6 Commonly Asked Question about Wedding Invitation & Related Stationery

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When it comes to wedding invite, the would-be-couples have lot of questions, here we cover up top 6 frequently asked question regarding wedding invitation cards & stationery.

Q1:  Why is it important to select a good invitation card?

The wedding invitation cards is more than a mere piece of stationery; it is the beautiful medium through which the guest gets information about the big event. Hence, it is very important that it should make a favorable impact on the guests. A look at the card should be enough to tell guests what kind of wedding ceremony its going to be – whether it is a fun based theme, destination or traditional nuptial.

designer wedding invitations

Q2:  Is it useful to send Save the Date Cards?

Yes, looking at today’s hectic life, its important to send save-the-date cards. It gives enough time for guests to make adjustment to their schedule to be present in the event. Send the save-the-date cards to make announcement of wedding as well as reserve the wedding date. The outstation and guests traveling from aboard find it very useful. It will help them make travel arrangement in advance. It becomes more important if you are planning to get into wedlock during festive season or summer holiday. Make it a point to send save the date cards at least 8 to 12 months in advance. It will ensure that you will not hear guests making excuse like did not get information well in advance to make arrangement.

Q3:   When the invite should be send?

Well, if you have sent the save-the-date card then you can send the invite three to four months before the big date, but if you have decided to give a skip to save-the-date then send the wedding invite at least five to eight months before the wedding date.

Q4:  Where to buy the invite?

Here, you have two options the Indian online wedding cards store and the physical card store in your city. If you ask us, which is best then surely online wedding cards stores are any day better than physical cards shops. Here, you get a huge variety of invites at attractive price, something that is not possible in a city card shop. Also, it helps you save time as you can order online.

wedding invitation cards

Q5:   Is it possible to fully customize invite?

The answer is “yes”, if you are planning to buy from online store then surely you can fully customize the card. Some online card portals give you the option to design your own card – change font, change color, change picture and have your own wordings on the card. Believe us, it is nothing less than a thrilling experience to customize every element of the card. You can tell everyone that you have designed your own wedding card.

Q6:  What are the points that would-be-couple should consider while buying the card?

  • Keep your budget in mind.
  • Go for a card that matches with your wedding theme.
  • Always check the price of the card at least from three stores.
  • Ask for discount.

What to write in a Wedding Invitation Card

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Just like designing a wedding invitation card, writing the content of the invitation is also difficult. You have to be precise while doing so, and care should be taken to not miss out mentioning the names of any of your beloved relatives or friends, especially in the list where you thank your family members. Missing out someone important might offend the person. Moreover, since wedding is a onetime affair, such mistakes should be avoided.

It is essential to keep certain things in mind while finalizing the content of the invitation card. Special mention of the first family of both the bride and groom in their respective invitation card is a must. Even if your parents aren’t paying the bill for the invitation card, a mention of their name in the card shows your love and respect towards them.

wedding invitation cards

Some other basic contents that a wedding cards online needs mentioning, apart from the name of the couple and their parents, are the wedding venue and timing details along with the contact information. The theme of the wedding, if any, also needs special mentioning. If you need a confirmation from the guests whether they would be present for the wedding or not, then you can add a note of RSVP at the end.

With time, the ways wedding invitation cards are designed and worded have changed. Initially Indian wedding cards where stylized in a traditional and ethnic manner. With the name of the God and his/her picture printed or embossed on it, the card used to begin with a Sanskrit Sholka. In addition, the list of the people to thank for was vast, with distant relatives too mentioned in it. However, this pattern has now changed and a lot of creativity and digitalization has taken over, with minimal information and more emphasis given on how creatively/innovatively a card is designed.

Innovative wedding contents are becoming popular these days. Less words and more information is the present-day mantra for wedding invitation cards.

A lot of couples are coming up with creative wedding themes, which depend on their interests. For instance, if you are planning a wedding of a fairy tale concept then your wedding invitation card should comprise of content that reads like a fairy tale story that starts with “Once there lived…” and ends with “and they got married and lived happily ever after”. You can conceptualize the words as per the theme to enhance the whole wedding experience.

wedding invitation cards

If you want to add humor to the invite, then you can create a content that would leave a smile on your guest’s face. This is certainly a good way to make the guests remember about the wedding date, and in fact look forward to it.

