Top 10 Tips for organizing kid friendly wedding

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Organizing kid-friendly wedding is surely not for everyone. It would be wonderful if you plan out wedding to include the little angels in your life. They are important in everyone’s life, if you look at the traditional Indian wedding invitation card then you will see a request from kids to be part of marriage ceremony of their uncle and aunt. Here are top 10 Tips for organizing kid friendly wedding.

1. Relax:

The little ones can meltdown any time. Don’t keep high expectations, if your sweet flower girl has a mood swing or your little nephew taste the cake then just smile because kids will be kids.

2. Hire help:

Hire babysitters for supervising and taking care of little ones. This will allow parents to enjoy the ceremony and mingle with friends. They will not be worried as kids are in experienced hands. It would be better if you arrange separate space for it.

3. Entertain them:

Put exclusive small tables for kids stocked with toys, craft and activity book. You can also hire storyteller and craft teacher to keep them engaged. The other wonderful idea is to organize magic show. Believe us, this way they will get something to talk about for a long time.

4 Give them special meal:

Talk to caterer and decide on a special menu for your little guests. Include shakes, ice-creams, snacks and cookies. At least assign two caters to cater their needs as this will ensure that they are seated.

5. Give them a gift:

Are you planning to welcome guests with a basket of goodies? Don’t forget to have kid-friendly versions. Keep soft toys, chocolates and cookies. Comic book is also a good option.

6. Give them Job:

Kids between five to twelve years old can be given special responsibility. It will make them extremely happy and occupied.
.    Escorts guests before the ceremony.
.    Offer prayers in a choir.
.    Distribute list of programs to guests.
.    Distribute flower petals.
.    Distribute chocolates and sparklers.

7. Consider reception décor:

Most of the kid starts running around when they see an open area, so make sure that your wedding décor items is out of the reach of the kids. Decorative items made up of glass are the ones that need most attention.

8. Consider time of ceremony:

Consider keeping wedding ceremony in afternoon or morning if there are lots of kids. The little ones go to sleep early so if there is evening ceremony then they will get cranky.

9. Help their parents:

Make it a point to give vital information to families with kids long before the big day. It becomes very important especially in case of destination nuptial. Traveling with kids is tough so as a host you ensure that your guests face minimum difficulties. Provide information regarding kid-friendly hotel that provides high chairs and cribs. Restaurants and hotels with special kids playing zone are best place to keep them happy and occupied at the new place.

10. Choose right reception venue:

Before you finalize the venue ask the event manger whether they provide high-chairs for kids. If they don’t have, then try to get them on rent. Second important thing to confirm with caterer is whether they can prepare children friendly menu.

3 Unique Proposal Ideas for Indian Girl

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Getting a perfect match is the first hurdle in wedding, whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage. If you have found your match and you are completely ready to get into wedlock then you should propose your partner in style. This will make it “unforgettable experience” for her. For girls it is a special moment. When it comes to proposing Indian girl you need to carry it out in such a way that it touches her heart. They are very emotional at heart. Here are 3 unique proposal ideas for Indian girl.

Ask hand from parents:


When it comes to proposing traditional Indian girl then it would be better first asking her hand from her parents. The girls like man, who has the guts to ask her hand from her parents. Once you have got their permission then it is time to go ahead. Organize a party where relatives, friends and parents of both of you are present. Make sure that your girl doesn’t get a hint that you’re going to ask her for marriage. Play some romantic number, ask her to dance with you. As soon as the song gets over go down on knee ask her for marriage. Of course, you are going to hear a positive answer.

Saying in with a card:

Saying in With Card

Visit online card shop and select a beautiful wedding invite. You can easily get a single piece as most of the shop happily gives sample. They might charge a fractional amount for it. We asked you to go for invite because every girl dreams of their name to be printed on a magnificent wedding card. Now get your and your sweetie’s name printed on it.  Now is time to do shopping, get a magnificent bridal Lehenga Style Saree in auspicious red shade. Also buy her favorite chocolates and cookies. Put all these in a gift basket with card at the top.  Take her out for a long driver. Stop the car at some serene place. Handover the gift hamper to her, as soon as she starts reading the card, instantly go down and ask will you marry me. Believe us she is going to be touched by the invite, bridal sarees and the chocolates.  The answer apparently is going to be positive.

