots in traditions and customs with rituals to follow. Islamic wedding, though is the signing of the contract, yet it is an integral part of this traditional world. This contract known as Nikaahnama gives social and legal sanction to the Muslim wedding. Surprisingly, the Muslim marital practices differ in different parts of the world, blending with the traditions of the host countries. But the fact remains that weddings are one of the most significant ceremonies in the Islamic culture, thus calling for preparations.

Like the Hindu wedding, Muslim wedding is also guided by religion and mentioned in the Holy book Quran where a Muslim couple is considered to be each other’s protector and comforter. This ceremony needs to be carried in the presence of friends and relatives so that the couples can be blessed at the time when they are tied in a wedlock.

Islamic Cards

Sending invites to those whom one wants to be the part of the wedding ceremony is very important but more important is the format of these invitation cards as this special occasion calls for giving it a special touch. Invitation cards are very important as they not only give information on time and venue but also make the receiver feel important and invited with warmth. Choosing the right invitation card for your occasion needs to be done carefully.

Indian Wedding Card brings to you the premium collection of Islamic wedding Cards which gives you a wide variety to choose from. They can be personalized to meet your particular requirements by adding any verse from the Quran or giving a suitable background with the religious symbol. These cards can be designed in traditional or contemporary designs with the potpourri of colours. A bright red with gold which makes it bright and stunning or off-white with golden which makes it sober and elegant, there is a lot to explore and choose from.

Muslim Wedding Cards

It can be silk or hand-made paper which make this invitation card stand apart and the best part is the reasonable prices and variety of samples to give you a clear idea and choice. Indian Wedding Card ensures that you get the unmatched quality in the most cost-effective manner. Visit and get the most satisfying online shopping experience.

How To Customize The Perfect Designer Wedding Invitations?

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Having designer wedding invitations for your big day is an excellent way to make a good impression on your guests. But selecting just one type of invitation from the hundreds that are out there can seem next-to-impossible.

The following tips can help you select the best designer wedding invitations for your nuptials:

Select your Wedding Theme:

The venue, time of day and level of formality will define the style of your wedding. There are many types of wedding styles ranging from casual to relaxed, classic to contemporary, and modern to conservative. Your wedding invitations are going to hint at your wedding style, so choose accordingly. For example, if you’re planning a simple, country wedding, an invite featuring floral prints and nature motifs is suitable. For a wedding at a posh hotel venue, a foil print or embossed card is ideal.

Decide on the Colors:

If you plan to have a coordinated wedding, decide on the main colors that you’d like to include. For a Hindu wedding, red, maroon and gold are quite popular. For a Christian wedding, cream, white, black and white are the ideal choice. For a Muslim Nikaah card, purple, green and gold are the most popular choice. After you’ve decided on your colors, choose a wedding invite in the same color scheme.

Muslim Cards

Select an Invite Style:

Apart from the traditional card style invite, there are a myriad other options. Some of the most popular choices are scrolls, card with box, odd shape invitations, laser cut cards and invites fashioned from handmade paper. Choose a style that is most befitting your wedding arrangements. For example, for an elegant, religious ceremony, a scroll invitation is both classic and sophisticated. For a contemporary celebration, a jacket style card is more apt.

Laser Cut invitaions

Opt for an Invitation Suite:

Nothing screams stylish than a complete invitation suite. You can have it designed in the same design and color scheme as your main invitation. Even if you don’t plan to have a complete invitation suite, consider having the essentials such as a Thank You card, RSVP card, Table cards and gift bag.

RSVP Cards

Order a Sample and order Early!

With the number of choices out there, it is very easy to get overwhelmed very quickly! The best thing to do is to decide on at least 5 invitation styles that you like and order their samples. Sometimes having a sample at hand can be the deciding factor.

Ensure you order your samples early. Your guests should get at least one month’s notice before your wedding. This figure changes to 6 months if it’s a destination wedding. If you’re ordering samples, then consider adding on an extra month!

By following the tips mentioned here, you can choose the perfect designer wedding invitations. Visit Indian Wedding Card to order your today.

Ring Ceremony Invitations: What To Include?

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A ring ceremony is similar to an engagement party. The difference lies in when the engagement ring is presented. Typically celebrated in Asian cultures, during a ring ceremony the would-be bride and groom place an engagement ring on each other’s ring fingers in front of close friends and family. Some gifts are also exchanged between both immediate families such as items of clothing, tokens or ‘tikkas’, sweets and dry fruits. A ring ceremony can be a simple function held at home or something elaborate that is at a hotel or banquet hall.

Whatever the scale of your special event might be, you still need to send out invitations. The following guide will inform you on what to include in your ring ceremony invitations:

Card Design:

There are many options in-ring ceremony card design. You may choose something that reflects your religious beliefs such as Radha-Krishna themed invitations or something more general and contemporary such as a non-denominational card.

