How to organize a stunning Rock & Roll Themed Wedding?

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Every bride and groom want a dream wedding so that they can remember it for a lifetime. Working out on different wedding themes has undoubtedly become the trend and therefore you must not be an exception to this. However, one of the biggest challenges on your part is to decide the theme that you would use for your wedding. Considering the fact that there is the plethora of options and choices, you might be perplexed. Make sure that you choose something on which you can work and make the wedding perfectly successful and memorable.  If both you and your partner are passionate about music, going for a rock and roll theme is an excellent idea.

How To Plan:

This theme is comparatively new, and not many couples have used it. Therefore, you can be assured that it will be a completely new theme. You might get some ideas from the internet. At the same time, you might even get suggestions from here so that you can make your move on the basis of that. Since you will invest both time and money in working out with the theme, make sure you decide what is more important to you so that organizing is comparatively easier.

Wedding invitation:

With a rock and roll theme, the ideal wedding color can be a combination of black and white. The invitation can come in black and if possible you can get the words done in calligraphy and black envelopes. This will not be fussy and you can rest assured that it will speak a lot about the theme to your guests, as a whole. Going for a customized exclusive wedding cards with the photograph of couples dancing would be a great idea. You can get such card in wedding invites online card store.
Wedding invitation cards


Romantic attire can be the ideal attire in this wedding theme. If possible, you can complement your white dress with diamond chokers, rings, and earrings. If your dress can have some black touches in it, nothing can be better than this.


You can make use of candles to decorate the overall venue. A perfect setting will remind your guests of the fantasy wedding. Try to incorporate the images of some wild horse that will mingle easily with the venue and the décor. Using some beautiful black and white laces will also look excellent and this will create a mesmerizing impact on the overall décor.

Rock & Roll Themed Wedding


It goes without saying that music is one of the vital parts of the entire wedding ceremony. Take some time to select the music so that both you and your partner can tap your feet into the fine tunes of the music. The rock and roll theme certainly speaks of the rock and roll music and let your guests grab complete fun and entertainment with the music of the choicest style. Nothing can be better than this.

Therefore, it is high time to consider the essentials and the things that you would incorporate the theme with. On the basis of that, you can get started with it and end up making an excellent arrangement making your wedding more memorable.

Indian Wedding Cards – How to Select the Best Ones

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Latest Designer Wedding Cards

Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Cards are the first and foremost effort that is initiated while planning for weddings. As a part of Indian custom and tradition, Indian wedding cards are distributed to invite not just distant relatives and friends of the bride and groom, but also to the near and dear family members. However, it is a tricky and a mind boggling task to select the right kind of wedding card that is presentable and unique. Let us read ahead to know about various factors that would help in selecting the right kind of Indian wedding cards that would be innovative and stunning without causing a hole in our pockets –


The foremost thing to determine is the budget that we want to allocate to wedding cards. Once the budget bracket has been decided it would become a lot easier to design and style the card. There are numerous wedding card designers and printers that have galore of choices for every kind of budget. Be the budget be humble or astronomical, Indian wedding cards are available to suit both kinds of budgets.


Keeping in sync with Indian wedding fervor and tradition, Indian wedding cards are preferably designed in vibrant and spectacular colors like red, maroon, gold, saffron and green. These colors are considered to be pious and sacred to be symbolizing passion, energy and Indian tradition. Some of the colors like black, white and grey are not preferred as they are considered to be inauspicious colors for Indian wedding cards. However, they are amalgamated with other colors to impart an attractive aura. Preferably, bright and vibrant colors are used in Wedding Invitations for auspicious reasons.


Designs are a crucial and the most discussed factor to be considered when choosing Indian wedding cards. While some individuals prefer simple, uncomplicated and sophisticated designing, others like to have their wedding cards designed in loud and vibrant designs. The typical wedding cards carry intricate and elaborate design with traditional color scheme. Some of the religious wedding cards also have an extract of spiritual or pious scripture that is printed on top of the cards.