Well when it comes to wedding, have the same invite as it is the card that did the trick for you and of course your bride would be wearing the same outfit that you gifted her.

Tell a Tale:

If you are good at sketching or drawing use the skill to impress the girl. Make two imaginative characters like it was in movie
Hum Tum. Give the characters your and your girl’s name. Now weave a hilarious love story in pictures with it stopping at one juncture where the boy asks the girls for marriage. Ask your sweetheart to give the reply.  The moment she says “yes” turn to the next page where it shows the girl & boy getting engaged then having a grand wedding then living happily forever.

8 things you should do after engagement

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Getting engaged means now you are officially in a committed relationship. It is a beautiful feeling, and also with it starts the preparation for the next step that is wedding, but before that it is the time for you to enjoy this engaged status.  Especially, in country like India where most of the weddings are arranged by the parents, it gives the couples an opportunity to know each. The families view becomes liberal. They don’t mind couple talking or going out. Here, we are going to tell you 8 things that you should do essentially after getting engaged.

1 Let the World Know:

As generally the engagement is affair attended by close friends & relatives, so let everyone know you know are engaged. Uploaded the photographs on social networking sites and see how you are going be flooded with best wishes and congratulatory messages. Show the stunning ring that your beau has put in your ring finger.

2 Talk & Meet:

The time between engagement and wedding is also known as courtship period, enjoy every moment of it. Talk on phones, most of cellular service providers have pocket friendly plans; why not take advantage of it. Go on long drives; take some candles light dinner together.  The time you spend together will bring you closer and the chemistry will be reflected on the wedding day.

3 Give Gifts:

Who doesn’t like gifts? It becomes more special if it is from fiancée. It becomes of sentimental value. The man can give jewelry and designer wear while the girl can gift watch or gadgets to her man.

Wedding Propose

4 Know about family:

Tell each about their respective family. This way after the wedding nobody needs to try to break the ice. When you will be meeting the relatives, you would be knowing most of them at least by name, so there will not be awaked feeling of being outsider.

5 Decide on kind of wedding:

Remember, it is once in a lifetime affair, so talk with fiancée and decide how you want the ceremony to be, whether you want to settle with traditional wedding or want to go for theme. The choice mainly depends on both of you, if you have any wish or dream regarding wedding then talk to each other first.  Once you have reached a conclusion then it is the time to hire a wedding planner and telling him exactly what you want. It is his job to put up the things together.

6 Wedding Shopping:

Ask each others’ color preferences and also ask what kind of attire the other is planning to wear. There is no doubt that bride & groom look best on the wedding day but things will be better if there attire compliment each others look. If you are buying in from an online wedding apparel store then you can give address of it so the other can see it and give opinion.

7 Wedding invitation:

Although the invites would be distributed separately but it would be great if you can show each the kind of invitation you are buying. You can do this by visiting online wedding invitation card store. This way both the families have card that matches magnificence of wedding in a grand way.

5 Modern Wedding Gifts for Couples

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The wedding season is in full swing. Most of you may have got wedding invitation card from friends or relatives. Now you must be thinking what you should gift them. There are numerous products available, but just make sure, what you are gifting is useful and not common. Selecting such item becomes a tough task as on this day they flooded with gifts. The most common being sandwich maker, oven, juicer, walls clocks etcetera. Now you must wondering what to gift the couples, so here we are going to tell you top 5 modern wedding gifts for couples.

Wedding Gifts

1 Digital Photo Frame:

The couples are going to love this gift. They can put hundreds of wedding pictures in digital format in a digital photo frame. All the snaps will run in a slide show. It will automatically change after limited intervals. This way the most precious moment of their life is going to be in front of their eyes always. Of-course they are always going to remember you for giving such wonderful gift.

