Indian Wedding customs And Their Meaning

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Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards

There are innumerable reasons, why Indian marriages are more appealing than other weddings. An Indian Wedding is full of customs, rituals and traditions which are followed by people blindly without even knowing them. Every custom or ritual has its own meaning. Right from wedding invitations to the Bidai ceremony, every custom, every tradition has a meaning of its own. These meanings are derived from our ancestors and the generation today is modifying these traditions according to their own convenience.

There is lot of spice in the customs of Indian wedding. Let us have a look at some of the customs. The first is the wedding invitations. The first wedding card is sent to the Gods and Goddesses summoning them to bless the couple. Mandap which is a decorated canopy supported by four pillars under which bride and groom are made to sit, to perform all the rituals in front of sacred fire. Mandap is decorated with bright and lively colors which signifies the radiance that marriage is going to bring in their life.

Mehendi: A day prior to the wedding, the bride and other female members of the family put heena on their hands, commonly called mehendi with different designs and patterns. The bride gets the best women to put mehandi on her palm, hands and legs and it is the best design of the mehandi that is put on her. The best part about this custom is both the bride and groom write their partner’s name in their hand in hidden manner. They are asked to search their respective names on their partner’s hand and whosoever searches it first is believed to be more dominating. It has been believed since the time the custom of mehndi originated that the darker the color of mehndi in one’s hand the more is the love for you in your partner’s heart.

The baraat is all about dancing as much as you can. In baraat, the dulha or the groom rides on a white lady horse and all the baraati’s i.e all the friends and relatives dance with full energy on the sound of the drum. T Milni, the English meaning of which means merger. Once the baraat reaches at the venue, the bride’s family greets the guests with garlands, flowers and gifts. Then similar way of greeting is done by the groom’s family. There is also a Shoe Hiding Game. When the bride and Groom sit for pheras, they both remove their footwear’s before sitting in the mandap. As per the tradition, the bride’s sisters or friends will hide the shoes of groom and when the pheras are over, groom has to fulfill the demands of them in return for shoes.

All these wedding traditions have a meaning of their own and all these invite participation of both the families and their relatives and friends. With the help of wedding invitation, the bride and the groom’s family invites their guests and thus the wedding becomes a tool of social bonding. Thus, the customs are not just customs but these have an in depth meaning as well.

Wedding Phera: Purest Vows Authenticated By Sacred Fire

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

For centuries India is known for its diverse and rich cultural heritage. In spite of its diverse culture, one thing that is very common amongst all Hindu’s is the way they perform their marriages. Obviously leaving apart some minor differences depending on the particular caste or community, Seven Pheras or Vows are never skipped by any Hindu marriage. This is part of the traditional Hindu marriage and it is only after the seven rounds of fire that the bride and the groom are considered to be married.

There are times when parents or relatives do not accept love marriages: at that time the bride and the groom prefer neglecting other traditions and just taking seven pheras by revolving around the sacred fire in front of the holy priest who recites holy mantras in the temple, which means that the God is the only witness of their marriage.

Seven pheras symbolizes seven Vows made by both bride and groom, promising to stay together in good and bad times and making their marriage a successful institution. It is not just seven rounds, these are the rounds that signify that now on the bride and the groom need to walk together and face all the difficulties together and celebrate the happiness together. The seven rounds also signifies their bond for the next seven births. It is this eternal bon that is reflected in the wedding invitations and it is oftentimes written that the bride and the groom will be uniting for age with the marriage.

Let us have a detailed look, on what each Vow taken by the bride and groom means and how does it binds two people into one entity:

1st Vow:
Groom: I promise you and our children to provide with wealth and happiness for the entire life.
Bride: I shall take care of all the homely responsibilities.

2nd Vow:
Groom: We shall protect our marriage and children.
Bride: I shall be your backbone.

3rd Vow:
Groom: We may work hard to provide our children with education and all the happiness in the world.
Bride: You are my priority to all other men.