Moreover, just a simple list giving important details of the wedding can do the trick. This will give you enough space to get creative with the rest of the graphics or design. Depending on the content, the size of the invitation card differs.
Add content that is of utmost importance to you and your family, but remember to do it in style!

Top 5 innovative wedding card design famous with Indian couples

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ is often a cliche mantra that haunts the bride and groom and their families. However, contemporary wedding ideas have a unique and trendy outlook towards this ritual. Whether you wish to experiment with a traditional marriage or adopt a new concept, it all revolves around the ideas of how to begin with it. The preliminary stage of a marriage preparation is the choice of a right wedding card to best suit the occasion.

online wedding card

Read below for a list of exciting and popular wedding card concepts for your wedding.

1.   Say it with the photograph:

A picture speaks more than words, and this can exactly be the way to invite your guests that special day of your life. Arrange a pre-wedding shoot that has the couple and the date clicked. Let this announce your D-day to your friends and family. In addition to being innovative, this would

also be a trendy way to introduce your better half to your relatives.

2.   Go the Filmy way:

If you like to give a filmy edge to your wedding, then you can experiment with exciting movie poster ideas. Select your favorite film poster or famous pose and replace the actors with your photos. Or, if this is not the way you like, then get your better half, and yourself painted by an artist. This is an excellent concept to startle your friends and family. The marriage card will be a worthy part of your treasure.

3.   Useful & Unique:

If you want your guests should easily remember the day then make it the invite unique and useful. Personalize and customize your marriage invite using creative and unique elements. A mug or a key chain with your marriage date printed on it, or a satin handkerchief with date embroidered on it would be a perfect option for a memorable wedding card. You can also try these ideas on a set of coasters or bags.

designer wedding cards

4.   Invites that Pleases the Taste Buds:

How about your marriage announcement leave sweet taste in your guest’s mouth? Doesn’t it sound amazing and interesting to you? If yes, then opt for an edible wedding card and related accessories. This is a simple yet innovative way to send invites. Get initials of bride & groom and marriage date embossed on handmade cookies, muffins, chocolates or lollipops and send to your guests.

5.   Ready to Play:

How about adding an element of fun, play, or mischief to your wedding cards? If this sounds appealing to you, then channel your marriage card around this idea and add some fun to it. You can ask your guests to scratch the card to find out the marriage date or experiment with a 3D glass/mug to find the date. Keep the suspense alive and leave everyone amazed by your thoughtful invite.

Add these wondrous, stylish, and inventive concepts to your wedding invitation cards and create a lasting impression on your guests. Don’t let the card be dull and boring; rather keep it simple yet unique.

Top 7 Tips for choosing wedding Colours

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Wedding colours have an important part to play in the wedding theme. Selecting the right colour for the wedding is a big job. Colours should be chosen according to the theme of the wedding. Once the date of the wedding is fixed, certain things need to be considered to choose the colour of the wedding.

1.   Venue for the ceremony:

The venue of the wedding actually sets the mood of the wedding celebration and the colour of the wedding has to be hence chosen which syncs with the venue. There are certain things in the venue which cannot be changed, so the colour has to be accordingly chosen. If the wedding is taking place in palace or a heritage hotel then the administration of the heritage property will never allow you to make any changes to the place. Here, you need to work around the color scheme of the venue.

Wedding Ceremony invitations

2.   Synchronising with the season of the wedding:

The weather prevailing at the time of the wedding has a great impact on the colour choice. Summers and springs are ideal time for pretty floral colours, lavender, pale pink etc. Winters however are best suited for formal wear weddings with white and black.

3.   Colours which create the exact mood of the wedding:

Depending on what is the type of wedding celebration been planned shades could be chosen. Ivory or navy blue are shades for sophisticated colours for formal wedding, while bright white, funky pink are colours for whimsical themed weddings. These colours set the ambience of the wedding.

