Timeless wedding headgears worn by Indian bridegrooms

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Wedding is such an occasion wherein the bride and the groom are the center of the attraction. Generally, they strive to look unique by opting for exquisite attires, beautiful and big jewelry pieces, or by opting for anything that helps them in looking outstanding. Apart from beautiful attires, there are many ways through which uniqueness can be achieved. Selecting a fascinating wedding headgear or Shehra is among those effective ways that can make the bride and the groom appear stand apart from the rest of the crowd. For the brides, a headgear is basically is in the form of a jewelry piece, headband or a flower. Even on the wedding invitation, the bride and groom symbol is there in which they are dressed in the traditional wedding attire in which the groom has a Shehra on his head.

Bollywood Wedding Ceremony

Wedding headgear for men, Shehra is also widely known as pagari or saafa. In English language, it is known as Turban. The credit of an origin of Saafa goes to a royal state of India called Rajasthan. Saafas refer to those turbans that are made from a colorful strip of a cloth. The culture of tying Saafa has almost become an inherent part of the Indian weddings and it is considered as one of the most essential accessory for the Groom. Most of the time, a kalgi, that is in the form of a little broach, is tucked on the turban from its front side. It generally accompanies feather with it.

Rajasthani turbans are knows for offering a royal appeal to its wearer. It is known to the all, that during olden time; kings would wear turbans that would also feature a kalgi in it. Generally, a kalgi would include precious stones and a feather and by looking at the richness of it, it was easy to make out that who is the king. However, turbans are still the inherent element of the attires of the traditional village men. It is really surprising to know that round about thousand varied types and styles of turbans do exist in Rajasthan. The diverse styles differ from one region to another and from one caste to another. Generally, the width of a pagari is 9 inch width and its length is 52 feet. On the contrary, Saafa is of small length and it is broader.

Earlier, the majority of the people knew an art of tying turban but due to the modernization, this art is now gradually dying. It is generally the older generation that ties the turbans during weddings or some expert is being called to tie the turban to the groom. These experts are known as pagribands. A falguniya turban featuring red or white color is worn during spring season. The dotted chunri or bright colors indicates an auspicious occasion like marriage or birth of a child. A panchrangi turban features five different colors and is worn by the rajputs mainly that too of Jodhpur region. A lahariya turban is worn during the season of rains. Zari turban is created out of the rich-textured cloth like silk and Zari and is worn by the groom during the formal occasion of marriage. According to the colors as well, the turbans differ from one and another. For an instance, bright colors like pink, green, red, etc are worn during auspicious occasions and during festivals. On the contrary, dull colors like maroon, khaki, etc are worn during distressing occasions.

Indian Wedding cards – deliver them personally to add a personal touch

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Wedding is a grand ceremony that calls for the participation of all relatives and friends and even distant relatives are invited to be the part of great occasion. The ceremony can never be complete without the participation and blessings of the near and dear ones. Wedding is something that all the relatives and friends look forward too as this is the time when one gets to meet all the relatives whom otherwise one does not get to meet in busy course of life. This is the time when one is in complete mood of enjoyment; a time when the childhood is relived and past is recreated. All enjoy each other’s company and relish each moment. Wedding is the time when one enjoys dressing up, food, dance all because of the company and occasion.

Wedding Invitations

For all the excitement that one gets, company is essential and for the guests’ invitation in proper manner is must. The traditional manner of sending wedding scroll invitations still continues and that too in time and proper manner; because invites contains all the relevant information it is essential that everything is properly printed so that no wrong information is conveyed. If the invites are being delivered in person it should be made sure that proper salutation is written on it. Scroll Invitations are a form of request that one sends to others to be a part of important occasion and so the language should be proper. These are sent even to one’s official colleagues so care should be taken that it is carefully delivered. Wedding invites are generally not sent without sweets so separate boxes along with each invitation card should be placed area wise so that the distribution is quite easy.

