What are the most popular theme wedding cards?

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Theme wedding card is no more a new concept. Throughout the world, people have been more inclined towards the theme weddings and theme wedding cards. The wedding cards are important not just because they are the only way to invite the visitors but because somewhere or the other they carry the impression of the wedding. So, it is necessary that we must give it another thought before we send out for printing.

As the concept of theme weddings came up, the idea of theme cards got along. Theme wedding cards are highly accepted and appreciated around the world, because they are more creative, fun-filled, and give an idea about the wedding. A theme card should be planned as per the theme of the wedding.

The most popular themes for wedding cards are as follows:

1.  Floral themed cards: Floral invites are fast becoming the most preferred choice among couples who would prefer a genuine wedding theme with elegance to convey their thoughts through the chosen cards. A wedding, irrespective of the religion, is incomplete without flowers, and therefore they are the highly popular ones. For example, couples hosting the outdoor wedding, garden wedding, lawn wedding, etc. can choose floral invites for their wedding. Adding a few colorful flowers with relevant elements will make a lot of difference to the invitation. It will make the cards more graceful and will convey the message, the theme of the wedding and the thought.

Floral themed cards

2.  Beach themed cards: Another great wedding theme is Beach Wedding cards. Beach has been one of the hottest sports for glamorous wedding ceremonies, and such planned weddings should have cards designed with wedding shiner and the beach effect. These cards must be personalized with sandy beaches used in pictorial form along with starfishes, flip flops, and the aquamarine. It is one of the most charming themes for weddings and cards too.

3.  Holiday themed cards: There is another wedding card theme that is coming up in a big way, holiday. Holiday themes are perfect as they allow you to play a lot with innovative and creative ideas. You can put your creativity and imagination to work and create something outstanding and never seen before. It would be great to work on this as a couple or simply choose some custom holiday themes. You can even create fun cards for the wedding if you have chosen a holiday theme. These fun elements can add a personal touch to your E-cards, unlike the traditional ones to make it more interesting.

Top 8 Embellishments that Give Stunning look to Wedding Invitation Card

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The plain wedding invites are out of fashion. The latest trend is of cards with embellishments. The card makers are constantly coming up with innovative patterns, designs and concept that spice up the invite making it look extremely attractive. Let us take a look wedding invitation embellishment that gives a stunning and lavish look to the card.

1.  Stones:

The card makers are using colorful stones for decorating it. These colorful stone varies from simple to semi precious and precious gemstones. It is entirely on you to which one to have on your colorful wedding invitations. Surely, the price of the card will go up tremendously with semi precious and precious gemstones, but they come up as the ultimate choice to show your super rich status.
Unique wedding cards
2.  Real leafs and tweaks:

The wedding invites online makers are using real leaves and tweaks in nature inspired cards to give them an authentic touch. It makes the card stand out. It comes up as a great choice for nature inspired nuptial.

3.  Dried flowers and petals:

How you will feel if you received a unique flower theme wedding invitations with real dried flowers on it, well surely you are going to love it. Most of us somewhere in life have kept roses in books and know that it looks lovely when dried. Taking a clue from it you will see flowers wedding invites with dried petals and flowers on it.

4.  Embroidery:

The fabric based invite are back with a bang – a regal choice in the bygone era. To make it look stunning fine embroidery are done on cards which increase their beauty manifolds. Although, the embroidery may take the price on a higher side but it comes up as a great choice for royal theme marriage ceremony.

Online wedding invitations card

5.  Mirror Work:

Artistically done mirror wok is anther distinguished feature of cards that tops the list top selling cards in 2016. Mirror gives an enticing look to the card. You may find it tough to get such cards in physical stone, so visit online Indian wedding invitation card store to get heart warming collection of cards with mirror work.

6.  Embossed Designs:

The embossed design is another designing trend loved by people. Easy on pocket they give a gracious look to the card. You will see pictures of Lord Ganesha, Radha Krishna, Flowers and lot more on the invites. The embossed design is surely going to rule hearts for years to come.

7.  Ribbons:

The colorful ribbons are used for decoration. These are put artistically on the card to create eye catching patterns.

8.  Metals/Plastic Replicas:

Small Replicas of Lord Ganesha, Moon, Lord Krishna, Bride & Groom, are another attractions on the wedding invites these days. These are made from very light metal/plastics.  Most of these replicas have golden colors.

These are top designing and wedding invitation embellishment trends making waves in 2016. Visit online Indian wedding invitation card stores to get the latest card at discounted price.