4.   Coordinating with the bridesmaids:

Deciding the wedding colour without considering the bridesmaids could be risky. The bridesmaids have a great influence on the look of the wedding celebration. Combating colours should be chosen for the bride and her bridesmaids. The wedding dress, ballet flats everything has to be matched in contrast to the bridesmaids.

Wedding Invitations

5.   Sticking to favourite shade:

Everyone has a favourite shade, so you can go ahead and choose your favourite color. It would be better to have a word with you fiancée before you plan to go ahead with the shade. A color that is liked by both means there won’t be any conflict later on. If you are planning to go with girlie shade like pink then make sure to discuss with your man, because most the men won’t like it.

6.   Colour inspired by the bride’s favourite flower:

A thumb rule for the brides who tend to get confused with so many floral colours is to go for the colour of their favourite flower. They all will definitely happy to see the colour around them during their wedding.

7.   Extend the color to every wedding element:

Extend the wedding color to every element whether it is wedding invitation card, wedding trousseau, lighting or car.

The most essential colour of the wedding is the colour of love, bond, promise and togetherness. Two hearts being one it emits the loveliest colour ever.

Top 5 Wedding gifts for Bride & Groom: The New Ways to Start

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The most received gifts from the near and dear ones are cash and jewellery. Both these items are useful to the couple. While cash makes the set up of their new life easy, jewellery serves as their asset for life. This asset could be used in future life as mortgage for their finances and loans. They secure their futures to a great extend. Cash could also be deposited in banks and other financial institutes or could be invested as per the couple’s preference. They can even buy items of their own choice and need.

However, here are depicted some other options that can also be the suitable ones that would bring the real happiness in their new life:

1.   Home decorating gifts:  Home decorating gifts are now so popular is with the newly wedded couples. They get to decorate their new home with all the home decors they receive as gifts. There are so many home decorating gifts such as it can be a beautiful flower vase, night lamp shades, photo frames, statues, showpieces, wall clocks, ornamental home decorating trees, wall hangings, oil paintings, table cloth, bed sheet and pillow covers etc. Home decorating gifts can be a nice gift for the couple as they are starting their new life with the home of their own.

2.   Kitchen items:  Another gift items of the Bride and groom is the Kitchen items. The kitchen stuffs can be very useful gifts for their new home. These are useful products, which saves the opportunity cost of the couple’s budget. While it’s the kitchen items, we can find Microwaves, non-stick cookers, frying pans, dinner sets, toaster, induction oven etc. If you are a guest of a wedding and don’t know what to gift then kitchen items can solve your problem as these are essential part of our everyday living.

3.   Big tickets:   Now a day’s many people are using big ticket items as gift of the wedding. After all the couple want to spend some quality time far from the chaos of everyday life. It can be a pass for an art gallery that would be the key to spend some nice time together. Couples who are patrons of art will adore such gift.

4.  Honeymoon tickets:  Among all the wedding gifts honeymoon tickets are the most precious gifts in the life of the new couple. A honeymoon ticket can make the couple happy as they can go to the place and spend their honeymoon with joy and happiness. If you are a close friend or relative to the couple, you can discuss with them the destination they have always aspired to visit for their honeymoon and accordingly make the bookings.

5.   Sponsoring for wedding related elements:  If you are very close to the couples and in your relationship, money doesn’t matter then you can sponsor one of the wedding related expenses like catering, decor, wedding trousseau or wedding invitation card. It will help the couple to save considerable amount of money. They will surely appreciate this wonderful gesture and valuable gift.

Top 9 Tips to Follow While Taking Baby to a Wedding

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The apple of our eyes “babies” are not easy to handle. Traveling with them is a tough job. If you have received a wedding card then you surely might be in a fix how to take care of your baby in the ceremony. Nowadays, the hosts are very much concerned about their little guests. Here we are going to give nine practical tips to take care of your little one, so you can enjoy the marriage ceremony along with the baby.

1. Carry out additional set of clothes: 

Take at least three to four sets of clothes, so you can instantly change the clothes whenever baby drops food or needs a change.

