Who says wedding announcements must be printed? In fact, one of the hottest trends in weddings is presenting guests with digital wedding invitations. Choosing a paperless route is an excellent way to save time and money. These emailed invites are just as romantic, elegant and beautiful as their physical counterparts.

Your digital wedding invite is going to be the first bit of information your guests will receive regarding your wedding. Don’t you want it to be unique and memorable? Don’t you want it to set the tone for your big day?

Digital cards have just as much panache as traditional invites with a few additional benefits! Here’s why digital wedding invitations are an exclusive way to make your big announcement:


One of the biggest advantages of going paperless with your wedding message is the huge difference in price. Physical invites can range from $1,000 to $8,000, if not more. The price can increase significantly depending on your customization options. With a digital invite, you can expect to pay much less. In fact, if you’re a budget-conscious bride, we recommend going digital. You can customize your invite as you like without seeing significant price increases. This will help you allocate the rest of your wedding budget elsewhere!

Wedding Cards


Going digital saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to buy stamps, lick envelopes, write out addresses, visit the post office, etc. Simply print a list of guests’ names with their corresponding email addresses and send out your digital invite in a single click! This will save you a lot of time and stress.

RSVP Management:

Those pesky RSVPs are difficult to manage, especially if you’re expecting every guest to make the effort to mail your RSVP request. Highly unlikely! With an online invite, your guests will be automatically directed to your personalized wedding website where they can immediately provide an answer to your RSVP request. This method will also save your guests’ time too!

Create a Complete Wedding Suite:

Do you want to include a save-the-date, reception or thank you card? With digital invites, it’s very easy to include all of these options. In fact, you can create them in matching designs.

Thank You Cards


With a digital invite, there’s absolutely no use of paper. This is an ideal choice for eco-conscious couples and a great way of communicating the need to save trees to your guests.

Make your marriage announcement in a special way with digital wedding invitations. Visit Indian Wedding Card today.


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