6 Super Cool Sources of Inspiration for Wedding Card Design

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Most wedding cards that feature these days are either taken from the contemporary galleries or match the imperialistic art forms. Identify a conceivable design that can make it to the heart of the guests. It is imperative to do bit of research on fashion styles, engineering and origami.
We tell you 8 sources of inspiration that you can actually use for your wedding card design.

1.    Smart phone copy

Send your wedding card invite to the relatives and guests through a dummy smart phone. Most people would be smitten with your idea of combining technology with the wedding affair. Smart phones are available at cheaper rates these days. The smart phone wedding card designs can work wonders if you are planning to throw lavish event, and have a limited number of guests on the list.

Smart phone copy

2.    Circus theme

Circus is one gala event that throws everyone into splits with their dazzling performances and skills. Use circus hoops and miniature articles to create a wedding card design that looks totally funky. It allows you to sport a more extravagant series of articles and stuffs like sequins and hooks.

3.    Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is an exorbitantly fragrant wedding card design. It is not showy, but exudes blend of the most exotic fragrances. Use of perfumes and aromatic oils that leave their impression over a long period of time go a long way in ensuring the magical effect of Indian wedding cards. You can also use wild orchids as the backdrop, flushed with formaldehyde solution to prevent it from decaying. The natural look of the wedding card is a heart-felt invitation message sent to the guests. Though, they come in limited volume, it is worth taking a shot at the Wedding cards based on the concept of Garden of Eden.

4.    Psychedelic patterns

Leave your guests under a spell of magical impression by designing a wedding card based on psychedelic patterns. Use concentric hoops, circles and lines to create myriad versions of animals, hearts and stars. You can also lace a laser tip to create the effect for you. Most electronic engineers will pitch in for your wedding card if you are set for a novel wedding idea.

Psychedelic patterns cards

5.    FARM house

You may not be having a farm house wedding, but leave your imagination on the roll by conceiving a wedding card design that is inspired by the ambience of humble farm yard. You can go organic by using recycled materials and add a bit of smartness by inserting audio modules that has chirping of birds. Grassy feeling and the fragrance of wet land still haunts the imagination of all humans. Take it to a next level by reflecting your ideology though the wedding cards.

6.    Origami

Either learn origami or grab an expert to cut out and fold the recognizable patterns using paper. Highlight your theme and intention of using origami for your wedding card design. You can use an assortment of designs. It looks a bit tiresome, but trust the impact it creates remains unmatched.

Music, entertainment, DJ – integral part of wedding

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Indian weddings are known for their flamboyancies and talk about any wedding including Marwari, Gujrati, Punjabi, Sikh, etc, a wedding always spreads over few days. Every pre-wedding and post wedding function enjoys attention because the success of the wedding event is decided by taking into consideration, the successful completion of all the pre and post wedding related events. Those various pre and post wedding events include wedding cards printing, engagement, haldi ceremony, mehndi, ganesh pujan, sangeet, grahshanti and reception. Among these events, Sangeet ceremony is the one that allows the younger generation to take the full control of the preparations. This ceremony is considered as one of the most exciting ceremonies because the focus from the family of bride and groom shifts towards their near and dear ones.

Due to the same reason, now days, people leave no stone unturned in making a sangeet ceremony, a gala affair. Some specifically mention the detailed program of Mahila Sangeet on the wedding cards. Apart from that, music, entertainment, live DJs and stage shows have begun playing an important role in wedding event and reception, as well. There are some essential ingredients for making the sangeet ceremony, wedding and reception events, more entertaining and more happening. Now let’s have a glance on the importance of all the ingredients, one by one:

Music: It is considered as the soul of the pre and post wedding and also the actual wedding ceremony. Choice of music can simply make or mar the event. Where at one side, selection of appropriate and good songs can create a pleasing ambiance, on other side; selection of inappropriate songs can cause a feeling of discomfort to elders and can ruin a good ambiance. Generally, it is wise to select exclusive songs based on wedding themes. Now days, people prefer to play instrumental music in the background during the dinner time so that the environment doesn’t get noisy.

Wedding Music

Entertainment: All these three ceremonies can be made more interesting by opting for unusual ways of entertaining the guests. For an example, a professional comedian may be hired who can keep up the exciting mood of the guests throughout the event. Before and after every performance, commentary may be added to keep monotony at bay and to enhance the enthusiasm of the performers. Professional singers or live band are fantastic way to make the events more entertaining.

Wedding DJ

Live DJ: Rising demand of professional DJ indicates that popularity of this trend is increasing by leaps and bounds. A professional DJ possesses a good sense of humor and knows the value of right timing. By hiring a DJ, one can bring uniqueness in all three most important ceremonies and when the option of song on request is being given to the guests, they feel more involved.