4th Vow:
Groom: You complete my life.
Bride: I shall conspire to satisfy u in every possible way.

5th Vow:
Groom: You enriched my life with love and happiness. Be my best friend all my life.
Bride: I have nothing, but trust and respect for you. I promise to be with u in both good as well as bad times and shower loads and loads of love on you.

6th Vow:
Groom: May you live a peaceful and contended life.
Bride: I shall be your strength all your life.

7th vow:
Groom: We are two bodies, one soul from now, forever and ever and ever.
Bride: In front of almighty, I promise to take you as my husband not only in this birth but in all other incarnations. So beautiful and serene these vows are. Every Hindu is very fortunate to be blessed with such rich culture and extreme bliss.

Lavish Weddings: How Justifiable Are These

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Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards

Recently, in the June end, I attended my best friend’s wedding, who is a Marwari. As she belongs to a very wealthy family she had sent me a very precious looking wedding card. Since she is my best friend I reached her place 10 days before the wedding date to help her out with the preparations and practice for the dance of the Mahila Sangeet Function, which is held in the evening before the wedding day. They had called special choreographers for that function and paid them around 6 lakhs only for teaching dance to all the members and relatives of the family and friends.

Functions other then wedding started 5 days before the wedding date. Every day a celebrity host or a singer or a dancer or performer was called just for normal functions. From this, you can figure out, to what extent they must have gone to show off their wealth on the wedding day and on Mahila Sangeet function. Dancers and performers from abroad stay for countless number of guests in the five star hotel in Udaipur. Pick up and drop facility for all the invitees, giving away laptops and expensive mobile phones as winning gifts for the games they made us play, infinite food items, and the extra ordinary entry of the Bridegroom in the Space Shuttle on the wedding day. OH MY GOD!! That was way too much. The worst thing is yet to come. That is giving of loads and loads of dowry. The total expenditure they did on wedding including dowry was around 5-6 crore.

But the admirable part is that, there are many Marwari’s, who are becoming alert on this issue and taking positive steps against this. Like in Kolkata, 80 Marwari associations announced that they have decided to be less flashy about the weddings. Right from the wedding invitations to the Bidai they will have simple arrangements but big celebration. They have decided to boycott every marriage where dowry is accepted and have also decided to revive the traditional system called ‘four-rupee milni’. This meeting was attended by various social activists including dignitaries. This decision has been accepted and appreciated by international, national and local associations and many more. The Marwari community has also come up with an idea of seeking help of the religious gurus on this matter as they have greater influence on the society.

The aim behind this strict decision is to build a progressive Marwari Society. If one community has started this tradition others should also follow it. This seems to be just the beginning and the same can be followed by other communities in India. It is believed that a lot can be saved and this money can be channelized for some philanthropic efforts by the bride and the groom. For example choosing eco friendly wedding invitations will not only save money but it will also reflect how much you care for the environment and the nation in particular.

Specially Ordered Wedding Invitations – The Latest Trend

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Wedding cards are in fact the primary thing that comes to the mind as soon as the thought of a marriage comes to the mind. The selection and distribution of cards is very also important. If the cards are not delivered on time the guest would not come to know about the big day. The relatives and friends who are not in town are informed much in advance so that they can plan their schedule.

It is the wedding invites that set the whole wedding properly. These days with the advancement in technology choosing a wedding invite is no longer a difficult task. There are many websites that are solely doing the work of designing wedding invites and also have the option of delivering the cards to the guests. These sites also give advantage of customizing the cards that means that you can design your own card and can get it printed. These are also known as specially ordered wedding invitations.

There are various ways in which you can make your card unique. You can get the pictures of bride and groom along with their details printed on the cards. You can also have the beautiful scenes as the backdrop of the invites. There can be images of cupid, or elves on the cards and this would certainly make the card unique. Picture of the house can also be printed which will be cherished all through the years.

