Online Wedding Invitation Card Stores – First Choice Of NRI

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Online Wedding Invitation

Online Wedding Invitation

Nowadays lots of Indian families are living abroad. They hold wedding outside India, or come here to conduct marriage. Having marriage in own country gives a very ethnic touch to the occasion. Relatives and friends come at the bride and grooms place and stay there days before the marriage. Every day is a like function; dance, songs, ritual and lots of fun. This will be definitely missed if the marriage is conducted abroad. It is one of the main reasons that NRI’s also prefer to come to India for the wedding. These people have very limited time to make all the arrangements, starting from booking the venue, arranging for caterers, organizing DJ, preparing the list of invitees and most importantly choosing a wedding invitation card.

Invitation cards are something that needs to be arranged well in advance, because it needs to mailed or handed over to guest personally. There are two ways in which you can get the cards printed. The first is getting cards printed from traditional card printing company. However, if you live aboard than this option is not feasible, because it requires the customer to visit the store personally; order cards, collect cards and make payment. Moreover, the varieties you will get in cards are limited. The second option is to go for an online wedding invitation card store. They are specialized in Indian Wedding Cards, so here your will come across a variety of cards based on specific community and religion.

All these cards are designed taking into account the tradition and culture of the religion. Like the Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards, generally have a picture of Lord Ganesha along with the symbol of swastika, which is considered as an auspicious sign in Hindus. Sikh wedding are famous for the flamboyant style, so the Sikh Wedding Invitation Card has to be really special.  These cards come in a variety of eye catching colors and are adorned with Kundans. It also contains saying from Holy Guru Granth Sahib. Muslim wedding invitation cards will remind you about the Mughal art. The cards have beautiful designs of leaves, peacock, domes, feathers and lots of intricate designs. The wedding card contains beautiful poetry or verses from Holy Quran.

To make all these wedding cards high quality handmade paper, metallic paper, silk, satin and velvet are used. Online Wedding Invitation cards stores offer you convenient options to buy cards from anywhere.    It will save time and will be timely delivered at your place.

Wedding Cards At A Glance

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Indian Wedding Card

Wedding Cards

Wedding invitations trace back their history to 1500s in England where information about public gatherings was announced by a stentorian crier. After World War II, invitations became a reflection of personal etiquette and their usage proliferated. In a country like India, with big population, wedding cards quickly became popular and today irrespective of the religion, wedding cards have become ubiquitous.

Initially, wedding cards were plain yellow slips, which only contained the name of the couple, the venue (which was usually a temple) and the important people whose cherished presence was expected. The invitations cards have evolved with age.

There were many indirect effects that followed globalization in India, and it sure did lift many industries, which had no direct connection whatsoever with it. Wedding invitation card industry is among those. The direct impact of globalization was the development of a middle class. Indian wedding card industry saw a proportional growth. The price and volume of wedding cards used are directly related to the affordability and usage by the middle class.

One striking difference between the Wedding Cards used in western countries and South-eastern countries’, especially India’s, is the guest list. In western cards, a list of guests who are invited and ‘allowed’ to attend the wedding is engraved whereas in Indian wedding cards, no such restriction is imposed. The invited person can bring any number of people (his family) with him.

The emergence of revolutionary Internet has led to tremendous growth of online business. The cards industry too saw a very positive growth. Now there are lots of online wedding invitation card stores. These online stores have a huge collection of card from all around the world. In these online cards stores, you will find exclusive sections for cards based on religion like Christian Wedding Cards, Sikh Wedding Cards, Jain Wedding Invitation Cards, Muslim Wedding Cards, Jewish Wedding Invitation Cards, and Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards.

The Indian wedding cards have a huge market around the word. It is popular due its rich traditional values and artistic designs. It come in various attractive designs and printed using different methods. Engraving forms the basis of wedding cards and is an age-old method. It succeeded hand-written invitations when the guest list became very long. A few decades back, people considered hand-written wedding cards to be most appropriate and the trend have reinstated itself in today’s homes, today the couples send the marriage invitation via Internet.