Pink Scroll Wedding Invitations

It is a good practice to make a guest list prepared well in time so that no friend and relative are missed out. Wedding is a single time affair and forgetting any of the relatives or friends would be a blunder; the distribution of the invites should also start well in time so as to avoid last moment rush and chaos. In addition to this, the most preferred way to deliver scroll invitations is by a personal visit as one, it enhances social contact, second, it allows the guests to put forward some essential query that can be addresses at the same time.

If the invites are being sent through courier or post then it should be made sure that proper address is marked on it and even RSVP along with proper contact numbers should be mentioned so that the person gets to contact easily. The map of the venue is also printed these days at the back of the cards so that the location is not easy to trace and locate. The cards if sent in time also help the host to know how many guests would attend the occasion and timely arrangements also can be made. Well planned weddings are always properly executed and double the fun and enjoyment because there is no confusion and all the relatives and friends would be the part of grand ceremony. Scroll invitations play an important role in planning wedding and these should be perfect and proper. 

Fairy Theme Wedding

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Theme Based Invitations

Theme Based Invitations

A Fairy theme will create magic and excitement especially for a bride as its one of the most important events in the life of the bride where she wishes to look different like a fairy. Bride can wear a dress like fairy which gives her a feeling of fairy.

Wedding cards designed using a fairy theme:
Wedding cards can be made by using handmade sheets on which fairy designs can be made, cut into fairy designs decorated with twinkling stars, moon, glitters, etc. Bright colors like pink, white and silver outlines can be used. Other wedding cards accessories can also be made by using the sheets cutting fairy designs or drawing fairy on it.

Avenue for the wedding should be at an open place which includes lots of greenery and natural’s look. Decoration can be done by keeping fairy theme in mind by using fairy which is made up of thermacol. White, green, red, yellow lights can be put on the branches of the trees. White snow made of cotton can be shown and silver ball lightening can also be used and fake fairy made up of thermocol can also stand there. Waitress can also where the apparels of fairy like. Tables can be decorated by covering it with shiny cloth and stick flowers on it and paper made fairy with it. Stage can also decorated with the white snow at the stage, bright lightening can be used to add effect on it and also some flowers can be added In the middle of it fake fairy can be stand. On the entrance fake trees as well as fairy can be placed. Every guest can be welcomed by giving them fairy dreamland drink.

Wedding Attire:
Bride attire should match with the fairy. Fairy generally have long full length gowns which can be made in different style like long straight length, round shape from down etc. Bride can choose any designs which she like most. Colors of the gown can be white, peach have full or half length gloves in her hands and can have charming bracelets and ring have butterfly design. On neck bride can wear simple delicate necklace she can wear her hair down and flowing and crown of different flowers can be put on her head long veil flowing on the ground can also tie at the back of the bride. Bridesmaid can also wear the apparels as fairy. To give themselves different look they can also go for feather/wings attached to their apparels and can carry magic stick in their hand. They can also have silver crown on their heads. Bridesmaids walk with the bride so it can give look as many fairy coming up from heaven. Groom can have apparels which can be dark in colors and can also attach fairy pin on the coat so it matches with bride attire. In fairy theme, most important part is choosing the dress as well as the hairstyles of the bride and maid which give them the fairy look.

Specially Ordered Wedding Invitations – The Latest Trend

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Wedding cards are in fact the primary thing that comes to the mind as soon as the thought of a marriage comes to the mind. The selection and distribution of cards is very also important. If the cards are not delivered on time the guest would not come to know about the big day. The relatives and friends who are not in town are informed much in advance so that they can plan their schedule.

It is the wedding invites that set the whole wedding properly. These days with the advancement in technology choosing a wedding invite is no longer a difficult task. There are many websites that are solely doing the work of designing wedding invites and also have the option of delivering the cards to the guests. These sites also give advantage of customizing the cards that means that you can design your own card and can get it printed. These are also known as specially ordered wedding invitations.

There are various ways in which you can make your card unique. You can get the pictures of bride and groom along with their details printed on the cards. You can also have the beautiful scenes as the backdrop of the invites. There can be images of cupid, or elves on the cards and this would certainly make the card unique. Picture of the house can also be printed which will be cherished all through the years.