2 Milk bottles and top feed:

Baby needs to be fed something after every two to three hours, if not fed at the right time then they will start crying or get fussy. It would be difficult to control them at that time. To save yourself from landing in such situation, carry milk in sterilized bottles. Also, don’t forget to carry water in a baby sipper.

3. Carry extra diapers:

Babies frequently urinate as they are normally given liquid or semi-solid food. Always make it a point to carry diapers. It will make sure that baby stays comfortable and if they’re comfortable then you will surely have a nice time.

4 Toys:

The babies need constant attention. They may get distracted by all the lights, music and even the crowd. To keep them occupied carry their favorite toy, so you can talk to people while baby keeps playing with his favorite toy.

5 Easy to eat foods:

With infants, you will not face any problem when it comes to food, but for toddlers, you need to make special arrangements. They will start pointing towards food when they will see others having their meals, so carry for them in your handbag biscuits, crackers and easy to eat fruit like banana.

6. Carry baby pram:

Babies hate to sit at one place constantly. They like to be carried around. They would love if you carry then in baby pram. It is going to be big relief to you as it will give rest to your arms. Baby can even take a good sleep in it.

7. Carry a blanket:

If the nuptial is taking place in winter, then carry a small blanket. It will save the baby from catching cold. You can even carry warm set of clothes for winter wedding.

8. No to high heels:

Most of the women love to wear high heels, but it is strict “no” when moving with your little one as you need to carry the baby around. The risk of tripping is quite high when you are wearing heals. Further, it can cause back pain as you will be carrying the baby. Go for stylish footwear that come in flat heels or Jootis are also trendy options for modern mothers.

9. Avoid sparkling accessories:

Babies easily get attracted to shiny and sparkling stuff. Avoid wearing stone studded necklaces and earrings. The dangling earrings also quickly grab the attention. The baby will try to grab and it may hurt you as well as the baby.

Follow these top 9 Tips while taking baby to a wedding, it will ensure that you have a wonderful time at the wedding.

Top 5 varieties of Papers used in the Wedding Invitation Card

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With the growing demand for papers, the environment is going a downward spiral. Deforestation, soil erosion and human population are putting a huge pressure on the markets that rely on the use of paper. The wedding cards invitation is one of the most popular segments that make use of paper in great volume. The natural papers are getting replaced by the synthetic and recycled sources of paper owing to the growing advancement in the textile industry.

Take a look at the standard varieties of papers that are used in the wedding invitation card.

1.    Birch tree leaves:

The Indian wedding scene is an auspicious destination. To make a greater impact, the use of birch leaves goes a long way. They brought the regal touch of the mythology when the Vedas and the Upanishads were written over birch leaves. The Indian wedding card invitations also sport these leaves today. On account of better technology available in printing and glossing, the birch leaves help in reducing the CO2 emissions.

2.    Banana leaves:

Univocal aspirations draw the graphic designers to use banana leaves in making of the INDIAN wedding card invitations. Banana leaves are great in terms of flexibility and suppleness of printing. The only issue that comes in its use as wedding card invitations is the fact that it is susceptible to wear and tear. It also gets infected with insects and worms. Probably, with the coming of better technology in making the banana leaves more rigid will help in pushing the sales of wedding cards.

3.    Thermoplastic:

The Poly-fibre papers made of plastic compounds are used in the designing of wedding cards. From acrylic print to the border linings, the use of thermoplastic compounds fits the design perfectly. It allows the designers to experiment with the look of the wedding cards invitation in a more flamboyant manner. It is usually resistant to scratches and wear. It also ensures a wide range of colours available for use in the pattern and designing of the wedding cards.

4.    Artificial paper:

Artificial papers made of synthetic source offers a great range in the segment of the Indian wedding card invitations. Artificial papers can be designed and etched with different themes and dyes. It is lined with a plastic substrate that gives it a royal look. They are comparatively cheaper than the natural papers. The best features of the artificial papers are-

•    They are resistant against water spillage.
•    They are free from any kind of ink blotting and smudging.
•    They are compatible with the present technologies in printing and block etching.
•    They can be reused again in case there is an error in printing.
•    They are resistant against the infestation of rodents, and pests.

