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As you race ahead towards making the nuptial a memorable and unforgettable event, we hardly take out the time to know the importance of the ceremony programs of Indian weddings. We are busy in selecting the groom’s attire, the gifts and distributing the eye pleasing wedding invitation cards. This article lays emphasis on the significance of different ceremony programs that are performed in an Indian wedding.

•    Vara Satkaarah:

As the bridegroom arrives with all her companions and other relatives, the bride’s family ushers them into the mandap by blessing him with a tilak on his forehead to promise him with good luck. While the bridegroom is symbolized as Mahavishnu, the bride is considered to be Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth and prosperity). As the bride steps ahead in the mandap, sits at right hand side of bridegroom.

•    Achamana and Angasparsha:

All ceremonies begin with Achamana that is a reminiscent of taking in sips of water and Angasparsha that involves touching of the limbs with one’s middle finger of the right hand with a little amount of water. Achamana relates to purification and Angasparsha is done with an intention of praying for physical strength and a balanced mind during the ceremony.

•    Madhuparka:

Just as the sages and the saints used it as a method to welcome guests, the Madhuparka.That is a nutritious drink comprising of honey, ghee and curd is given to the bridegroom by the parents of the bride. This symbolizes happiness and sweetness to be part of the bridegroom in their married life.

•    Kanya Daan:

Kanya Daan meaning ‘offering the daughter’ is soon done after Madhuparka. The true meaning of “Kanya Daan” is to entrust the daughter to the bridegroom with promises of love. It also means that the daughter is not getting married on her own will.

•    Vivah-homa

Homa (the ceremony of the holy fire) is the finally the start of the main righteous rituals. As aromatic herbs and ghee are burnt along with the recital of Mantras, Vivah-homa builds an ambience of spirituality and purity. The bride once again performs Achamana and Angasparsha.

•    Pani-Grahanam

This step involves a complete acceptance of the bride by the bridegroom. As the left hand is clasped, the bridegroom takes vows of protection and be with her always as she passes through tough times in her married life.

•    Agni-Parikrama/Pradakshina/ Mangal Fera

One of the main ceremony is the Mangal Fera. As both of them walk clockwise four times round the Homa, the belief of protecting his wife with the moon and then with the sun for the next seven years rings true. While the first three rounds speak more about seeking showers of God’s boon over the wife, the final round denotes fidelity and promise of being a doting mother to children in future. The seats are then interchanged.

•    Saubhagya-chinha

Here the mangalsutra (holy necklace) is worn after the sindhur is applied on the bride.

•    Aashirvaadah

The nuptial ultimately ends with the blessings of the priest and the elders for a prosperous married life.These rituals are unique in every sense, it attracts foreigners to come to our country and tie knot in traditional Indian style.

Top 10 Tips for organizing kid friendly wedding

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Organizing kid-friendly wedding is surely not for everyone. It would be wonderful if you plan out wedding to include the little angels in your life. They are important in everyone’s life, if you look at the traditional Indian wedding invitation card then you will see a request from kids to be part of marriage ceremony of their uncle and aunt. Here are top 10 Tips for organizing kid friendly wedding.

1. Relax:

The little ones can meltdown any time. Don’t keep high expectations, if your sweet flower girl has a mood swing or your little nephew taste the cake then just smile because kids will be kids.

2. Hire help:

Hire babysitters for supervising and taking care of little ones. This will allow parents to enjoy the ceremony and mingle with friends. They will not be worried as kids are in experienced hands. It would be better if you arrange separate space for it.

3. Entertain them:

Put exclusive small tables for kids stocked with toys, craft and activity book. You can also hire storyteller and craft teacher to keep them engaged. The other wonderful idea is to organize magic show. Believe us, this way they will get something to talk about for a long time.

4 Give them special meal:

Talk to caterer and decide on a special menu for your little guests. Include shakes, ice-creams, snacks and cookies. At least assign two caters to cater their needs as this will ensure that they are seated.

5. Give them a gift:

Are you planning to welcome guests with a basket of goodies? Don’t forget to have kid-friendly versions. Keep soft toys, chocolates and cookies. Comic book is also a good option.

6. Give them Job:

Kids between five to twelve years old can be given special responsibility. It will make them extremely happy and occupied.
.    Escorts guests before the ceremony.
.    Offer prayers in a choir.
.    Distribute list of programs to guests.
.    Distribute flower petals.
.    Distribute chocolates and sparklers.

7. Consider reception décor:

Most of the kid starts running around when they see an open area, so make sure that your wedding décor items is out of the reach of the kids. Decorative items made up of glass are the ones that need most attention.