2 Handy Cam:

Wedding is the journey of love, commitment and togetherness. There are numerous moments like honeymoon, birthdays, anniversary and other instances that couples would love to record and see it with their loves ones. A handy cam will help them to record and treasure these memorable movements for lifetime. You can gift them a latest handy cam. It is going to be sentimental gift for them. By gifting this you will become an integral part of their every loving moment that they are catching in frames.

3 Health Club Memberships:

All of us know that workout is good for health, but have you thought how it would be, if you have your spouse as your workout partner? Well it is going to be fitness with love, well “love” of course is going to be the better half. You can gift newlyweds a health club membership. This way they will move towards good health and fit body. Well, surely it is going to be a unique gift. Do we need to say that they are going to thank you from the core of their heart?

4 Paintings:

Gift the couple painting. It shows rich taste in life. You can gift painting of Mughal era, nature, or modern art. Anything would be magnificent. If you want to go for something unique then you can gift them their own painting. For this you would need to contact professional painter. The painter would paint a brilliant portrait of the couple. Having their own portrait on the wall is fanatic experience. It creates a magic that thousand photographs cannot create. The newlyweds will surely appreciate the time & efforts you put to get it done.

5 Honeymoon Package:

Just after the wedding, every couple eagerly looks towards honeymoon. This gives them opportunity to spend quality time together. Exploring the beauty of nature and making love. This makes the two hearts one soul, so it would be amazing idea to gift newlyweds honeymoon package at some exotic location.

7 Reasons Hiring a Wedding Planner

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It is a wise decision to avail services of a wedding planner. Let us take a look at top 7 reasons for hiring a wedding planner.

Reason 1 “You want everything to be perfect.”

Wedding Planners

It needs adequate planning, resources and right execution of plan to successfully pull of a wedding. It is one thing that if you leave on professionals then you will get the desired results. The right person for the job is wedding planners. They have the experience and expertise of organizing lots of wedding, so they know from where to get the best price. They will ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Reason 2 “You don’t know how to stick to budget.”

Setting up the budget is the first step of the wedding. After this you need to allocate how much money you are going to spend on various things like wedding invitations cards, catering, venue, wedding favors and decoration. If you are not an expert in managing things then it is quite possible that you may go overboard with the budget. Here, the wedding planners are of great help, they are like financial advisors. They know how much things can cost and help you in right allocation of funds. This way everything will be within your budget.

Reason 3 “Enjoy every moment of the wedding proceeding”

The wedding preparation causes so much stress that at times you will find it difficult to even sleep, eat and work. The only thing in your mind would be how to get things done. You will not be able to enjoy the proceedings. The planer has the expertise, so they will everything done easily. The only thing you need to be concerned about is taking good care of yourself.

Reason 4 “Make your Vision a Reality”

Tell your wedding planner the kind of ambiance and style you want to create. It is not important that you should know the detail about it. It is their job to make your vision a reality. They can visualize things and get the work done.


Reason 5 “Have no time.”

If both of you are very busy with your work and have no time for wedding preparation then it is good to avail services of a planner. You will feel like you have hired a personal assistant. They will do all the running around for your big day.

Reason 6 “Don’t need to be bothered about forgetting things.”

If you don’t want to forget things then you need to prepare wedding check list. You need to add up new things whenever the need arises. Keeping track of things and checking again and again means you need go through all the pages of checklist. It may run to few pages. Thankfully there are wedding planners to save you from the cumbersome task. They will keep track of deadlines and ensure that everything takes place as per the schedule.

Reason 7 “Finding it tough to cope up with family and friends expectation”

Wedding is occasion where you will get lot of advices from friends & relatives on how to get things done. All these expectation may leave you stressed and perplexed. On the other hand, the wedding planner will smartly handle your family’s expectations. They will keep you informed with decisions.