A wedding card in not just a card it also conveys the emotions of families. The childhood pictures can also be printed on the card. The wedding invitation can also be theme based and you can use the color and imagery related to the same like if the theme is Bollywood style you can get the pictures of theatre on the cards. If the theme is underwater, the images of fishes and water can be displayed on the cards. In this way, the card will convey the whole idea of the wedding and the guest will be ready for the wedding.

The cards can be chosen from various options available on the sites. There are lots of font options that one can choose and make the card perfect for the perfect occasion. Customizing card and getting the specially ordered invitations is a great idea that will make your card special for you as well as your guests. The invitation card is a thing that is cherished all through the life. It has the magic of bringing the day live even after many years of wedding and so a wedding invite should be chosen and designed with great care.

Unique and Different Hindu Wedding Cards

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Unique Hindu Wedding Cards

Unique Hindu Wedding Cards

Invitation cards are the best and widely used method to invite people to an occasion. This method of invitation is very old and is used since years. There is a huge variety of cards for each and every occasion, function. A huge variety of wedding cards is available in the market, the selection of these cards depends upon person to person these cards are even segregated on the basis of caste, customs and traditions, but card in a wedding is must. Make your Hindu wedding cards the most memorable one for your family and all the guests. Since the wedding card is the first information source if the same is different and funny the guests will start imagining the special day as soon as they receive this invitation.

Mostly the cards are used to serve the purpose of invitation where all the details for the wedding are mentioned, but you can make this card more special and interesting with your own creativity. Since these cards are generally simple and sober but if you add a creative content or look to the card it will look more attractive and will be appreciated by the guests as well.

The ideas for these cards are available online as well you can create a one of your choice as well. Like you can take a scroll invitation like the one which was used by Royal Kings and queens to send messages. You can add funny images or funny background to the card which will make the card different from others.

Add your own pictures. In order to make your card unique you can even add your and your  would be pictures in the card. This will also introduce you beloved to your guests, this card will actually look very exclusive and different from others and even wedding venue pictures along with the road map can also be added to the card which will make it more convenient for the guests to reach there.

One more style is the reverse mirror Hindu wedding cards. The special thing about this card is that you can only read this card in the mirror and every word is written in reverse order. A special poem, saying, slogan can be added to the card which gives it an emotional touch.

If you are much good at art and craft you can even draw you wedding card may be online or sketch way and then get the same printed in the market. There are many ways in which you can make your wedding invitation look completely different from others.

Hindu Wedding Cards – Get The Best Deals, Offers Online

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Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu Wedding Cards

Wedding in any religion is very important. The most important issue while deciding a wedding card other than its design is cost. As the invitation is meant to be sent to many people it has to be cost effective. There are many sites that are offering cost effective wedding invitations which are good to look at. The features that you can get on these sites include unique designs and cost effectiveness. These wedding cards have unique designs for all religions. If you desire a theme based wedding card you can also get the same without much hassle. The cards have beautiful designs with appealing color combinations.

Cost effectiveness is another feature of online wedding card shopping. The most desirable feature that these sites offer is cost effective cards as the cards are printed in bulk and thus printing companies are able to offer good offers on wedding cards. Even the best cards are also not very expensive. You can easily choose the card that suits your budget. You will have wide range to choose from.

Another feature of online car shopping is that the cards are delivered well in time and there is no hassle. There is no need of reminders and the customer is informed about the development at every stage. The online wedding card stores would deliver the Hindu wedding cards at your doorstep which will save much of your time and energy. The cards can also be delivered to the guests directly if you want.

Furthermore, the most striking features of online shopping of wedding cards is that the customization of cards is ultimately easy. If you want to get two or three cards merged and get one card or if you want to have your own designs printed on the cards you can get the same done. These stores have options of personalizing the card. Also, some wedding card websites have the option of online preview of the card. Anybody can see the preview of the card beforehand and can make any changes the he wants. You need not go anywhere as just a click would do it all.