Dance or stage shows: Earlier, the preparations of sangeet ceremony was restricted to the near and dear ones and the family of the wedding host and due to the lack of professional touch, the event would look somewhat haphazard. The trend of hiring professional dance groups, individual dancers and stage show performers, for all the three events, is really in rage. Professional performances look more appealing, they are undoubtedly more entertaining and they appear more sophisticated.

Wedding Cards:Drastic change from Tradition to Modernity

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Wedding is a ritual that has been performed by all religions since the creation of universe, it seems. This tradition has undergone many changes but the institution remains as important as it was in earlier times. As traditional as wedding is so is the tradition of sending invites; but this tradition also has undergone significant changes. Invites in Middle India were sent in the form of Yellow Rice (Peele Chawal). Yellow Rice is an auspicious symbol that initiate wedding. This tradition is still followed but as in earlier times the symbolic rice is not sent as the form of invitation. This tradition was long back, and then came the tradition of sending lagan Patrika which was a type of wedding invite.

People still follow customary way of inviting friends and relatives but with modern methods. The wedding invites to the distant relatives were sent through snail mails earlier. The relatives were informed much earlier through Manuhar patrika and then invites were sent through snail mails. Now with the advancement of technology the world has become small and so it is easier to contact distant relatives and make them a part of all the ceremonies. The wedding cards are no longer difficult to send as there is now the option of e-cards. Wedding cards can be customized online and can be sent to as many friends and relatives as one wants. This method of inviting people has made the whole process much easier to execute.

Drastic change from Tradition to Modernity in Cards

The printed cards have also undergone many changes the design, font and paper all are different from the middle ages. The wedding cards in traditional times were hand written but now these are printed and that too in many styles: engraving, lithography, thermograph, letterpress printing, sometimes blind embossing, compression plate process, or offset printing. Earlier the clichéd words were written on almost all cards but now people have let their creativity fill the simple words in the form of poetry and prose. The response cards  are also attached with the cards which require the response of the guests that they are attending the wedding or not. The response cards help the host to make the necessary arrangements. Wedding websites are also a new development that has taken place. These websites contain all the information about the wedding and guests can visit these any time to get all the updates about the same. The guests can also register whether they would be coming to attend the wedding or not. These websites contain all the necessary information about the wedding along with pictures. This makes the event more personal as distant relatives can view all the ceremonies.

Wedding and the manner of its execution may have undergone various changes but the bond that one shares with family and friends is still the same; one still holds the values and customs close to the heart. The technological advancement has made everything easier keeping the tradition intact. The family and friends still enjoy the festivities with full zest and vigor.


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The concept of Hindu wedding is very old. There are certain rituals which are to be followed in the Hindu culture before finalizing marriage or getting the Hindu wedding cards printed. These are to be taken proper care of as it is believed that miss out on these can prove to be very dangerous.

As per Indian tradition it is believed that marriage ceremony should take place on the date which suits both the bride and the groom. That is as per the horoscope of both bride and groom the day which best suits according to their starts should be the one opted for their marriage. It is believed that if the couple will get married according to the best Mahurat. There life will be happy thereafter.

There are many dates every year which are by default suitable for all marriages. These are Basant panchami, AkhaTeej etc. For these occasion there is no need to check out for mahurats. Other then these, it is always better to check out the muhrats. These auspicious dates are there at least for eight months on different dates and for four months these dates are closed. These dates are calculated from sunrise to sunrise. Panchang Shuddhi is used by which auspicious marriage dates are declared in Hindu tradition. It is this date that is finalized and then only the Hindu wedding cards are given for printing.

One more thing which matters in this is the time? As there is a specific time which is also known as shubh mahurat for actual marriage ceremony to take place. There can be two to three shubh muhrat on the same day but same needs to be checked with the panchang and a Hindu pandit will be in best position to take out these Mahurats. These marriages are also impacted by exams of small children in house as exams spoil their celebration and doom dharaka, so one should plan marriage in this way that everyone can enjoy.

Months which suit best for marriage are December, January, February as these are colder months of year. So there is less tension of the food to get wasted and no exams are there in these months. 2013 Vivah Mahurats for January Year 2013, for month of January dates are 17, 18, 22, 28, 29, 31. If we look for February Dates are (1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 14). If we see the past years the maximum marriages take place in month of February as after this there is no such auspicious date at least for coming 3 months.