7 points to consider when hiring wedding photographer

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The couples spent considerable time in selecting every element of wedding from stunning wedding invitation cards to magnificent wedding attires. There is one element that is often missed by the couples, but it is one of the most vital elements of the wedding that is “wedding photography”. The couples are going to revive the moments of marriage via wedding photograph.

Hence it is very vital that you go with a professional photographer. Selecting a photographer for the event of life time isn’t easy as there are numbers of photographers out there, calming to be the best in the business. Here, are 7 points that you should take into account while selecting the man for the job.

wedding photographer

1 Style of photography:

There are numerous kinds of photography like nature, fashion, street, sports photography etcetera. A person who is proficient in one genre of photography does not necessary means that he is good at every kind of photography. You may be having a friend who is good with camera but you want someone who is good at taking wedding photography.

2 Number of wedding covered:

It is next important questions that you need to ask. The experience matters a lot but simply don’t go with the experience ask them how many wedding they have covered. It is quite possible that somebody have the experience of 7 years but has only shot 15 weddings. Also excuse yourself from part time or weekend photographers.

3 Events they are going to cover:

Ask them about their prior commitment. The number of event they are going to cover during the weekend. If they have their calendar full then it is quite possible that they will not be able to give you needed attention. They will be in a rush to complete the assignment and move on to the next venue. It also possible that the send assistants to shoot the event. If you see they are totally booked then it good to hire someone who has time.

4 Get into contract:

It will be good to get in contract with the studio. The contract should cover up the events that the photographer will shoot like engagement, ladies Sangeet and finally the wedding and Vidhai. What will be the cost and terms for termination of resolution?

5 Unforeseen Circumstances:

What will the studio do if the photographer gets ill on the day? Do they have experienced back up team to take care of such situation.

6 Assistant:

In traditional Indian wedding the number of guests are between 500-800, a single photographer will not be effectively able to cover up the entire event. Like in Vidaii one camera needs to be focused on the bride, the second should catch up the emotions of parents –moist eyes when their darling daughter is leaving to her new home. It is good if they at least two photographers to cover up the occasion.

7 Correction of color:

Color correction and editing is very important part of photography. Enquire in advance whether they would be charging additional amount for it.    The color correction is important otherwise your photographs will have hues of red, blue and green. It will not look natural. Also make sure that they are using superior quality digital or SLR cameras.

Marriage Proposals: 14 Romantic Ways to Propose

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You have found your perfect match, now next you want to propose her for marriage. You want to do it in style so she always shares the moments with everyone.

  1. If you sweetheart starts her day with newspaper then the best way would be to give a full page advertisement in paper she reads daily.
  2. Go out to night club and hit the dance floor, while dancing ask the DJ to give you the Mic so that you can dedicate a song to your girl and then propose her.
  3. Get a hold of a caricaturist and ask him to draw a sketch of you and your beloved. There should be two bubbles the one over your sketch should contain the lines – Will you marry me? While the bubble above your sweetheart’s sketch should say “yes.”
  4. Aquarium is a wonderful place to propose. Catch up a diver at aquarium and request him to put up your proposal inside the biggest fish tank.
  5. Send your sweetie on a treasure hunt. Make sure to include the destination where you both had spent some wonderful time. As she successfully complete the last hint, her prize for the day should be “you” down on knees, proposing her for wedding.
  6. Avail services of skywriter. He will write your message in sky. It will be for her and the world to see.
  7. In you are flying in the near future then propose your sweetheart thousands of feet above the earth. Take permission and use loudspeaker system of the plane for proposing.
  8. If you babe is move buff then make a video of proposal. Approach your neighborhood theater and request them to play it. If they ask for some charge then pay it. Make sure you reach with your girl in time for the preview.
  9. Call up close group of pals of both, give them T-shirts with a word on each one – Will you marry me? As soon as you enter the venue with your darling they will stand in line. If you want to give it a filmy touch then write “Muje Sey Sahdi Karogee?”Marriage Proposals
  10. Gift her packet containing Sari, chocolates and scroll invitation card that contains your proposal written in an elegant way.
  11. When she goes to bed get her regular ring replaced by an engagement ring. In the morning when she will open the jewelry box for wearing ring she will get the surprise of her life.
  12. If your girl loves reading books then write a beautiful note then place it in book and gift her. Make sure the book is a best seller. As she is going through the note, shock her with a wedding ring.
  13. Wait for the evening then keep a candles in a garden in such way that it should read “I love you” followed by Will you marry me! Believe me when she will see it she is surely going to say yes.
  14. Slip a beautiful engagement ring in her finger while she is asleep then wake her with a bottle of champagne. This romantic gesture will sweep her off her feet.