Last but not the least, the online wedding card shops offer never before strikingly low packages. These stores also give packages like discounts or free home delivery and many such offers which would add to your surprise and would make the deal a huge profit for you. The selection of cards is no longer a problem as these stores cater to almost all requirements and are easy to locate and browse. You can easily select a card along with the family members sitting at home and get the same printed within very less time. Wedding Invitation cards were never so simple to select.

Hindu Wedding Cards Which Speaks The Unique Funky Language

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Hindu Wedding Invitations

Hindu Wedding Invitations

Wedding events were never as creative as they are now & same goes true in case of wedding invitations. Well, a wedding invite may feature a unique appeal by laying emphasis on incredible exquisite card design, by incorporating appealing wordings full of emotions & feelings or by laying emphasis on funky appearance. If you were hesitant about opting for some funky way to present your wedding invite then don’t because this really works like a charm & your Hindu Wedding Cards would not go unnoticed, even in the presence of other numerous wedding invites.

Let’s have a glance on some really cool funky Hindu Wedding Cards ideas.

The origin of Scroll Invitations is believed to be from a country India where such kind of wedding invites would be sent by Kings to their guests during olden time. However, one can experiment with this classy wedding invite by incorporating some unique idea like presenting a scroll invite featuring a treasure map. Let your guests have a fun-filled time as they would find it amazing, hunting a Treasure featuring various signs related to your wedding event location & various details.

Attaching a Photo of prospective Bride & Groom is certainly a best way to add a personal touch to a wedding invite. In-fact presenting a wedding invite in a book-like format would be another great idea. For an instance, a wedding invite may feature a personalized Photo on one page of book, details about wedding on another page & a photo of the wedding event venue.

Another mind-blowing style is to write the words in reverse order in a wedding invitation. In order to read the invitation card, your guests will have to place the card in front of the mirror. A little bit of effort from their side will surely help them in remembering the date of your wedding event.

These wedding invites perfectly fit the bill for those weddings that are destined to take place near beach. In order to give a proper idea of beach wedding event, a person may either choose a design of lobster or a dolphin or an oyster shell. Soothing colors like sea-blue & sea-green, may be used to further enhance the sea-beach look.

Hand-drawn invites are always the best choice to enhance the appeal of wedding invitation but adding a touch of fun would certainly make it more appealing. So don’t shy away for choosing a fairy tale interactive story like Cinderella or some Cartoon theme.

Fun Filled Hindu Wedding Cards

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Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu Wedding Cards

Wedding invitations are very important as they are the first impression and good wedding invitations are generally kept by the guests so that they can also use the idea for their or any marriage of their known. Everyone would want that their marriage invite to be special and unique as it has the power to recreate the magic once again. Wedding invites are kept for ages. Here are certain ideas which you can use and make your wedding invitation card special.

Scroll Invitation are just like a royal farmaan and would certainly create a good impression. Scroll invitations are very common these days. These invites are available in plenty of designs and material. There are boxes of the same design in which you can keep the scroll invites and deliver them to your guests. These are also great Hindu Wedding cards as these present the emotions and stateliness of the wedding in a grand way.

Flip Flop Invitations have two parts and the pictures can be pasted on one and the details on other. This type of wedding card can be chosen if you are planning some theme based marriage as it will give you more space to write. Though these invites are unconventional in some respects and may not be as popular as in the present times but this is a great wedding invite for those who wish to do something different. Hand drawn invitations are another unique idea. This makes the card more personal. You can draw one card and then get it copied in as many numbers as you want. The card will hold more importance for your guests as well and will convey the emotions also.

Photo invitations are also common and one can get the photographs of the bride and the groom as well as the photographs of the family members on the card and can give the details as well. This way the guests would feel more connected. The photographs can be arranged in a form of life cycle from birth pictures to the pictures before marriage.

