Top 7 Unusual & Unexpected Wedding Ideas for Daring Bride & Groom

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The wedding trends keep on changing, so does the way of announcing the wedding. What creates curiosity in the heart of guests is the way the wedding is announced. Here, wedding stationery and invitation play the major role. Here we are going to reveal some unusual and unexpected wedding ideas and designer wedding cards that will sweep your guests off their feet. It is especially for daring bride & groom.
Wedding Ideas for Daring Bride & Groom
1.   Coffee Mug Invitation:

Get the wedding invite printed on a Coffee Mug. Also, you can have lovely picture of you and your fiancée on it. It will take the trend of customized wedding invitation card to a new level. Send the invite to your guests along with some pouches of the best coffee from the world.  They are going to love the unique souvenir – coffee and the unique way of breaking the news of wedding.

2.   Map Shaped Invite:

If yours is a travel theme or an adventurous treasure hunt inspired wedding then map shaped invitation card comes up as a fantastic choice. A look at the invite is enough to tell the guests to pack their bags and be ready with the passport to be part of a fantastic travel inspired nuptial. To make it interesting add some jig jag puzzle or riddle that revels important information about the big day.

3.    Tea Towel Invites:

Well, you don’t necessarily be an avid tea lover to go for Tea towel invites, surprise your guests with this unusual invitation for your wedding. You can approach any wedding invitation cards online store, they will screen print the invite on the towel. Send the invite in a box that has got tea of different flavors.

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4.    Watercolor Invitation:

We all of have wonderful memories related to watercolor. All of us loved painting with it in our childhood. Revive those memories by going for a colorful watercolor wedding invitation card. It would be nice, if you or your fiancée can make a painting, it will give it an authentic touch. The other incredible idea would be to have painting made by different abled kids on your wedding invite. It would be a wonderful gesture on your part.

5.   Stamped Stationery:

Stationeries are integral part of traditional Indian marriage; give a unique touch to it by opting for stampede stationary that has designs and printing inspired from theme of your nuptial. Like if yours is a rose theme nuptial then stamp should have beautiful roses printed on it with information about the ceremony.

6.   Napkin Save-the-Dates:

Most of us love scribbling on the napkin while waiting for our order in the coffee house or food joint. How about using the same idea for creating unusual and stunning save-the-date or even a wedding invite. To give it striking look hire an artist then get the design made by him printed on napkins.

7.   Guest book in Shape of Family Tree:

Give an artistic touch to your wedding ceremony by going for guest book in shape of family tree. If you want you can keep two different guests one for the family and other for friends. The guests can sign around the edges. Later, you can hang the beautiful keepsake in your new home.

Top 10 Tips for organizing kid friendly wedding

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Organizing kid-friendly wedding is surely not for everyone. It would be wonderful if you plan out wedding to include the little angels in your life. They are important in everyone’s life, if you look at the traditional Indian wedding invitation card then you will see a request from kids to be part of marriage ceremony of their uncle and aunt. Here are top 10 Tips for organizing kid friendly wedding.

1. Relax:

The little ones can meltdown any time. Don’t keep high expectations, if your sweet flower girl has a mood swing or your little nephew taste the cake then just smile because kids will be kids.

2. Hire help:

Hire babysitters for supervising and taking care of little ones. This will allow parents to enjoy the ceremony and mingle with friends. They will not be worried as kids are in experienced hands. It would be better if you arrange separate space for it.

3. Entertain them:

Put exclusive small tables for kids stocked with toys, craft and activity book. You can also hire storyteller and craft teacher to keep them engaged. The other wonderful idea is to organize magic show. Believe us, this way they will get something to talk about for a long time.

4 Give them special meal:

Talk to caterer and decide on a special menu for your little guests. Include shakes, ice-creams, snacks and cookies. At least assign two caters to cater their needs as this will ensure that they are seated.