A Glimpse Into Traditional Hindu Wedding And Invitation Cards

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Hindu Invitations

Hindu Wedding Card

Hindu wedding is known for its unique customs and rituals. Getting married in traditional Indian style or witnessing a Hindu wedding is a memorable experience. It will make you realize that it is not a simple union of man and woman; it is a bond that will tie them together for next seven births.

The bride & groom take up vow in an enchanting environment of religious hymn to stand by each other in thick and thin. Dressed in expensive traditional attire the couples take seven circles around the sacred fire (known as Pheras). With each round, they take vows to follow the religious path; do right means to earn wealth; help poor and needy people, protect home and family; provide good education to children, promise to stand by each other; respect and love each other unconditionally. The religious ceremony gives a new meaning to the wedding and brings couples closer. This is the reason people are coming to India to tie the knot in traditional Hindu custom.

The gathering in Indian wedding is huge it is something that you will not see in other wedding. In India joint family’s exits, so it is important to invite relatives and their relatives too, then there are friends and neighbors. Utmost care is taken to make sure that no one is missed out.

Shadi Invitation cards are used for cordially inviting guests for the occasion. Generally the bride & groom’s family deliver the wedding invitation cards personally; it is posted only if the invitees are very far. The people get the first glimpse about the wedding through invitation cards. The beauty and magnificence of the marriage invitation card will give a picture on what to expect from the marriage. Getting a card that justifies the occasion may be difficult in your city, but checking online Wedding Invitations card store may be a good idea.

Online Indian wedding invitation cards shops have a rich variety of traditional Hindu Indian wedding cards.  India is land of diversities and every community has own customs and beliefs. In online stores, you will get cards exclusively designed as per the Hindu traditions. The card come in colors & patters considered to be auspicious, religious symbols, verses from respective holy religious books along with matching envelope.  The websites of online Indian card store are easy to navigate; click icons of the cards to view it from different angles. They provide easy customization facility, so it gives an option to incorporate own ideas to make a dream card for wedding.

Online Cards Stores – Right Place To Get Latest Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

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Hindu Cards

Indian Wedding Card

In this era of online cards, Indian wedding cards still hold a lot of importance and significance in a marriage. The perfect paper, color, work and emblem all go together to make the perfect Wedding Invitations Card. However, thanks to the latest technology, people are discovering newer and better types of Wedding Invitation Card that can be used to cordially invite relatives and friends not only staying in India but also abroad. What’s more, Wedding Invitation Card are made keeping in mind the requirements and choice of an Indian family.

Here, are a few common types of Wedding Invitation Card that you will come across in Online Indian Card Stores:

Theme Based Wedding Invitation Card: The Indian weddings are slowly evolving. Many couples are smitten by the theme base bug where all the décor, clothes, and card would be as per a chosen theme. Needless to say, this Marriage Invitation Card is in keeping with those themes. One such example of a royal theme based marriage is a scroll invitation cards that resembles the king’s era of scrolled parchments being exchanged amongst kings.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Card: Most of the people still like to stick to the age old traditional wedding invites. In such Invitation Card, a lot of importance is given to the color, design and embroidery on the card. Each religion has a different get up in case of the Invitation Card, like a Bengali Wedding Invitation Card and a Sikh Wedding Invitation Card would be different in certain aspects. However, both the cards would be designed in keeping with the sentiments of respective community.

Mix and Match Wedding Invitation Card: These are fast gaining popularity. The fact that these mix and match card are well-known to have the best of both worlds makes the cards stand out from the rest and makes them look bright and beautiful.

Just getting the right design for Wedding Invitation Card is not sufficient. It is essential to ensure that the card is well written and drafted as required. There are many designs of Marriage Invitation Card available on the online cards portal. One simply needs to browse through them. In these online cards stores, couple can design their own cards within few minutes.  Generally most the online store provides clients the option of free customization. They have easy payment options and cards are delivered to client within time. Time to time they come up various discount schemes, make sure to check for the same.