The printed content on the artificial paper gives a unique gradient to the overall design.

5.    Recycled papers:

The recycled papers are used in the Indian wedding cards invitation owing to their closeness of properties with the natural paper. They are relatively cheaper than the natural papers and are covered under the specialty items. The designers take care of the appearance by using glossy polish and chemicals substrate on the surface of the recycled papers.

4 Incredible Features That Come With Indian Wedding Cards

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Only a wedding card can be used to express the gratification of a couple that is going to be united in the bond of love. Bond of love we are talking about is Marriage. While most families like to make a formal announcement through oral communication. While they are unreliable in terms of acceptance of the invitation, wedding cards available today fulfill the requirements of the families. Go for the incredible features of the Indian wedding cards that make them the best choice to make the announcement of the union.

We tell you 4 features that you should definitely explore to make a great impact many months before the main event gets underway.

1. Hard to replicate combinations:

Blow away the line of conventional designs. Choose something extraordinarily extravagant like molded paper polished with acrylic paint and printed with bold and precious dyes. Take the help of the top graphic designers to arrive at a luxurious design that boasts of the assortment of colors and patterns. From boutique designs to rustic prints, the wedding cards should reflect your fashion sense and offer a hint of the actual wedding theme. It goes without saying it is better to eye a wedding card design that is hard to replicate combinations.

wedding invitation card

2. Quick delivery:

No matter how beautiful your wedding cards are, if they fail to get delivered, you have done no good job at planning your wedding. Manage the schedule according to the date of the wedding. Have enough buffer time between the wedding date and the day of dispatch of the wedding cards invitation. If you want things really tight between the schedules, hire a wedding event management agency that would help you right from the first day of the wedding.

Make a wedding card delivery at least a month before the wedding date. It will allow you to make necessary arrangements for the invited guest in accommodation, food and other miscellaneous features. It will also allow the guests to schedule their availability at the wedding.

3. Light weight:

Lightness of the wedding cards is a key feature that most printing agencies fail to live up to. With advanced technologies available with the top graphic designers involved with the wedding cards invitation management, the light weight feature ensures that you are not paying a hefty rate in the postal dispatch.

Lightweight wedding card invitations also ensure that the guest don’t have trouble in handling the entire package. It is also to make it as part of the souvenir saved for the rest of the life.

Indian wedding cards

4. Wedding card suite:

One of the best features of the contemporary wedding card invitations is the assorted card series that invites different segment of guests for different events. For example – if you want to invite your friends to a cocktail party but want to stitch another event exclusive to the close families, opt for wedding card invitation suite. It may contain cards like dinner invitation, cocktail invitation and even bridal shower invitation cards. Now you have the best wedding management skills, you know exactly how to keep everyone happy in your wedding event using the best wedding invitation card.

6 Super Cool Sources of Inspiration for Wedding Card Design

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Most wedding cards that feature these days are either taken from the contemporary galleries or match the imperialistic art forms. Identify a conceivable design that can make it to the heart of the guests. It is imperative to do bit of research on fashion styles, engineering and origami.
We tell you 8 sources of inspiration that you can actually use for your wedding card design.

1.    Smart phone copy

Send your wedding card invite to the relatives and guests through a dummy smart phone. Most people would be smitten with your idea of combining technology with the wedding affair. Smart phones are available at cheaper rates these days. The smart phone wedding card designs can work wonders if you are planning to throw lavish event, and have a limited number of guests on the list.

Smart phone copy

2.    Circus theme

Circus is one gala event that throws everyone into splits with their dazzling performances and skills. Use circus hoops and miniature articles to create a wedding card design that looks totally funky. It allows you to sport a more extravagant series of articles and stuffs like sequins and hooks.