5. Give them a gift:

Are you planning to welcome guests with a basket of goodies? Don’t forget to have kid-friendly versions. Keep soft toys, chocolates and cookies. Comic book is also a good option.

6. Give them Job:

Kids between five to twelve years old can be given special responsibility. It will make them extremely happy and occupied.
.    Escorts guests before the ceremony.
.    Offer prayers in a choir.
.    Distribute list of programs to guests.
.    Distribute flower petals.
.    Distribute chocolates and sparklers.

7. Consider reception décor:

Most of the kid starts running around when they see an open area, so make sure that your wedding décor items is out of the reach of the kids. Decorative items made up of glass are the ones that need most attention.

8. Consider time of ceremony:

Consider keeping wedding ceremony in afternoon or morning if there are lots of kids. The little ones go to sleep early so if there is evening ceremony then they will get cranky.

9. Help their parents:

Make it a point to give vital information to families with kids long before the big day. It becomes very important especially in case of destination nuptial. Traveling with kids is tough so as a host you ensure that your guests face minimum difficulties. Provide information regarding kid-friendly hotel that provides high chairs and cribs. Restaurants and hotels with special kids playing zone are best place to keep them happy and occupied at the new place.

10. Choose right reception venue:

Before you finalize the venue ask the event manger whether they provide high-chairs for kids. If they don’t have, then try to get them on rent. Second important thing to confirm with caterer is whether they can prepare children friendly menu.

Perfect Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas

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To make the wedding memorable decoration becomes the top most priority for everyone. To make the wedding successful people try for different and attractive decorations. Nowadays latest trends /decoration for wedding totally depends upon the theme. Like, if the theme for the wedding is fairy theme whole decoration is related to fairy or if its floral theme then whole decoration is of floral, or if its candle theme than candles are main item for decoration. Apart from this wedding cards are also designed to match occasion’s theme. A special theme can be carried out all the way from wedding to reception. Decoration makes the wedding venue more attractive.

Latest Designer Wedding Cards

Types Of Wedding Decoration Venues:

Red Color Theme Wedding:
Red is the color of love and passion. This color is rich and stunning, especially when used in wedding. It symbols good luck. Varieties of roses are available so wedding stage can be decorated by making bouquet of various roses and can be placed in the background of the stage. For the table decoration, rose petals can be sprinkled on the table also one can fill clear glass bowls or large vases with water and can put or sprinkle some rose petals in it and some beautiful floating candles can be placed on water. The wedding cards for this theme can be designed using handmade paper with rose petals in it and it can have beautiful rose smelling ink as well.

Butterfly Wedding Theme:
Butterfly theme can add beauty to the wedding. Many beautiful colored artificial butterflies made of paper or plastic can be used for decoration. Decoration can be done by using garlands to attract butterflies to the garland here and there. For table decoration, butterfly confetti can be used. One can also go for floating butterfly candles and flowers filled in the vases. On the chair red color ribbon can be tied and butterfly can be attached to it. The center part of the venue garden can be created where lots and lots of paper flowers can be placed and on each flowers butterflies can be put which will look as natural garden. Wedding cards for such theme wedding can be carved out in the shape of a butterfly with lot of colors and patterns on it.

Angel Theme:
Angel wedding theme will usually include Christmas tree as its main decor. Artificial angles can be used for decoration which will add more beauty to the decoration. For the stage where the main ceremony takes place can be decorated with cotton which will look like snow and angels can be placed there also Santa clause in red and white color can be placed. Shinny stars, moon and others type of lightning can be use for the decoration which will give complete look of Christmas day.

Barbecue Theme:
For the decoration cover all the tables with the red and white table cloth. Set the table with plastic or paper plate’s utensils also use paper napkins of red, white or blue color, etc.

Beach Wedding:
Most people decide their wedding venue at the beach because of its beauty and peaceful atmosphere for the decoration different varieties of ocean fish, the coral reefs and other sea creatures can be used. Beach wedding can become very romantic and memorable for the guest and couple only thing which one need to take care is of proper decorations.