Indian Wedding Cards – How to Select the Best Ones

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Latest Designer Wedding Cards

Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Cards are the first and foremost effort that is initiated while planning for weddings. As a part of Indian custom and tradition, Indian wedding cards are distributed to invite not just distant relatives and friends of the bride and groom, but also to the near and dear family members. However, it is a tricky and a mind boggling task to select the right kind of wedding card that is presentable and unique. Let us read ahead to know about various factors that would help in selecting the right kind of Indian wedding cards that would be innovative and stunning without causing a hole in our pockets –


The foremost thing to determine is the budget that we want to allocate to wedding cards. Once the budget bracket has been decided it would become a lot easier to design and style the card. There are numerous wedding card designers and printers that have galore of choices for every kind of budget. Be the budget be humble or astronomical, Indian wedding cards are available to suit both kinds of budgets.


Keeping in sync with Indian wedding fervor and tradition, Indian wedding cards are preferably designed in vibrant and spectacular colors like red, maroon, gold, saffron and green. These colors are considered to be pious and sacred to be symbolizing passion, energy and Indian tradition. Some of the colors like black, white and grey are not preferred as they are considered to be inauspicious colors for Indian wedding cards. However, they are amalgamated with other colors to impart an attractive aura. Preferably, bright and vibrant colors are used in Wedding Invitations for auspicious reasons.


Designs are a crucial and the most discussed factor to be considered when choosing Indian wedding cards. While some individuals prefer simple, uncomplicated and sophisticated designing, others like to have their wedding cards designed in loud and vibrant designs. The typical wedding cards carry intricate and elaborate design with traditional color scheme. Some of the religious wedding cards also have an extract of spiritual or pious scripture that is printed on top of the cards.


Size of the wedding card is also an important factor along with the font size to be used in the card. While a small wedding card will not be able to carry all the wedding details with clarity, an oversized wedding card will look too awkward. Hence it is important to have clarity over the size of the wedding card and its font to get the right kind of it.

Indian Wedding Cards – In Attractive and Wide Variety

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Wedding Invitation Cards

In times of emails and e-invitations, one thing that is same and ever growing strong is Indian wedding cards. Indian weddings can never be complete without wedding cards that are sent to guest, friends and family members to invite them. They certainly keep on changing their shapes, styles and themes keeping in sync with the latest times and trends. However, people try to retain the element of ethnicity and tradition to keep in tandem with the flavor of Indian wedding.

Let us read ahead to know about some specific types of Indian Wedding Cards that have been popular as ever.

Religious Indian wedding cards:

Some people prefer to base their wedding cards on religious flavor and fervor. Be it a Hindu wedding, a Sikh or a Muslim wedding, the religious wedding cards will carry unique and traditional motifs that would remind of ancient customs and traditions. Religious Indian wedding cards usually carry the designing of beautiful decoration and intricate designing. These cards also have bright and vibrant colors that are attractive and catch attention easily. Religious wedding cards also carry on them an excerpt of related Holy Scripture that is printed as the first thing on the top.

Interfaith wedding cards:

As society has become modern in accepting interfaith weddings, Indian wedding cards have also become unique and innovative. Interfaith Indian wedding cards are amalgamated with conventional designing and innovative motif that speak about amalgamation of different faiths. The people, who are experimental in nature, select some non-conventional base colors for their Wedding Invitations along with some off-beat designing.

Themed Indian wedding cards:

Modern generation has shown great keenness and enthusiasm to have specific theme or idea to be a base for their wedding cards. However, the theme can be a traditional as well as a modern one too. Many innovative individuals even select their own family or family lineage also as a theme for their wedding cards. One such commonly used theme card is the ‘scroll wedding card’. In this type of marriage invitation card, the invitation is printed over a textured cloth or sheet that further is rolled over and tied with a fancy string. Another kind of themed wedding card is the one where a fancy box is used having invitation printed in the form of small templates or decorative metallic plates. Sometimes sweets or chocolates also become part of the wedding cards and are packaged together.