A look at 6 Wedding Invitation Etiquette

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Congratulation, now you are engaged, wedding is now just one step away. There are numerous thing that needs to be taken care of for the big day. One such thing that is of utmost importance is wedding invitation cards. In a wedding everyone comes forward to help out with different wedding arrangements, but it is essential that you should take care of invitation card yourself rather than leaving it on others. Here are 5 essential things that will make your invitation card memorable and unique.

Wedding Invitation Wording

1 Kind of Invitation:

If your wedding is based on theme then you should go for scroll invitations. Nothing can beat the elegance and sophistication of these designer marvels. You can also choose traditional cards, available for every religion. They are designed by the expert designers by taking care of the rituals and customs associated with that particular religion. All these cards can be customized as per your wish and requirement.

2 Wording:

The wording of the invitation needs to be chosen carefully. The wording and style of fonts will give a peek-a-boo to guest about the grandeur of the occasion. The online card stores generally have different pre defined templates, you can choose an appropriate one or can have wording of your own. The text or poem written by you will make the invitation unique and appealing. Just make sure that it not hurts the sentiments of elders.

3 Spelling:

Carefully check the spelling before you give your node for the final printing. You can ask for a sample printed card, check it carefully for grammatical and spelling mistakes. It would be better if you involve two persons in this process, so that if one skips any mistakes the other can catch it.

4 Style of Writing:

Thanks to advent of computer, it has given numerous fonts and styles of writing. Choose a writing style that is easy to understand. Avoid use of more than two fonts in the leaflet. The fonts should be readable. Avoid too big or small fonts.

Latest Wedding Invitation Wording

5 Addressing:

The most mistakes take place in the addressing area of the invitation. It doesn’t matter how good your invitation card, if the name of the guest is not correctly written. It will instantly have a negative effect on the receiver. Right the name of guest beautifully, if your handwriting is not good then get it done by someone who is proficient in calligraphy. The other option to have color printed labels. The name labels matching with the envelope will look great.

6 Sending the Invitations:

The invitations should be sent at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event. This will give sufficient time for the guest to make adjustment to the schedule. Nowadays the life has become very busy, taking out even few hours from regular routine is difficult, so the guests find it difficult to accommodate the last minute invitation. You can solve the problem by sending the save-the-date-card in advance, so they will know that the invitation for the grand event is on the way.

3 Ideas to light up romance in life after engagement

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 The most beautiful period after engagement is the courtship period. The period that starts from engagement lasts till wedding. It gives couples an opportunity to know each other. It brings the two hearts closer.

The secret of a successful relationship is the love, respect and understanding between the couples. Well some of you may say after wedding we are going to spend every moment together then we will get to know each other better. I agree with that, but if you talk to each other you will know about likes, passion, hobbies and lots of other thing that will bring both closer. Especially in an arrange marriage, you never know it may spark the love that will be reflected on your big day. You would be talking to each other and there will not be any uneasiness. There would be loving gaze and sweet smile. It will be all there for the camera to capture.

Engagement Romance

Here are some wonderful ideas to keep in touch and let the love blossom.  These ideas are surely going to work even if you are from a conservative family that is against couples meeting before marriage. We will just advice that follow your family and follow the romantic tips too both are essential.