8. Consider time of ceremony:

Consider keeping wedding ceremony in afternoon or morning if there are lots of kids. The little ones go to sleep early so if there is evening ceremony then they will get cranky.

9. Help their parents:

Make it a point to give vital information to families with kids long before the big day. It becomes very important especially in case of destination nuptial. Traveling with kids is tough so as a host you ensure that your guests face minimum difficulties. Provide information regarding kid-friendly hotel that provides high chairs and cribs. Restaurants and hotels with special kids playing zone are best place to keep them happy and occupied at the new place.

10. Choose right reception venue:

Before you finalize the venue ask the event manger whether they provide high-chairs for kids. If they don’t have, then try to get them on rent. Second important thing to confirm with caterer is whether they can prepare children friendly menu.

What makes Indian Wedding popular?

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India is a country deeply rooted with tradition and culture that dates back to centuries. Marriage is considered divine where two souls tie knots to continue their journey together. It’s once in a life time event. No wonder marriage is such a grand ceremony in India. The pre celebration last for nearly a month. Relatives and friends far and wide, known from childhood days of both the bride and bride groom are invited with elegant wedding invitation cards for the grand event. Feast, dance and other celebrations last long.

Depending on the bride and bridegroom’s caste and religion the nuptial styles may differ, but altogether most marriage celebration in India last for a month.  The first part of the celebration is when the bride and bridegroom’s family members give their consent. Only the close family members are invited for this pre wedding event. This event mostly happens in either of the home of the bride or the bridegroom. Depending on financial status of family this event ranges from some tens of thousands to a couple of lakhs.

The next big event in marriage celebrations is the engagement. Few more relatives and close friends are invited for this event. They usually book a big hall and have a small ceremony over there. The ceremony last for a few hours and usually has a small feast for the guest and costs around a few hundreds of thousands.

The third of the marriage events is the marriage itself. The biggest of all the celebrations that could ever happen to an Indian is his or her wedding. The bride is grandly dressed in unique silk clothes with antique traditional designs. Besides the dress the bride wears grand jewels of gold, platinum and diamonds. Hands with mehandi, dressed in elegant saree, fully adored in lustrous jewellery, the bride is the catch of everyone’s eye in the event of marriage. The wedding invitation cards are sent far and wide and literally every friend known to the bride and the bridegroom are warmly and whole heartedly invited. After many rituals and religious proceedings the couple finally ties their knots and joins hands for their life ahead. The elderly bestow their blessings and best wishes, while their friends wish them the best of what life could offer. The marriage event costs a few lakhs to a few hundreds of lakhs depending on the financial status of the families of the couples.

Indian wedding is a grand event, even little things like shopping for the big day itself a big affair. Getting married the Indian way is fascinating, the customs, rituals and traditional attires makes it an unforgettable experience. Most foreigners are attracted towards this style of wedding because of the deep meaning of its ritual. Here, nuptial is considered bond of several births, so if problem arises in life couple face it together rather than parting ways. Every ritual has some significant meaning that plays a vital part in strengthening the bond of love and togetherness.

Make the event memorable forever with unforgettable wedding cards

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For most of us, getting married is like a dream come true as we start fascinating about this occasion from our childhood. Wedding is a lifetime occasion and everything associated with it is remembered for entire life. This is the reason why people give a special consideration to preparation of each and every little thing. Out of the many other aspects of a marriage ceremony invitations play an important part in creating an impression of the wedding event in the minds of the invited guests.  The more innovative and attractive a wedding invitation is, more will be the chances of most of your invited guests gracing the occasion with their presence.

unforgettable wedding cards

These days, a range of latest designer wedding card layouts are available in the market which can be customized as per the likings, needs and requirements of the hosting family. As you all know, first impression is the last impression, and the same is true for the impression of a marriage event. Invitations create the first impressions of the wedding event in the mind of guests, thus it is highly important to select an innovative, fascinating and lucrative wedding card for the event like marriage. If you want every single guest of yours to be present there at the ceremony day, make sure you keep a surprise element in the invitation card, so that people look forward for a gala fun and enjoyment from it.

If you are living in a big town, there will surely be no dearth of reputed printing companies who will be indulged in providing wedding invitation cards services. However, if you are living in a small town, you will certainly face hassles because the local printing company will not be able to live up to your expectations. Well, in that scenario, you need not be disappointed because due to the availably of online wedding invitation card stores, it is possible to choose a dream invitation card merely by a single click.

