These features of a scroll wedding card make it the most preferred option for wedding invitations!

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Scroll invitations have become popular, once again, for the past few years. Thanks to the changing trends and fashion. As everything gets hit by modernization, trends come and go by. One such trend, in the field of wedding invitations, is the scrolls. Scrolls have always been here, we have not just acknowledged them.

Since the ancient times, scrolls were used to communicate and send messages from one place to another. Since then, they have always been a part of the society. They are back in the market with a bang. Scrolls these days are highly used for weddings and have become one of the most preferred type of wedding invitations. Ever wondered what makes ages old trend of communicating become a trend in this world of modernization?

scroll wedding invitations

Well, following are some reasons why scroll wedding invitations are on a high demand:

•  Origin and significance:  The history of the scroll wedding cards can be traced to the imperial ages. There was a time when the scrolls were used by the kings and the emperors from sending their messages across the cities, towns and states. Then, the scrolls were only used by the royal families. These traditional messages were called ‘Farman’. Today, since fashion is going back to the retro look and feel, these scroll wedding cards are in a great demand. These make the custom of giving invites look traditional and royal.

•  Design:  They are beautifully designed to leave the on-lookers stunned. They come in various designs and patterns, a lot of vibrant and subtle colors, and amazing motifs. These cards could be easily customized as per the need of the person. The content remains the same, as it is in a normal regular wedding card. All that has changed is the presentation. The content consists of the names of bride and groom with their family, the date, the time and the venue, along with the details and the schedule of activities. These invites are usually made of smooth silk, velvet, satin, handmade paper, etc. which itself imparts a very sophisticated touch to the whole package.

•  Packaging:  The scroll wedding cards are covered with imported handmade tissue paper for best effects. Moreover, there are many scrolls today that come in boxes, wooden covers, with incredible designs and motifs to look at. The packaging makes the whole difference. Some even have exquisite traditional designs and detailed work engraved on them.

scroll wedding invitations
•  Variety:  Today, the range of scroll marriage invites, you have variety. This includes, small size scrolls, box scrolls, high end scrolls, traditional scrolls, only scrolls, framed scrolls, fabric scrolls, long scrolls, contemporary style scrolls, colored scrolls, wooden scrolls, theme scrolls, etc.

Exquisite Online Collection of Indian Wedding Card

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Designer CardsIndian wedding card holds an important place in a traditional Indian marriage. This represents the first look of a marriage. It contains the information of rituals, events and main functions that will be held before, during and after the marriage ceremony. India is a country of various communities and cultures; therefore, you will find fascinating differences in the wedding cards. In Indian wedding card, you will find 2-3 pages for description of the bride and bridegroom, events of wedding and names of the close relatives of the couple. The card usually is decorated with symbols of Lord Ganesha, swastikas, Radha-Krishan, floral designs and other religious symbols. Apart from the designing aspect, the language of card is equally important. The language has to be well refined, and it should make a perfect positive impression on the invitees.

There is a wide range of wedding cards according to design, patterns and material available in the market. Their price varies according to above criteria. Apart from, traditional Indian wedding card designs like mythical symbols and graphics; modern, fusion and many contemporary designs are in vogue. The online card shops can design a particular wedding card according to your choice or as per wedding theme. Even wedding planners are also providing such designing services. Wedding card is usually made of thick paper, but nowadays, there is a lot of variety available in this segment too like handmade paper, velvet paper to soft paper.

You can get beautiful wedding cards at indianweddingcard It provides exclusive traditional as well as trendy wedding cards according to ones budget and choice. Here, you can find ethnic Hindu Wedding Cards, Muslim Wedding Invitation, Christian Wedding Invitation, and Sikh Wedding Cards. You can get these cards printed in desired language Hindi, English, Arabic, Tamil, Gujarati etc. Apart this wonderful collection you can get RSVP cards, Reception cards, Programs & Place cards, Thank You Notes, Mehandi cards, Sangeet cards, and trendy wedding accessories.

The team of is very efficient. Their motto is customer satisfaction. They provide round the clock chat support. You can tell them about your concept, and they will get back with an exclusive card design within no time. You can place an order and get timely delivery anywhere in the world.