Indian Wedding Cards – Reflecting Indian Culture and Ethnicity

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Designer Wedding InvitationsUnity in Diversity is the characteristic feature of this beautiful nation. Every community has its own distinct rituals and ceremonies. The institution of marriage is regarded with high esteem and respect by all the communities in India.

The Indian wedding is truly a great celebration and is considered as the most special and memorable occasion that unites two souls for a lifetime. Such a grand occasion takes place amidst the presence of friends, relatives and other well wishers. Of all the rituals, Indian wedding invitations are something that is done with utmost sincerity and respect. The main way of inviting the guests is through the Indian Wedding Cards.  The cards are designed with a lot of creativity and the designs also differ according to the communities.  The intricate designs with lots of colours and artistic work stands out and make the occasion truly memorable. The Indian wedding cards have become more like a symbol of prestige and status.  The following features of the Indian Wedding Cards make it unique.

Colours: The north Indian wedding cards differ a lot from the south Indian wedding cards. Some of the colours are considered to be auspicious in Hindu traditions like yellow, red and orange and so such colours are used generously. The north Indian cards make use of subtle colours and concentrate more on thread work and more often spend on designer Indian wedding cards. The vibrant colours are supposed to bring in more joy and prosperity into the life of the bride and groom.

Design: The intricate designs studded with stones and other precious motifs make this magnificent. The cards are designed to attract the people’s attention. In fact, some elite group of people spend a lot on such highly expensive gold and silver work on the Indian wedding cards. The high profile weddings are often characterised by attractive wedding cards. Most commonly found motifs include the lord ganesha in various forms, swastika, lamps, candle, and flowers and so on.

Words: The Indian wedding cards contain invitation wordings that are done in a very humble and respectful tone. There are many quotes that are now being commonly used especially among the youths. The invitation cards depict a clear request that would make the guest feel esteemed and honoured for having been invited. The words are so coined that it gives the guest pleasure in attending the wedding to bless the couple.

Online Indian Wedding Card Stores – The Perfect Place to Get Indian Cards

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Indian Wedding Invitations

Wedding is a grand function in every culture. The preparation for this function begins months ahead. The date of engagement and marriage is decided first then other preparation for this union of two hearts begins. In India wedding is a get together of relatives and friends. It serves as a platform to form new relations and strengthen the old ties. Especial care is taken to make sure that everyone is invited. Wedding Invitations Card play a vital role in Indian Wedding. Invitation Card is not merely an invitation card; it depicts the culture, religion, status of the families.

Couples want that their marriage invitation card should be unique and magnificent. At times, it becomes difficult to get the card of choice especially if you are settled outside India. Thanks to Online Indian Wedding Card Store, getting good invitation card has become easy, no matter in which corner of the world you are sitting.

Indian is a land of diversities; every religion has its distinct tradition and culture. Most of the online wedding invitation card stores have different section for cards according to the religion. Here, you will find heat warming collection of Sikh Wedding Invitation Card, Punjabi Wedding Cards, Christian Wedding Invitation Cards, Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards, and Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards.

Buying online wedding cards is easy as you can easily browse through different pages, searching cards according to price or religion. The cards are displayed with a picture or video and information regarding the material used to make it. Click on the card to view it from different angles or view it in different color combinations. If you are not sure, which card to select then you can order sample cards. The cost of the wedding card depends on the quality of paper, type of printing and accessories used for decoration.

These online Indian Shadi invitation shops generally provide online chat support, so you can talk to the customer sales executive and solve your queries. Once you have decided the card then you can place an order. The payment can be made through debit card, credit card, PayPal or online money transfer. Marriage invitation card is one of the precious thing that the couple will keep it for their life. Order today cards from online Indian wedding card stores and make it a prize possession not only for yourself, but the guest invited in the auspicious occasion.