Nevertheless, prior to choosing an online card supplier, you need to take into consideration few extremely important aspects. First of all, ensure that a store is a reputed one. Don’t forget to go through testimonials and have a glimpse upon the varieties of the cards. The more the variety, the better are the chances that the company is resourceful one. Ask a store to provide you with a free sample so that you can be assured about the quality of a card. Last but not the least; ensure your involvement in the creative process of the wedding invitation card development because that is going to make a significant difference. You can do a considerable research for the marriage card while sitting at home with the help of internet. These days a number of websites are offering a range of layouts and designing themes for absolutely free. One can easily select a suitable design on internet as per the theme of their wedding and other aspects like culture and traditions.

Preparing the content of the Wedding Invitation

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Wedding cards need to be properly drafted and sent in time so that they serve their purpose well. If it reaches late it is of no use and it leaves the receiver as well as the host in vain. In order to better manage the guests, RSVP cards are of great use. RSVP cards may be additionally added and separate reception information cards may also be sent to effectively accomplishing their job. But the most crucial is the content of the card. Being the most significant aspect, the content of the card should be correct and pleasing. It is with this that the guests are impressed and excited about attending the ceremony.

Ideally, a Wedding Invitation shall start with hosts’ names. If it is an Indian card, it should be followed by the name of the grandparents of the bride and the bridegroom. Traditionally, the hosts are always the parents of the bride and groom and their names shall appear in some decorative font in the card. However, it may differ in some cases. Whatsoever be the case, a proper listing is required wherein the names of hosts appear in a standard format such as “Mrs. and Mr. Gates”. On an Indian invitation, some hosts prefer to have the name of their village or their native place mentioned.

Ring Ceremony Invitations

If the situation is a bit complicated and couple is hosting the wedding or someone other than parents is, writing “together with family” can smoothen it. In other cases, the names of the other relatives who act as hosts can also be mentioned. Generally, in India, it is the father or the grandparents name that is mentioned as the host.

There is and always be a very special significance of adding an appropriate request line in the invitation. This depends on the location of the marriage and scale of formality desired by the hosts of the wedding. Guests may be addressed in a pleasing manner, for instance, it may be written informally that, “would wish to have the pleasure of your company” or simply join us in the celebration close to our heart.” In a formal way, write “would be delighted by your presence at this auspicious occasion” or “request the honor of your presence.”

In a new line, names of the couple should appear. No titles shall be used for their names but their names should appear in larger fonts for greater emphasis. Generally, different font is used for the name of bride and the bridegroom and this helps the receiver to clearly distinguish the name of the couple.

Enter date, time and location in subsequent lines, spell all numbers and list the building name, street address and mention town and state. These carry a larger importance and a slight mistake in these can create havoc and leave the guests haywire. Thus it is important to cross check the exact address and other details on the card before sending it for a final print. Finally, proofread the invitation for checking any wrong spellings and assemble it.

Timely Planning for Designing Wedding Cards

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It is logical to start making timely preparations for making the wedding cards. This task shall be undertaken at least 6 months prior to the coming wedding. Wedding, being a special and a very grand event, requires extensive and minute planning of its each and every detail and as far as the Wedding Cards are concerned, in particular, making them requires a lot of planning.

designing wedding cards

This is so significant because much before the “D-day” i.e. the wedding, all the guests are formally contacted and informed about it through the wedding invitation only. The cards deliver all the required information of who, when, what and where and set the expectations of the guests for that special day. In a way, they set the first impression of the wedding, much before it actually takes place.  Moreover, if they are very impressive, the guests may remember the wedding through them and may even preserve them to take some tips while designing their own invitations in future.

Remember, it is important to choose them carefully

Even if the budget for your invitation cards is limited, they are several ways to make it happening. If properly and timely planned, the result ought to be good. Your thoughtfulness always reflects in all your pursuits and so will it reflect in your invitation. Right scale of formality and good choice of its design, paper, type and printing technique is quite important. If the wedding is grand, an elegant design is required while a casual design will serve the purpose equally well in case of a casual celebration. Using a good colour scheme that matches the theme of the wedding decoration will do wonders in the invitation just as it will do for the wedding itself.

Start looking as soon as possible, if you start timely, not only a thoughtful decision can be made, all the possibilities can be explored and everything can be done within the budget. Well begun is half done and deciding on the right invite will give you a lot of time to finalize the invitees list. This will also help spare you from the last minute hurry. Also timely printing and distribution of cards will help those living far from you to decide their itinerary properly. In addition to this, it will also give some room to people to integrate the wedding with that of a tour to any of the tourist places nearby.

Another advantage of deciding and getting cards printed timely is that there will not be the feeling that you have left someone from inviting as by that time even all the family members will know about the wedding. Those who could not get the invite will get a word of mouth information about the same and then you can send them an invite. Furthermore, a feeling of preparedness will be there as the invites and their distribution is one of the major tasks. Though this task is made simple by modern means of printing and distribution still finalization of the guest list takes time.