1 Virtual Romance: 

It is an age of technology, from dating to wedding has become virtual then why not go for a fruitful romance.  You can get connected with each other using webcams. Share small things, take opinions and even go ahead and share virtual kisses. Seek each other advice regarding the wedding attire and wedding invitation cards, two most important things that will remain with you for a lifetime. You can visit online card stores to get both the things. You can move one step further by getting some romantic note printed on the invitation that you have written for your beloved. It will surely make it priceless.

Romance In Life

2 Telephones: 

Thanks to Graham Bell for inventing telephone, otherwise thousands of hearts wouldn’t have been together. The cousin of telephone that is mobile phone is one step ahead. It helps you remain in touch with your sweetheart even if you are on constant move. So, take advantage of various plans the telecom companies are offering. Keep talking and if you cannot talk then message. There is more recent fabulous application
“What’s up” that allows you to chat & share pictures almost free of cost, well can’ ask for more!

3 Love Letters:

They are the most amazing way of telling your sweet pie your hearts feelings. If you have never written a letter don’t worry love will surely make that happen. Write and dedicate it to your beloved, your romantic words are going to precious than diamond to your sweetheart.  You can send the letters with soft toys or chocolates. The words will make heart melt faster than the ice-cream.

These are top three tips for making your courtship period full of love & fun. Make sure the love remains after wedding also, so keep telling each other always that how much you love.

7 Interesting Indian Wedding Beliefs

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Most of us are aware about the beliefs related to wedding like it is considered auspicious in northern India to give first wedding invitation card to Lord Ganesha. Similarly the color of Mehandi of bride is considered as an indication of love of husband, if the color is dark this means the bride will get deep love and also have good rapport with her mother-in-law. The later might be a sign of big relief for many of would be brides reading this article. If the color is not dark then too don’t worry with love you can win everyone’s heart.

 The Indian wedding is a big affair with numerous pre & post wedding rituals. This is the reason it is considered important to ward off evil eye (Buri Nazar) to make sure the newlyweds have peaceful and blissful life together. Every community has its own popular beliefs related to wedding that they are following from ages. Let us have a look at some of the interesting ones.

Indian Wedding Traditions

 1  Spilling of Milk: 

The spilling of boiling milk is considered to be a bad omen. It is believed that it brings misfortune.  If there is a wedding in your households make sure the milk doesn’t spill.

2 Designing of own wedding attire:

You might be very good at designing clothes but designing own wedding dress is considered to inauspicious.  Now what next? Consider approaching the second best designer on the town as the first is you or log on to bridal attire store.

 3 Lending Bridal Attire:

Give a second thought if you are planning to lend your bridal outfit to someone as it may bring bad to luck in your life, so keep it for yourself, and wear it on special occasion like wedding of near & dear ones.

Indian Wedding  Beliefs

 4. Earrings:

Make sure you are wearing earring, not only it will enhance your beauty but also it is considered to be very auspicious. It will fill your life with love, happiness and peace.

 5 Let it rain:

Rain on the wedding day, you may feel like singing – Rain rain go away! You may be surprised to know that it seen as a good omen. Although it may dampen bit of your preparation for the big day but it is okay if it happens for good.

 6 Throwing Rice:

You might have seen throwing rice on couple during the wedding ceremony and thought why don’t they give it to them beautifully packed in a packet, so that they can cook and have it one day and thank everyone! Well, jokes apart it considered to be auspicious to hit the newlywed with rice to protect them from evil spirits.  It is also a sign of abundance of wealth and fertility.

 7 Let the Kaleerein fall:

As per north Indian custom the bride wears a Chooda, her friends and relatives tie different colored ornament known as “Kaleerein” on her hand. The unmarred girls are asked to sit in a group then the bride moves her hand over the girls, if the Kaleerein falls on any girl’s head then it is believed that she is the next inline for marriage. If you have not found your prince charming then girls start praying that Kaleerein falls on your head.