Online Stores Makes It Easy To Get Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

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Hindu Wedding Cards

Online Indian wedding card stores have made buying cards easy and fun. More and more people are going for it as it saves time, showcase huge variety and are reasonably priced.

How to get online Cards?

1.    First you need to find out an online card store that exclusively sells Indian Wedding Cards. In exclusive stores, you will get traditional and authentic Indian wedding Invitation Cards. Once the store is identified then you can look for the cards based on the specific religion, you will come across Muslim Wedding Cards, also known as Nikaah Cards and Valima Cards; Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards also known as Anand Karaj Cards and Ek-Om-Kar Cards; Hindu Wedding Cards also known as Shubh Vivah Cards.

2.    Marriage is an important occasion for the couple and their respective families so choose a card that justifies the value, culture and tradition of both sides. One of the biggest advantages of online card store is that it allows easy customization. You can easily customize the card; try out different color combinations, mix and match various designs, change fonts. In a way, it allows you to make own card.

3.    Online wedding invitation store generally provide 24×7 chat support and have toll free numbers, so you can reach them with any query regarding cards. Another easy way is to drop an email at their official address they will contact you promptly.

4.    Wedding Invitations card gives a glimpse of your culture, tradition and social status in the society to the invitees, so the wording of the cards should be chosen accordingly. Traditional Indian wedding invitation cards have saying or versus from holy books. In Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards, you will find verses from Quran; Sikh wedding cards has verses Guru Granth Sahib and Christian wedding cards have verses from Bible. Generally all these invitation cards have highly formal language.

5.    Once you have finalized the wording then choose a matching envelope for the cards. With this, the designing process gets over.

6.    Now your invitation card is ready for printing. Make sure to get a sample before the final printing because it gives you an opportunity to make changes if required. Proof read the card carefully; check spellings, date, venue and wordings. Once you are sure then you can go ahead and give node for the printing.

7.    Online Card stores provide secure easy payment option. You can make payment through PayPal, Debit Card, and Credit Card.

Getting the Best Indian Wedding Cards for Marriages

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Laser Cards

Marriage is undoubtedly the greatest occasion in anyone’s life, and when comes to a family, a marriage is much more than a festival. It is one such occasion where you find everyone in your family at one place, celebrating, and enjoying every bit of the moment. As a family, you want everyone from your family members to friends, to attend your marriage. You might have already planned for a great event to impress them, why not care about those wedding ceremony invitation cards that set things up for a great event?

We always remember those cards when we find them beautiful. The Indian nuptials cards are always awesome with a touch of tradition, color and grace. As wedding invitations are such an important thing in the Indian marriages, you must make sure you get absolutely best Indian wedding cards. Marriage invitations stay forever, so be selective and spend some time on the invitations cards to surprise your guests.

There are tons of Indian nuptials card designs available at online wedding card stores. The wedding cards are not just wedding cards here! At online wedding cards shops, they have thousands of card designs that are sculpted to showcase the rich cultural, ethnical and traditional values of India. The Indian wedding cards here are designed by the best graphic designers in the industry, so you can always expect that charm and premium look on the cards.

Select a wedding card design that impresses you! Liked a design, but not text and symbols? Do you want this symbol to be there, that symbol to here? Do you want to change the card text? Not a problem! The online stores let you customize your design with any symbol, font, color, and message of your. Not just that, they allow you to select the card material of your choice ranging from hardbound sheets to velvet.

Find your design, order it online and get busy in your marriage arrangements! You will find your cards at your doorstep in a couple of days! Why wasting any time? Go to online Indian wedding card shops and select an exciting and exotic designer marriage invitation card for your wedding. They are all set to make your marriage memorable with an exclusive wedding invitation card that lasts forever.