Getting married, choose the most innovative wedding card

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Many a times we see people regretting their decision of selecting wedding cards, which was neither innovative nor admirable. Wedding is a lifetime ceremony and everything associated with it bear a huge importance for the people who are getting married and planning to spend rest of their life together. In today’s era, the theme based weddings are among the most admired one in which everything is designed keeping in mind a particular theme be it a wedding card or wedding dinner menu. In this article we will be discussing the significance of marriage invitation card.

The type of a marriage card and the text written in it vary from culture to culture and religion to religion. While in some religions it is considered highly sacred and written in a well cordial manner, in some cultures it contains typical formal language. In general, the wedding cards are written in the third persons’ language. There are a number of printing processes through which these cards can be created including engraving, thermo graphy, litho graphy, letter press printing and offset printing. However, with the power of computer in their hand, some brides now prefer to create their cards at home, using calligraphy and printing through laser or inkjet printers. Also, in the countries like India, the trend of hand – crafted card is on a rise.

 innovative wedding card

Not everyone reaches to your wedding and thus for them the card of invitation is itself carries an impressing of the ceremony which is going to be held. Thus, it is very important select a most suitable wedding car which suits your social status, profession and culture best. Also, the packaging bears a huge importance as most of these cards needs to be mailed and should reach to the destination avoiding any damage. 

Marriage being a lifetime affair everything related to it should be grand and akin to one that people remember for life and say that yes, they went to a marriage ceremony that was so special. Invitations are the best means to set an impression and investing them a little more than usual is worth it because these are the ones that will be motivating the lesser known guests or the formal guests to visit. Also, the importance of these is par excellence in terms of their look and feel as well.

These days the designer cards for wedding are in vogue and people select a card that is truly unique in every sense. Right from the envelope to the card’s texture to the printing and paper used, all are given utmost importance. Designer ones are easy to select and you are sure that it has not been used for any of the marriages earlier. Also the client has more freedom in choosing the color combination as per the theme of the wedding, if any. Besides, some printing companies also provide services of direct mailing to the guests and what you need to do is to just hand over the complete guest list to them. They make sure that the invitations reach the recipients on time.

Cutest wedding cards with guaranteed admiration!

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There are very few occasions in the life that bear importance for a lifetime and the auspicious occasion of wedding is one of the most memorable among them. From the inception of human civilization on the earth, wedding ceremony has been considered one of the most celebrated events. This is the reason people want everything related to their wedding ceremony to be unique and admirable from wedding cards to wedding venues. This article is about the importance of selecting right cards for your wedding. The invitation cards of a wedding not mere an information provider, it carries an impression of the richness of this occasion and class of the inviting family. In today’s modern era of internet and globalization, the number of options to choose from has increased significantly. However, whenever choosing a card for wedding, one should always bear in mind the class and type and other aspects of invitees.

Cutest wedding cards

Most people are not aware the fact that how imperative it is to select an innovative and classy wedding card. All their focus remains on making the ceremony a special one. One should keep in mind that a moderate or ordinary wedding card can play the role of a complete spoiler. It is the card of your life and will be remembered for the lifetime, thus giving it a considerable focus will always prove worth it.

So, before selecting a card for inviting guest for the occasion of marriage, it is always recommended to get your homework done well. First of all, carefully decide what kind of wedding invitation card will suit your personality, your family tradition and your profession. Ones the card is selected, it always proves better to take the view of your well wisher family and friends in consideration. However, if you want to keep it a surprise and don’t want to disclose it beforehand, taking the feedback of your close family members always proves beneficial.

A close look at the invitees list is a must before finalizing the order and it is wise to order some extra cards as you never know when there are some last minute additions. This will not only help you have peace of mind but will also save you from hurly burly when you should be patient and enjoying the pre wedding preparations and ceremonies.

Another important thing to consider is the opinion of the bride and the groom in the finalization of the cards. It is often seen that these are finalized without the consent of the bride or the groom and in many a cases the couple feels after marriage that wish they could have designed their own marriage invitation. In fact it is their marriage and if they have the freedom of choosing their life partner then why not they have the freedom of choosing their cards for marriage. Furthermore, it is important that the cards reach all the guests on time and no one is left behind. This can be made sure by dispatching them early and reminders are sent on time to the guests.