Radha Krishan Theme Cards

In addition, you can opt for a laser cut motif, embossed design or an invite printed on handmade paper.


Rings are frequently used symbols in this type of invite. You may also include a pair of doves, a pair of hearts, or the motif of a couple holding hands.

Program Details:

In this section, you need to include key information that will inform your guests about your celebrations. This includes:

  • The name(s) of the host(s)
  • Names of the engaged couple
  • Blessings from their elders or grandparents
  • Location where the ring ceremony will occur
  • Time and location
  • Direction information


If you are planning a formal celebration, it might be necessary to include an RSVP request. This helps you figure out how many people will be attending and simply facilitates the planning aspect. Don’t forget to include a due date for your RSVP request!

Engagement Invitations


Typically, the host serves as the main point of contact for your guests. However, it is not uncommon to include the names of siblings as well. Simply list their names and telephone numbers on the bottom of your card.

Ring ceremony invitations play an integral role in announcing your upcoming nuptials. To order your invites today, contact Indian Wedding Card.

Anatomy Of A Good Wedding Invitation Suite

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When selecting your wedding invitation, it is absolutely necessary to have proper etiquette. There are many delicate intricacies involved in mailing a wedding invitation. These details surround the enclosures that must be placed with each invitation.

A good wedding invitation suite must have the following components:


Your invitation is the focal point. It must include the four “W”s of your wedding which are who is getting married and who is hosting the wedding, when the ceremony is, where the location of the ceremony is and what is the invitation for, i.e. a wedding.

Reception Card:

If your wedding reception and ceremony are at two different locations, you must include a reception card with the details of the location, time and address. If your reception is at the same venue, you can mention this information on the same wedding invite.

Response Card (with a stamped Envelope):

According to wedding traditions, guests are supposed to complete the response card and mail it back to you. This communicates their ability to attend the ceremony and the number of guests who will be attending. If you have multiple events, you may want to include these on the response card so that guests can tick all that they will attend. You must also mention the due date on your response card, i.e. RSVP cards by June 14, 2018.

It is important to include a stamped and addressed envelope with the response card so that your guests can quickly mail it back to you.

RSVP Cards

Direction Card:

This is entirely optional but absolutely necessary if your venue is in a remote location. You will need to include a map with clear and simply worded directions.

Accommodation Card:

If your wedding will have several out-of-town guests, you will need to provide them with details about their hotel and lodging.

Wedding Website Card:

If you are a tech savvy bride and groom, consider a wedding website card. Having one eliminates the need for a direction card, response card and accommodations card. Your guests simply have to access your website to gain access to necessary information.

Inner Envelope:

The inner envelope is addressed in the guests’ names, including all the children who are invited. It houses all your cards. Inner envelopes are a must for formal weddings.

Outer Envelope:

This portion will have the guests’ names, mailing address and the return address. You can choose to write these necessary details with calligraphy to add a classic touch.

Other Items:

If you want to carry out a theme at your wedding, you may want to consider ordering escort cards, thank you notes, table nos., menu cards and ceremony programs in the same design theme as your invitation suite.

Mastering the art of having a good wedding suite takes a bit of know-how. To view complete range of invitations suites, visit Indian Wedding Cards.

Important Elements On Muslim Wedding Cards

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In Islamic traditions, marriage invitations are often referred to as Nikaah or Walima cards. Distributing these cards holds much spiritual and social significance for both families.

When you receive Muslim wedding invitations, it has a regal, standout appearance about it. You may notice specific colours, symbols and designs on it which give Muslim wedding invitations their cultural touch.

Listed below are some important elements that are always present on a Muslim wedding invitation:

Stars and a Crescent:

Both symbols are internationally recognized as the symbol of the Islamic faith. In Muslim culture, the crescent moon and stars signifies the binding faith in God. It is almost always featured on all Islamic wedding cards. It denotes faith in the Almighty in hopes that he will make the marriage ceremony a blessed event.

Muslim wedding cards
Bismillah Symbol:

In this symbol, the spirit of the Islamic holy book, the Quran and Allah are contained. The Bismillah symbol reflects support, blessings and adoration from God above. It is a beautiful symbol that signifies the relationship every Muslim has with God. As a result, the Bismillah symbol is placed on a Muslim wedding invite so that the couple receives plenty of blessings and support from God.

Allah Symbol:

This symbol is highly regarded by all devout Muslims. It signifies purity, faith and blessings. The Allah symbol is always placed on a Muslim wedding card to ensure that the ceremony remains holy and divine. Placing this symbol on the card also guides the couple to love, understanding and happiness.

