Hindu Wedding Card
Wedding Card

The foreign tourists and celebrities tying matrimonial knot in traditional Indian way has generated much curiosity about the Indian wedding and rituals associated with it.

Indian weddings are beautiful representation of the diverse culture and tradition of this ancient land. The regional and cultural diversity can be seen in weddings, a Hindu wedding in Rajasthan is entirely different from a Hindu wedding in Kerala. Even communities living in the same city or state have different customs for marriage so the first thing that will strike is that no two Indian weddings are alike. Celebrations start well before the marriage; homes of the bride and groom are decorated with lights, and arrangements are made for guest to stay. Wedding takes place in enclosed area, which is beautifully decorated with flowers.

The preparation of most wedding starts off with printing of wedding invitation cards. It contains names of the bride & groom and just below their name it generally has the names of parents or grandparent of the couple. Clear information about all the ceremonies along with date, time and venue, is mentioned. According to the religions it also has verses or sayings from religious books.

Like in Hindu Wedding Invitation cards you will find Sholka in Sanskrit and auspicious symbols like Om, Mango leafs, Lord Ganesha, Swastika and Doli, Baraat etcetera.

Christian wedding Invitation cards have verses from Bible printed in old English and have the symbol of Cross, Wedding bells, church sings, cakes, angels,

Islamic Invitation cards have Ayats from Holy Quran or beautiful poetry along with the symbol of moon, stars, feather, or Mughal art. These marvelously crafted cards are also known as Valima and Nikaah cards.

Sikh Wedding Invitations cards have Gurbani from Holy Guru Granth Sahib and symbol of “Ek Onkar engraved on it.

Jain Wedding Invitations Cards are adorned with many admired symbols Jain tradition especially of great Jain Tirthankar Mahavira. The other symbols you will come across are sketches of the couple, palm curves, wedding pageant and sacred Swastika sign.

Parsi Wedding Invitation cards exhibit the splendor and magnificence of rich Parsi culture. The Zoroastrian wedding invitation cards exclusively meant for the Parsi, and come in an array of colors, wording and styles.

Online wedding card invitation stores are the easiest way to get cards of any religions. The variety is huge, and if you are unhappy with the quality of the cards or the price than you always have the option to move to next wedding invitation card store.


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