Fun Filled Hindu Wedding Cards

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Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu Wedding Cards

Wedding invitations are very important as they are the first impression and good wedding invitations are generally kept by the guests so that they can also use the idea for their or any marriage of their known. Everyone would want that their marriage invite to be special and unique as it has the power to recreate the magic once again. Wedding invites are kept for ages. Here are certain ideas which you can use and make your wedding invitation card special.

Scroll Invitation are just like a royal farmaan and would certainly create a good impression. Scroll invitations are very common these days. These invites are available in plenty of designs and material. There are boxes of the same design in which you can keep the scroll invites and deliver them to your guests. These are also great Hindu Wedding cards as these present the emotions and stateliness of the wedding in a grand way.

Flip Flop Invitations have two parts and the pictures can be pasted on one and the details on other. This type of wedding card can be chosen if you are planning some theme based marriage as it will give you more space to write. Though these invites are unconventional in some respects and may not be as popular as in the present times but this is a great wedding invite for those who wish to do something different. Hand drawn invitations are another unique idea. This makes the card more personal. You can draw one card and then get it copied in as many numbers as you want. The card will hold more importance for your guests as well and will convey the emotions also.

Photo invitations are also common and one can get the photographs of the bride and the groom as well as the photographs of the family members on the card and can give the details as well. This way the guests would feel more connected. The photographs can be arranged in a form of life cycle from birth pictures to the pictures before marriage.

In addition to this, there are the common invitations that one sends to guests. One can choose paper and colors of different styles and can render uniqueness to the invitations. Wedding Invitation cards are generally sent with sweet boxes and it is a good idea to have the same design on both the invitation card and sweet boxes as it would look more appealing. Wedding invitation cards should be selected with extra care as they are not just papers with wedding details they are medium through which something good is conveyed, they are the pathways of reunion and more than that they are the first to tell about marriages.

Wedding Invitations: How To Make Guests Feel Precious

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

You can make the guest feel important by using innovative ideas that will make it a greeting of affection. In this write up we will go through some innovative ideas that you can use to impress the invitees.

People mostly pick up the wedding invitation from the local stores. The ordinary invitation card can hardly make the guest feel that they have been invited to grace the occasion wholeheartedly.  Traditional wedding takes place in church – you can opt for beach ceremony; cool breeze will take everyone close to nature; another option is to go for marriage in historical palaces and forts. It is vital that wedding invitation card should carry the theme of the wedding.

Marriage invitations are usually printed on paper, which are thick like cardboard. Going for embossing and multiple color printing coupled with unusual but eye-catching card shapes are some of the ways to make your card interesting.

Good quotations enhance the beauty of the card. Comic couplets, love poems or wisdom quotes can be used; in fact, you can even use poems written by your beloved.

Earlier much attention was not paid to envelop but, with time things have changed. Today, envelop gets the same attention as the wedding card. You can use fancy laces, small plastic wedding couples, shapes of hearts, save the date note on card envelop.

Care should be taken while sending invitation cards to elders. In case, the theme of wedding invitation is comic, make sure it does not hurt their traditional values and beliefs. If you are not sure how they will react to it, then it is good to make categories. In one category, you can put school and college friends – mostly people of the same age group; in the second category place relatives and in the third one put colleagues and people you have professional relations. Even it will help you to develop business contacts. You can send different marriage invitation cards according to category.

Nowadays lots of wedding parties have a theme and dress code. Decorate cards accordingly; if the theme of the wedding is “go green” then you use green with other color combination, pictures of leafs and flowers will make it look attractive. Pictures of snowfall and Christmas tree are ideal on wedding invitation card when the theme of the wedding is winter.

Online wedding invitation card stores are the perfect place to find every kind of card, most of them have 24×7 chat services. The wedding card designers will design customized wedding invitation cards to fulfill all your needs.

Exquisite Online Collection of Indian Wedding Card

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Designer CardsIndian wedding card holds an important place in a traditional Indian marriage. This represents the first look of a marriage. It contains the information of rituals, events and main functions that will be held before, during and after the marriage ceremony. India is a country of various communities and cultures; therefore, you will find fascinating differences in the wedding cards. In Indian wedding card, you will find 2-3 pages for description of the bride and bridegroom, events of wedding and names of the close relatives of the couple. The card usually is decorated with symbols of Lord Ganesha, swastikas, Radha-Krishan, floral designs and other religious symbols. Apart from the designing aspect, the language of card is equally important. The language has to be well refined, and it should make a perfect positive impression on the invitees.

There is a wide range of wedding cards according to design, patterns and material available in the market. Their price varies according to above criteria. Apart from, traditional Indian wedding card designs like mythical symbols and graphics; modern, fusion and many contemporary designs are in vogue. The online card shops can design a particular wedding card according to your choice or as per wedding theme. Even wedding planners are also providing such designing services. Wedding card is usually made of thick paper, but nowadays, there is a lot of variety available in this segment too like handmade paper, velvet paper to soft paper.

You can get beautiful wedding cards at indianweddingcard It provides exclusive traditional as well as trendy wedding cards according to ones budget and choice. Here, you can find ethnic Hindu Wedding Cards, Muslim Wedding Invitation, Christian Wedding Invitation, and Sikh Wedding Cards. You can get these cards printed in desired language Hindi, English, Arabic, Tamil, Gujarati etc. Apart this wonderful collection you can get RSVP cards, Reception cards, Programs & Place cards, Thank You Notes, Mehandi cards, Sangeet cards, and trendy wedding accessories.

The team of is very efficient. Their motto is customer satisfaction. They provide round the clock chat support. You can tell them about your concept, and they will get back with an exclusive card design within no time. You can place an order and get timely delivery anywhere in the world.