Islamic cards
Traditional Colours:

Most Islamic wedding cards feature traditional colours associated with that religion such as green, gold, cream and red. Each colour has its own significance. For example, red represents fertility whereas green represents religious dedication. Cream represents purity of mind and heart.

Materials of the Card:

A majority of Muslim invitations are made from satin, silk, velvet, handmade and metallic paper. All these materials give a noticeable appearance. It is also common to see tissue paper covering the invite. This looks like a veil. It is also common to see Islamic symbols, roses and other floral patterns on the marriage card.

To view our stunning collection of Muslim wedding cards, visit Indian Wedding Card.


Mostly Used Traditional Symbols in Indian Wedding Cards

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Flamboyance and grandiose are two of the most intricate symbols of the wedding cards hailing from India. Just like the Indian Weddings, the cards of the Indian marriages are also extremely colorful and vigorous. The bright colors, which are implemented in the cards, bring good luck to the newlyweds. This very notion is somewhat traditional to the beliefs of Indian people. The families of the celebrated couples decide for so many days as to what color shall the card be designed with. There are millions of varieties of cards out there which the people can choose from.

Anniversary Invitation Cards

Dependent on the budget and the tastes, the people select their wedding cards that come with so many symbols, regardless of which religion the wedding is to be carried in.

The Details of the Symbols that Come with the Wedding Cards:

The very first thing, other than the color that will catch your attention in an Indian wedding card is the rich use of motifs of the cultural sect or the religion. Like for the Hindus, the symbols of Lord Ganesha, Swastika, Mango Leaves, Bride and Groom, Lord Krishna and Radha and even other Gods are seen. All of these motifs carry different meaning that relates to the wedding rituals in an auspicious manner.

As for the Mohammedan sect of people, scriptures or quotations from the holy book of Quran are implemented. The colors that are used in the Indian wedding cards of the Mohammedan sect are mostly printed in dark colors of green, blue red incorporated with other deeper shades.

RSVP Wording Invitations

The Christian wedding cards carry the message of Lord that is taken from the Holy book of Bible. The cards, mostly come in different shades of white, yellow, peach and other lighter shades of these colors. People have a valid point to make use of the golden fonts for the inner text of the cards that provide the guests with the proper information of the families and also the venue and date of the marriage ceremony.

And not the wedding cards, in India, you will be able to find different kinds of Anniversary Invitation Cards, RSVP Wording Invitations, etc. For more info, log on to

Types of Wedding Cards that are Found in India and Their Features

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The wedding cards that are found in India are known as Lagnapatrika. This Lagnapatrika holds a special significance among all types of Hindu weddings that take place in the country. The Lagna Patrika records the detailed description of the occasion of the Hindu wedding like the venue, the exact time as well as the lineage introduction of the bride and the groom. Weddings in India are considered to be colorful events on the global platform.

Hindu wedding cards

The grandeur of the Indian weddings is divided in between three or four days where the corollary ceremonies reach up to the main day of the wedding ceremony. As mentioned earlier, a typical wedding card not only consists the names of the bride or the groom, but it also contains the detail of the family lineage of the celebrated couple. Below are the certain common features that are found in the Hindu wedding cards:

•  The wedding cards are distributed before a month of the main date of the inception of the corollary wedding ceremonies like the Haldi (turmeric applying ceremony), Sangeet (a musical function with the relatives dancing), Mehendi (henna applying ceremony) and Sagai or the engagement.

•  The guests are given separate leaflets as an invitation to these ceremonies with the main wedding card implying to them that they all are invited to all the ceremonies that conclude on the wedding day.

•  Auspicious Motifs or pictures of the Hindu Gods like the Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna along with Radha, Lord Rama along with Sita, Swastik, Om, Kalash, Mango leaves, etc. are all either printed or embellished with stickers.

Hindu wedding cards
•  The content inside is written in two languages, one in English or the regional language the marriage is taking place in.

•  The content is written with red ink if the card paper is perfectly contrasted with the red ink.

•  The most common materials are the hand-made papers and metallic papers. When the metallic papers are used the content inside is embossed with the glossy inks.

•  Alongside the cards, the envelopes too are made specially. The envelopes carry the name as well as the address details of the guests.

•  Each and every card of the Hindu wedding has got spots of the Sindoor, and Chawal on it.


The Symbols Found in Hindu Wedding Cards and Their Meaning

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According to the Hindu culture, weddings are considered as not only the eternal bond of a man and woman but also the nuptial of two families. Just like the other cultures, the Hindu wedding is also a religious and traditional custom of the followers. The wedding of the culture extends up to three to five days. It is not a matter of a single day because the corollary rituals and customs that lead to the final day of the marriage; those rituals are subjected to be attended by the guests.