Music, entertainment, DJ – integral part of wedding

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Indian weddings are known for their flamboyancies and talk about any wedding including Marwari, Gujrati, Punjabi, Sikh, etc, a wedding always spreads over few days. Every pre-wedding and post wedding function enjoys attention because the success of the wedding event is decided by taking into consideration, the successful completion of all the pre and post wedding related events. Those various pre and post wedding events include wedding cards printing, engagement, haldi ceremony, mehndi, ganesh pujan, sangeet, grahshanti and reception. Among these events, Sangeet ceremony is the one that allows the younger generation to take the full control of the preparations. This ceremony is considered as one of the most exciting ceremonies because the focus from the family of bride and groom shifts towards their near and dear ones.

Due to the same reason, now days, people leave no stone unturned in making a sangeet ceremony, a gala affair. Some specifically mention the detailed program of Mahila Sangeet on the wedding cards. Apart from that, music, entertainment, live DJs and stage shows have begun playing an important role in wedding event and reception, as well. There are some essential ingredients for making the sangeet ceremony, wedding and reception events, more entertaining and more happening. Now let’s have a glance on the importance of all the ingredients, one by one:

Music: It is considered as the soul of the pre and post wedding and also the actual wedding ceremony. Choice of music can simply make or mar the event. Where at one side, selection of appropriate and good songs can create a pleasing ambiance, on other side; selection of inappropriate songs can cause a feeling of discomfort to elders and can ruin a good ambiance. Generally, it is wise to select exclusive songs based on wedding themes. Now days, people prefer to play instrumental music in the background during the dinner time so that the environment doesn’t get noisy.

Wedding Music

Entertainment: All these three ceremonies can be made more interesting by opting for unusual ways of entertaining the guests. For an example, a professional comedian may be hired who can keep up the exciting mood of the guests throughout the event. Before and after every performance, commentary may be added to keep monotony at bay and to enhance the enthusiasm of the performers. Professional singers or live band are fantastic way to make the events more entertaining.

Wedding DJ

Live DJ: Rising demand of professional DJ indicates that popularity of this trend is increasing by leaps and bounds. A professional DJ possesses a good sense of humor and knows the value of right timing. By hiring a DJ, one can bring uniqueness in all three most important ceremonies and when the option of song on request is being given to the guests, they feel more involved.

Dance or stage shows: Earlier, the preparations of sangeet ceremony was restricted to the near and dear ones and the family of the wedding host and due to the lack of professional touch, the event would look somewhat haphazard. The trend of hiring professional dance groups, individual dancers and stage show performers, for all the three events, is really in rage. Professional performances look more appealing, they are undoubtedly more entertaining and they appear more sophisticated.

Indian Wedding cards – deliver them personally to add a personal touch

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Wedding is a grand ceremony that calls for the participation of all relatives and friends and even distant relatives are invited to be the part of great occasion. The ceremony can never be complete without the participation and blessings of the near and dear ones. Wedding is something that all the relatives and friends look forward too as this is the time when one gets to meet all the relatives whom otherwise one does not get to meet in busy course of life. This is the time when one is in complete mood of enjoyment; a time when the childhood is relived and past is recreated. All enjoy each other’s company and relish each moment. Wedding is the time when one enjoys dressing up, food, dance all because of the company and occasion.

Wedding Invitations

For all the excitement that one gets, company is essential and for the guests’ invitation in proper manner is must. The traditional manner of sending wedding scroll invitations still continues and that too in time and proper manner; because invites contains all the relevant information it is essential that everything is properly printed so that no wrong information is conveyed. If the invites are being delivered in person it should be made sure that proper salutation is written on it. Scroll Invitations are a form of request that one sends to others to be a part of important occasion and so the language should be proper. These are sent even to one’s official colleagues so care should be taken that it is carefully delivered. Wedding invites are generally not sent without sweets so separate boxes along with each invitation card should be placed area wise so that the distribution is quite easy.

Pink Scroll Wedding Invitations

It is a good practice to make a guest list prepared well in time so that no friend and relative are missed out. Wedding is a single time affair and forgetting any of the relatives or friends would be a blunder; the distribution of the invites should also start well in time so as to avoid last moment rush and chaos. In addition to this, the most preferred way to deliver scroll invitations is by a personal visit as one, it enhances social contact, second, it allows the guests to put forward some essential query that can be addresses at the same time.

If the invites are being sent through courier or post then it should be made sure that proper address is marked on it and even RSVP along with proper contact numbers should be mentioned so that the person gets to contact easily. The map of the venue is also printed these days at the back of the cards so that the location is not easy to trace and locate. The cards if sent in time also help the host to know how many guests would attend the occasion and timely arrangements also can be made. Well planned weddings are always properly executed and double the fun and enjoyment because there is no confusion and all the relatives and friends would be the part of grand ceremony. Scroll invitations play an important role in planning wedding and these should be perfect and proper.