Size of the wedding card is also an important factor along with the font size to be used in the card. While a small wedding card will not be able to carry all the wedding details with clarity, an oversized wedding card will look too awkward. Hence it is important to have clarity over the size of the wedding card and its font to get the right kind of it.

Indian Wedding Cards – Reflecting Indian Culture and Ethnicity

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Designer Wedding InvitationsUnity in Diversity is the characteristic feature of this beautiful nation. Every community has its own distinct rituals and ceremonies. The institution of marriage is regarded with high esteem and respect by all the communities in India.

The Indian wedding is truly a great celebration and is considered as the most special and memorable occasion that unites two souls for a lifetime. Such a grand occasion takes place amidst the presence of friends, relatives and other well wishers. Of all the rituals, Indian wedding invitations are something that is done with utmost sincerity and respect. The main way of inviting the guests is through the Indian Wedding Cards.  The cards are designed with a lot of creativity and the designs also differ according to the communities.  The intricate designs with lots of colours and artistic work stands out and make the occasion truly memorable. The Indian wedding cards have become more like a symbol of prestige and status.  The following features of the Indian Wedding Cards make it unique.

Colours: The north Indian wedding cards differ a lot from the south Indian wedding cards. Some of the colours are considered to be auspicious in Hindu traditions like yellow, red and orange and so such colours are used generously. The north Indian cards make use of subtle colours and concentrate more on thread work and more often spend on designer Indian wedding cards. The vibrant colours are supposed to bring in more joy and prosperity into the life of the bride and groom.

Design: The intricate designs studded with stones and other precious motifs make this magnificent. The cards are designed to attract the people’s attention. In fact, some elite group of people spend a lot on such highly expensive gold and silver work on the Indian wedding cards. The high profile weddings are often characterised by attractive wedding cards. Most commonly found motifs include the lord ganesha in various forms, swastika, lamps, candle, and flowers and so on.

Words: The Indian wedding cards contain invitation wordings that are done in a very humble and respectful tone. There are many quotes that are now being commonly used especially among the youths. The invitation cards depict a clear request that would make the guest feel esteemed and honoured for having been invited. The words are so coined that it gives the guest pleasure in attending the wedding to bless the couple.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Buy Cards Online From Stores Selling India Wedding Cards

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Designer Wedding cards

We are in a world where everything is online. Even in India, the usage of the internet is in peak, as people use it for a variety of purpose including online shopping. Online shopping in India was not so popular a decade ago, but these days we find all types of people running back of the internet and online shops to buy the items of their choice. When people are buying everything online, why not buy wedding cards online? Wedding is the most memorable occasion in a person’s life. The memories of wedding last forever. Along with the photographs, the marriage invitation cards too remain as a valuable memorabilia of marriage. The wedding cards should impress your guests with their design and colors. With marriage invitations carrying so much of importance, why going for a local shop which hardly have a dozen designs?

Advantages of buying wedding cards online from stores selling India Wedding Invitation Cards.

1.    You can choose from a wide range of wedding card collections.

2.    You can check all wedding invitation designs right from your home.

3.    Peace of mind, and also you save plenty of time.

4.    You can easily customize your wedding card design.

5.    You can get expert advice about the design, colors and even text.

6.    Online wedding card shops have excellent designers working in their teams.

7.    Online wedding card sites/shops offer premium wedding card designs that are affordable.

8.    You don’t just buy a wedding invitation design; you actually buy a wedding card.

Buy wedding invitation cards online, they offer a wide range of designer wedding cards you or your friend never saw before. Online Indian wedding Invitation stores are known for their unique. Indian wedding card designs that reflect the culture, ethnic values and traditions of India. They have designs that suit every person’s religious, cultural and personal preferences. Ordering wedding cards online is quite simple you have to visit the online stores that deals in Indian wedding invitation cards and browse through the big list of some exotic and vibrant wedding card designs. When you find your dream card, simply place an order. Your cards will reach your home in no time! Even if, you want to customize a design, or a symbol, or text, these stores allow you to do that. Don’t forget about the technical help they offer for their customers!