In addition to this, there are the common invitations that one sends to guests. One can choose paper and colors of different styles and can render uniqueness to the invitations. Wedding Invitation cards are generally sent with sweet boxes and it is a good idea to have the same design on both the invitation card and sweet boxes as it would look more appealing. Wedding invitation cards should be selected with extra care as they are not just papers with wedding details they are medium through which something good is conveyed, they are the pathways of reunion and more than that they are the first to tell about marriages.

Announce The Marriage In Style With Budget Muslim Wedding Cards

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Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards

A wedding invitation is the first step in planning a wedding. It sets the right tone for the wedding. If the wedding is based on certain theme then it is essential to display this on the card as the guest will come to know about it and can plan their attire or gifts according to the theme. Wedding invites are available in wide variety and it sometimes becomes difficult to decide on one.

When deciding Muslim Wedding cards, besides the other factors budget is also an important aspect. The wedding cards are generally kept and so spending too much money may not be a good idea as where it may increase the overall marriage expenses too much, it also could be useless.

There are people who like to have pompous wedding cards and spend too much and for them exquisite wedding cards are just the right choice. The choice may vary from person to person and their tastes but there are certain things which everyone should take care of when selecting a wedding invite. First, the appropriate design should be selected like traditional, modern, ethnic Muslim Wedding cards design according to choice of the family. Color combination is also important when selecting a card as the colors should reflect the culture and tradition and the card may have entirely new combination of colors based on the choice of bride and groom. The right color combination will create the right impression and will give a good look to the card. A card that has too many colors looks different but it seems to be an informal invite rather than a wedding invite.

The paper for the card is also an important criterion, the papers may vary from handmade, velvet to simple and the selection can be made according to cost and look. The selection further needs to be done according to the guests, if the guests are more, then the cards need to be in more quantity and the cost will be more and vice-versa. The content is also important and should be printed correctly in a correct font that not only looks good but is also easy to read. The printers should also be good and a sample should be taken before getting the whole lot printed. The suppliers who fulfill all the criterion should be chosen as these wedding cards are cherished forever and also create first impression of the wedding on the minds of the guests.

Indian Marriage – Incomplete Without Traditional Indian Wedding Cards

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Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

India style marriages are famous all over the world due their distinct customs and rituals. Here, wedding is considered to be a bond for seven births. Bride and groom take vows to remains with each not only in this birth but also in coming births. They promise to stand with each other during thick and thin; follow religious path; serve society and take care of family. Holy mantras and rituals make weeding an enchanting experience. This is the reason that people from different nook and corners of the world are coming to India to tie the knot. In fact, couples who are already married are also seen coming and getting wedded again to strengthen their bond of love.

The Indian marriage varies according to religions and region. A south Indian marriage is entirely different from a north Indian marriage. In the same way, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain, Sikh wedding are unique in their own way. Foreign couples don’t want to miss out anything so they make sure that everything is as per Indian customs – decoration, food, music even the guests are seen wearing traditional Indian attire.

One important that has to be taken care of is “wedding Invitation Card”. A marriage is not going to be perfect without attractive invitation cards. When it comes to Indian wedding cards, there are different types of cards like Hindu Wedding Invitation cards – which has picture of lord Ganesha on it along with Sanskrit Shlok. Punjabis are fun-loving people you can see that in the attractive colors, design and pattern of Sikh wedding Invitation Cards or Punjabi Wedding Invitation Cards. Muslim wedding invitation cards have lots of handwork; pictures and Poetries from Mughal era.

Buying cards sometime back was a daunting task because you have to visit local card shops. Thanks to online Indian cards stores, now you can easily buy them without going from one local shop to another and bargaining over the price.

Online stores have a wide collection of cards from every corner of India. You can get cards customized as per your needs. The costs of are reasonable in comparison to local cards store; moreover you always have the option to move to the next store if you find them expensive. Time to time, online invitation card stores come up with discount and offers on the occasion of New Year, Christimas and Diwali. You can ask for discount if you are going for bulk purchase.

Visit online cards shops to buy invitation cards for every occasion whether it is wedding, birthday or housewarming party.