The wedding cards of the Hindu culture are known for being colorful and glittery. They are embossed or printed with several kinds of auspicious signs and motifs. These motifs carry much religious significance besides being eye-catching attractive. Below are the details of the spiritual significance of the common symbols found in the Hindu wedding cards:

Hindu wedding cards

•  Lord Ganesha or the elephant God of the Hindu mythology. This God is worshiped before the worship of any other God of the mythology. Lord Ganesha is believed to be able to remove any kind of hurdles or obstacles in a person’s life. He is also believed to bless the individual with the power of knowledge, wealth, and education. He is considered as the epitome of the joy and prosperity. Lord Ganesha is either printed or embossed on the card.

•  Om, which is the sign or the symbol of divinity and purity, is the most vital symbol of the Hindu culture. It signifies the existence of the three principal lords of the religion, the Brahma, The Shiva and the Vishnu. These three lords are the symbols of sanctity, ecstasy, and peace. All of the major Hindu rituals and ceremonies start with Om, as the remembrance of the holy trinity.

Hindu wedding cards

•  Swastika symbolizes strength and prosperity of an individual. This shall never be mistaken with the symbol of the Nazi. The symbol carries the message that everything good prevails forever. These four corners of the symbol signify the four directions, the sun, the change and the movement. It also signifies the strength as well as the stability of the good times in an individual’s life. The symbol is often coupled with another holy symbol of the Kalash.

Considerations in Choosing a Sikh Wedding Card Provider

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India is known for several communities with various culture and religion. Numerous communities live within its boundary. Their culture and way of living make India a unique nation. Moreover, it is interesting to note that various communities in India have different wedding ideas. As a result of which these diverse cultures have vivid wedding card designs and ideas. However, it is important to note that one should order wedding cards from a trusted provider of the design provided by the vendor will set the tone for your wedding.

Sikh wedding cards
The wedding ceremony of the Sikh community is known as Anand Kajarand which is a fun event, and a large number of guests are being invited here. Your wedding card is the sole thing that creates a good impression in front of the guests. Hence, it is important that you order a card of marriage from a reputed designer. Here are the following considerations that should be kept in mind while selecting a good wedding card company.

The experience of the Company in the Relevant Field:

It is important to choose a business based on its experience of designing Sikh wedding cards as Sikh wedding cards are entirely different from other wedding cards. It is so because the card comprises of several symbols and colors. An essential symbol on the card is the Khalsa. Hence, the creativity of the card designer is very vital in these aspects. On the flip side, the card must also contain information about the various events in the wedding.

Sikh wedding cards
Considering the Latest Trends:

It is a commonly observed trend that theme based wedding ceremonies are gaining popularity among masses. Several collaterals are associated with a Sikh Wedding. One such important constituent of a Sikh wedding is the wedding card. It is so because the marriage card comprises of various information that depicts the date and time of several events. One must check with the provider that they have the capability of providing unique designs for Sikh wedding cards. It is so because the proper narration of events in the marriage cards would set the tone for success for the Wedding.


The making of the perfect Hindu wedding card

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Hindu weddings are grandeurs and occasions of celebrations and fun. Everything at an Indian Hindu wedding is extraordinary and is decked up to its best. But it’s only the organizer who knows and understands that it takes a lot behind a successful, big fat Hindu wedding. There’s a lot of planning, decision making, selections, decorations, arrangements, etc. In this hustle and bustle what people often forget paying enough attention to is the wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations hold as much importance in a wedding as anything else. Enough attention should be paid to wedding invitations. This is not only because through them you would invite your guests and inform them about the entire wedding schedule, but also because they carry with themselves an impression of the wedding. It might happen that finding your card boring, people might just not want to attend your wedding.

Hindu wedding card

Therefore, here are few things that you must consider. These things will help you in making a perfect Hindu Wedding Card.

•  Include Religious Elements:  Weddings are auspicious occasions and therefore Hindus generally consider having images or carvings of Hindu deities on the wedding invitations to seek their blessings. You may consider including the image of a deity like lord Krishna, lord Ganesh, etc. You can either have big imprints on the front of the card or small motifs inside of the card in the corners. For more creativity, you can also cut the opening of the card in the shape of the deity.

•  Color selection:  When it comes to Hindu wedding cards, you have plenty of wild options to select from. Color certainly plays an important role.  Hindu wedding cards come in different vibrant hues and subtle colors. You can pick as per the theme of your wedding (if any) or can go for colors that hold importance and significance in the traditions like yellow, golden, red, etc. These colors symbolize prosperity, love, and joy.

Hindu wedding cards

•  The Envelope:  Every wedding card is incomplete without the envelope done perfectly. You can get envelopes with elaborate artwork and interesting cuts. In case you are selecting a scroll style card for your wedding then the envelope will be a cardboard case that further comes in creative shapes and designs. The envelope can feature embellishments like stone work, tassels, metal stickers of deities and much more.