These good for marriage days again start in the month of May (7,12,13) and it lasts with July (11,13 and 15). After this there is a closure for 3 months it is believed that during this time Gods sleep and thus no good or religious event can take place. After this comes the best season for marriages that is November (dates in 2013 are 13,14,18,19,20,27,28,29,30) and then closure for the year with 3 best dates (5,10,11). Above mentioned are the lists of lucky dates for this year so if you are planning for such big day in your family you can chose one from these days well in advance so that you can enough time for all arrangements.

Wedding Phera: Purest Vows Authenticated By Sacred Fire

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

For centuries India is known for its diverse and rich cultural heritage. In spite of its diverse culture, one thing that is very common amongst all Hindu’s is the way they perform their marriages. Obviously leaving apart some minor differences depending on the particular caste or community, Seven Pheras or Vows are never skipped by any Hindu marriage. This is part of the traditional Hindu marriage and it is only after the seven rounds of fire that the bride and the groom are considered to be married.

There are times when parents or relatives do not accept love marriages: at that time the bride and the groom prefer neglecting other traditions and just taking seven pheras by revolving around the sacred fire in front of the holy priest who recites holy mantras in the temple, which means that the God is the only witness of their marriage.

Seven pheras symbolizes seven Vows made by both bride and groom, promising to stay together in good and bad times and making their marriage a successful institution. It is not just seven rounds, these are the rounds that signify that now on the bride and the groom need to walk together and face all the difficulties together and celebrate the happiness together. The seven rounds also signifies their bond for the next seven births. It is this eternal bon that is reflected in the wedding invitations and it is oftentimes written that the bride and the groom will be uniting for age with the marriage.

Let us have a detailed look, on what each Vow taken by the bride and groom means and how does it binds two people into one entity:

1st Vow:
Groom: I promise you and our children to provide with wealth and happiness for the entire life.
Bride: I shall take care of all the homely responsibilities.

2nd Vow:
Groom: We shall protect our marriage and children.
Bride: I shall be your backbone.

3rd Vow:
Groom: We may work hard to provide our children with education and all the happiness in the world.
Bride: You are my priority to all other men.

4th Vow:
Groom: You complete my life.
Bride: I shall conspire to satisfy u in every possible way.

5th Vow:
Groom: You enriched my life with love and happiness. Be my best friend all my life.
Bride: I have nothing, but trust and respect for you. I promise to be with u in both good as well as bad times and shower loads and loads of love on you.

6th Vow:
Groom: May you live a peaceful and contended life.
Bride: I shall be your strength all your life.

7th vow:
Groom: We are two bodies, one soul from now, forever and ever and ever.
Bride: In front of almighty, I promise to take you as my husband not only in this birth but in all other incarnations. So beautiful and serene these vows are. Every Hindu is very fortunate to be blessed with such rich culture and extreme bliss.

Lavish Weddings: How Justifiable Are These

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Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards

Recently, in the June end, I attended my best friend’s wedding, who is a Marwari. As she belongs to a very wealthy family she had sent me a very precious looking wedding card. Since she is my best friend I reached her place 10 days before the wedding date to help her out with the preparations and practice for the dance of the Mahila Sangeet Function, which is held in the evening before the wedding day. They had called special choreographers for that function and paid them around 6 lakhs only for teaching dance to all the members and relatives of the family and friends.

Functions other then wedding started 5 days before the wedding date. Every day a celebrity host or a singer or a dancer or performer was called just for normal functions. From this, you can figure out, to what extent they must have gone to show off their wealth on the wedding day and on Mahila Sangeet function. Dancers and performers from abroad stay for countless number of guests in the five star hotel in Udaipur. Pick up and drop facility for all the invitees, giving away laptops and expensive mobile phones as winning gifts for the games they made us play, infinite food items, and the extra ordinary entry of the Bridegroom in the Space Shuttle on the wedding day. OH MY GOD!! That was way too much. The worst thing is yet to come. That is giving of loads and loads of dowry. The total expenditure they did on wedding including dowry was around 5-6 crore.

But the admirable part is that, there are many Marwari’s, who are becoming alert on this issue and taking positive steps against this. Like in Kolkata, 80 Marwari associations announced that they have decided to be less flashy about the weddings. Right from the wedding invitations to the Bidai they will have simple arrangements but big celebration. They have decided to boycott every marriage where dowry is accepted and have also decided to revive the traditional system called ‘four-rupee milni’. This meeting was attended by various social activists including dignitaries. This decision has been accepted and appreciated by international, national and local associations and many more. The Marwari community has also come up with an idea of seeking help of the religious gurus on this matter as they have greater influence on the society.