Indian Wedding Cards – First Step towards Dreamful Wedding

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Unique Cards

Indian hospitality has remained unmatchable across the world, and weddings are the best opportunities for it. Weddings being such an important part of Indian traditions the wedding invitation cards hold a special place in the wedding preparations.

Indian wedding cards essentially begin with Lord Ganesha – the god of auspicious beginnings – his image or verses inscribed on top of the card. The cards contain details of various ceremonies, their venue and names of the entire family as invitees. Traditionally the cards were written in red ink over a piece of white silk cloth. Today with advances in design and printing technologies, the Indian wedding cards have become a statement for the invitees. They spend a good portion of the wedding budget over the cards.

The market is full of agencies providing customized cards with theme based or traditional styles. A lot of new ideas are explored and innovations made in the Indian wedding cards. Due to availability of papers/materials and ink in a wide range of colors and textures and various decorative items used to beautify the card, the wedding invitation cards have become very stylish and trendy.

The latest trend in Indian shadi cards is of cards made with shiny textured papers written with golden or silver colored ink. Mostly papers in traditional bright colors are used. Black being the inauspicious color is never used in the cards.

Scroll style invitations used in ancient times is now-a-days occasionally used instead of the conventional card in the envelope style. Often there are different leaves of cards for different occasions. The leaves are tied together using decorative strings/ribbons having ornamental dangles at its ends. The cards are also embellished with symbolic traditional patterns and sometimes with small beads etc.

Since the cards are usually made in a bulk of hundreds for each order, customized designs catering to various needs are easily available. A new trend in the wealthier families of delivering the cards with a pack of sweetmeats and/or gifts is seen. Auspicious items like kumkum, haldi and beetelnuts may also be sent.

The content of the Indian wedding invitation card has also changed to being much more lyrical than before and often including poems or verses. The script of the invitation is slowly changing from being the mother tongue to English. Occasionally it also includes photographs of the couples.

You can easily get Indian marriage invitation cards from online stores. These online cards stores/shops have huge variety of cards, provide easy payment option and deliver the cards at your doorsteps. You cannot ask for more, right?

All about Indian Wedding Cards

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Hindu Wedding InvitationA feeling of joy, fun, and excitement fill us when we hear the word “marriage”. This is most awaited moment for the bride and groom. This day marks a changing or beginning of a new phase in the life of the individuals. This special day is celebrated with great joy in India. Days before the preparations start for this auspicious day. Indians always invite guests and relatives in even small celebrations so how can they avoid them in this grand ceremony of wedding. Therefore, Indian wedding invitations are an important part of Indian weddings.

India is a rich blend of culture, traditions and different religions. All religion celebrates their marriages in a different way following their respective cultures and traditions. Searching the market for the best can take most of your time. Our shop indianwedddingcard is there to help you which will provide you with the best variety of cards without letting you move out of your comfortable chair.

We at indianweddingcard offer you wide and exotic range of designer Indian wedding cards which reflects the rich traditions of Indian culture and heritage. Our designers design cards for you keeping all your demands and preferences in mind. We take care of your ethnic values and try to make each design unique and innovative in itself. We have a huge catalogue displaying all the available varieties of cards on our website. You can browse through this catalogue and pick the required designs. You can make an online order. You will get your cards delivery at your door. See, how much we ease your work and save your time.

Indianweddindcard even offers you customization services so that you can get a card of your personal choice. In this, we let you decide every minute thing about card be it paper, religious symbols, messages, color, printing types or any other choice. The paper types can be handmade, velvet, metallic paper, hardbound sheets. The symbols generally used in Indian wedding cards are swastika, lord Ganesha, betel leaves etc.

Once you let us provide our services for you, you will never look back at other options. Moreover, our extensive range allows everybody to make a choice to fit in his pocket.