3.    Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is an exorbitantly fragrant wedding card design. It is not showy, but exudes blend of the most exotic fragrances. Use of perfumes and aromatic oils that leave their impression over a long period of time go a long way in ensuring the magical effect of Indian wedding cards. You can also use wild orchids as the backdrop, flushed with formaldehyde solution to prevent it from decaying. The natural look of the wedding card is a heart-felt invitation message sent to the guests. Though, they come in limited volume, it is worth taking a shot at the Wedding cards based on the concept of Garden of Eden.

4.    Psychedelic patterns

Leave your guests under a spell of magical impression by designing a wedding card based on psychedelic patterns. Use concentric hoops, circles and lines to create myriad versions of animals, hearts and stars. You can also lace a laser tip to create the effect for you. Most electronic engineers will pitch in for your wedding card if you are set for a novel wedding idea.

Psychedelic patterns cards

5.    FARM house

You may not be having a farm house wedding, but leave your imagination on the roll by conceiving a wedding card design that is inspired by the ambience of humble farm yard. You can go organic by using recycled materials and add a bit of smartness by inserting audio modules that has chirping of birds. Grassy feeling and the fragrance of wet land still haunts the imagination of all humans. Take it to a next level by reflecting your ideology though the wedding cards.

6.    Origami

Either learn origami or grab an expert to cut out and fold the recognizable patterns using paper. Highlight your theme and intention of using origami for your wedding card design. You can use an assortment of designs. It looks a bit tiresome, but trust the impact it creates remains unmatched.


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As you race ahead towards making the nuptial a memorable and unforgettable event, we hardly take out the time to know the importance of the ceremony programs of Indian weddings. We are busy in selecting the groom’s attire, the gifts and distributing the eye pleasing wedding invitation cards. This article lays emphasis on the significance of different ceremony programs that are performed in an Indian wedding.

•    Vara Satkaarah:

As the bridegroom arrives with all her companions and other relatives, the bride’s family ushers them into the mandap by blessing him with a tilak on his forehead to promise him with good luck. While the bridegroom is symbolized as Mahavishnu, the bride is considered to be Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth and prosperity). As the bride steps ahead in the mandap, sits at right hand side of bridegroom.

•    Achamana and Angasparsha:

All ceremonies begin with Achamana that is a reminiscent of taking in sips of water and Angasparsha that involves touching of the limbs with one’s middle finger of the right hand with a little amount of water. Achamana relates to purification and Angasparsha is done with an intention of praying for physical strength and a balanced mind during the ceremony.

•    Madhuparka:

Just as the sages and the saints used it as a method to welcome guests, the Madhuparka.That is a nutritious drink comprising of honey, ghee and curd is given to the bridegroom by the parents of the bride. This symbolizes happiness and sweetness to be part of the bridegroom in their married life.

•    Kanya Daan:

Kanya Daan meaning ‘offering the daughter’ is soon done after Madhuparka. The true meaning of “Kanya Daan” is to entrust the daughter to the bridegroom with promises of love. It also means that the daughter is not getting married on her own will.

•    Vivah-homa

Homa (the ceremony of the holy fire) is the finally the start of the main righteous rituals. As aromatic herbs and ghee are burnt along with the recital of Mantras, Vivah-homa builds an ambience of spirituality and purity. The bride once again performs Achamana and Angasparsha.

•    Pani-Grahanam

This step involves a complete acceptance of the bride by the bridegroom. As the left hand is clasped, the bridegroom takes vows of protection and be with her always as she passes through tough times in her married life.

•    Agni-Parikrama/Pradakshina/ Mangal Fera

One of the main ceremony is the Mangal Fera. As both of them walk clockwise four times round the Homa, the belief of protecting his wife with the moon and then with the sun for the next seven years rings true. While the first three rounds speak more about seeking showers of God’s boon over the wife, the final round denotes fidelity and promise of being a doting mother to children in future. The seats are then interchanged.

•    Saubhagya-chinha

Here the mangalsutra (holy necklace) is worn after the sindhur is applied on the bride.

•    Aashirvaadah

The nuptial ultimately ends with the blessings of the priest and the elders for a prosperous married life.These rituals are unique in every sense, it attracts foreigners to come to our country and tie knot in traditional Indian style.