The aim behind this strict decision is to build a progressive Marwari Society. If one community has started this tradition others should also follow it. This seems to be just the beginning and the same can be followed by other communities in India. It is believed that a lot can be saved and this money can be channelized for some philanthropic efforts by the bride and the groom. For example choosing eco friendly wedding invitations will not only save money but it will also reflect how much you care for the environment and the nation in particular.

Online Wedding Cards Shops – One Stop Solution For Every Kind Of Card

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Hindu Wedding Card

Wedding Card

The foreign tourists and celebrities tying matrimonial knot in traditional Indian way has generated much curiosity about the Indian wedding and rituals associated with it.

Indian weddings are beautiful representation of the diverse culture and tradition of this ancient land. The regional and cultural diversity can be seen in weddings, a Hindu wedding in Rajasthan is entirely different from a Hindu wedding in Kerala. Even communities living in the same city or state have different customs for marriage so the first thing that will strike is that no two Indian weddings are alike. Celebrations start well before the marriage; homes of the bride and groom are decorated with lights, and arrangements are made for guest to stay. Wedding takes place in enclosed area, which is beautifully decorated with flowers.

The preparation of most wedding starts off with printing of wedding invitation cards. It contains names of the bride & groom and just below their name it generally has the names of parents or grandparent of the couple. Clear information about all the ceremonies along with date, time and venue, is mentioned. According to the religions it also has verses or sayings from religious books.

Like in Hindu Wedding Invitation cards you will find Sholka in Sanskrit and auspicious symbols like Om, Mango leafs, Lord Ganesha, Swastika and Doli, Baraat etcetera.

Christian wedding Invitation cards have verses from Bible printed in old English and have the symbol of Cross, Wedding bells, church sings, cakes, angels,

Islamic Invitation cards have Ayats from Holy Quran or beautiful poetry along with the symbol of moon, stars, feather, or Mughal art. These marvelously crafted cards are also known as Valima and Nikaah cards.

Sikh Wedding Invitations cards have Gurbani from Holy Guru Granth Sahib and symbol of “Ek Onkar engraved on it.

Jain Wedding Invitations Cards are adorned with many admired symbols Jain tradition especially of great Jain Tirthankar Mahavira. The other symbols you will come across are sketches of the couple, palm curves, wedding pageant and sacred Swastika sign.

Parsi Wedding Invitation cards exhibit the splendor and magnificence of rich Parsi culture. The Zoroastrian wedding invitation cards exclusively meant for the Parsi, and come in an array of colors, wording and styles.

Online wedding card invitation stores are the easiest way to get cards of any religions. The variety is huge, and if you are unhappy with the quality of the cards or the price than you always have the option to move to next wedding invitation card store.

Online Cards Stores

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation

Wedding is a beautiful occasion that ties two hearts together for eternity. In every community and religion, this auspicious function is celebrated with lots of fun and zeal.  In India wedding is considered as a bond of seven births between the couple. The marriage ceremony involves lots of functions that are of religious importance. The preparation begins months ahead, and the bride & grooms side has to make sure that they invite all the friends and relatives because without guests, the celebration is going to be incomplete.  Wedding Cards comes into the picture here because to invite guests you need formal invitation cards, which gives complete information to guests regarding the bride & groom’s name, family lineage, date and venue of wedding.

The Indian wedding cards also known as Shadi Cards, Lagan Patrika, or Vivah Invitation cards. The couple and their respective families want that the invitation card should be unique for this once in a life time occasion. Moreover, it depicts the status of the families.

Getting a unique marriage invitation card is challenging task. The first options that come to mind is local cards stores near home, but here also the variety of cards are very limited and once if you have given an order than too timely delivery is a problem. You have to call them up and enquire about the printing. Once the cards are printed then you have to go and collect the cards, sometimes it is difficult because there are lots of other arrangements that you have to take care.

In such case, you want a convenient option and thanks to the Internet technology which has resulted in appearance of online stores selling Wedding Invitation cards. A place where you will find invitation cards not only from India, but from every corner of the world. Visiting the site is simple, just type the address of online store on the address bar and if you don’t know the address then you can type keywords in search engines such as “wedding invitation cards”, “marriage cards”,  “online wedding invitation stores” etcetera.  You can also search for cards on the basis of religion like “Hindu invitation cards”, “Muslim invitation cards”, “Sikh Wedding Invitation cards.

You can browse through cards, view them and make changes to it. Select cards, place order, furnish details and the cards will be delivered at your home. It always pays to move with the technology and so take advantage of online wedding card stores and order cards today.