A wedding card in not just a card it also conveys the emotions of families. The childhood pictures can also be printed on the card. The wedding invitation can also be theme based and you can use the color and imagery related to the same like if the theme is Bollywood style you can get the pictures of theatre on the cards. If the theme is underwater, the images of fishes and water can be displayed on the cards. In this way, the card will convey the whole idea of the wedding and the guest will be ready for the wedding.

The cards can be chosen from various options available on the sites. There are lots of font options that one can choose and make the card perfect for the perfect occasion. Customizing card and getting the specially ordered invitations is a great idea that will make your card special for you as well as your guests. The invitation card is a thing that is cherished all through the life. It has the magic of bringing the day live even after many years of wedding and so a wedding invite should be chosen and designed with great care.

Unique and Different Hindu Wedding Cards

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Unique Hindu Wedding Cards

Unique Hindu Wedding Cards

Invitation cards are the best and widely used method to invite people to an occasion. This method of invitation is very old and is used since years. There is a huge variety of cards for each and every occasion, function. A huge variety of wedding cards is available in the market, the selection of these cards depends upon person to person these cards are even segregated on the basis of caste, customs and traditions, but card in a wedding is must. Make your Hindu wedding cards the most memorable one for your family and all the guests. Since the wedding card is the first information source if the same is different and funny the guests will start imagining the special day as soon as they receive this invitation.

Mostly the cards are used to serve the purpose of invitation where all the details for the wedding are mentioned, but you can make this card more special and interesting with your own creativity. Since these cards are generally simple and sober but if you add a creative content or look to the card it will look more attractive and will be appreciated by the guests as well.

The ideas for these cards are available online as well you can create a one of your choice as well. Like you can take a scroll invitation like the one which was used by Royal Kings and queens to send messages. You can add funny images or funny background to the card which will make the card different from others.

Add your own pictures. In order to make your card unique you can even add your and your  would be pictures in the card. This will also introduce you beloved to your guests, this card will actually look very exclusive and different from others and even wedding venue pictures along with the road map can also be added to the card which will make it more convenient for the guests to reach there.

One more style is the reverse mirror Hindu wedding cards. The special thing about this card is that you can only read this card in the mirror and every word is written in reverse order. A special poem, saying, slogan can be added to the card which gives it an emotional touch.

If you are much good at art and craft you can even draw you wedding card may be online or sketch way and then get the same printed in the market. There are many ways in which you can make your wedding invitation look completely different from others.

Hindu Wedding Cards Which Speaks The Unique Funky Language

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Hindu Wedding Invitations

Hindu Wedding Invitations

Wedding events were never as creative as they are now & same goes true in case of wedding invitations. Well, a wedding invite may feature a unique appeal by laying emphasis on incredible exquisite card design, by incorporating appealing wordings full of emotions & feelings or by laying emphasis on funky appearance. If you were hesitant about opting for some funky way to present your wedding invite then don’t because this really works like a charm & your Hindu Wedding Cards would not go unnoticed, even in the presence of other numerous wedding invites.

Let’s have a glance on some really cool funky Hindu Wedding Cards ideas.

The origin of Scroll Invitations is believed to be from a country India where such kind of wedding invites would be sent by Kings to their guests during olden time. However, one can experiment with this classy wedding invite by incorporating some unique idea like presenting a scroll invite featuring a treasure map. Let your guests have a fun-filled time as they would find it amazing, hunting a Treasure featuring various signs related to your wedding event location & various details.

Attaching a Photo of prospective Bride & Groom is certainly a best way to add a personal touch to a wedding invite. In-fact presenting a wedding invite in a book-like format would be another great idea. For an instance, a wedding invite may feature a personalized Photo on one page of book, details about wedding on another page & a photo of the wedding event venue.

Another mind-blowing style is to write the words in reverse order in a wedding invitation. In order to read the invitation card, your guests will have to place the card in front of the mirror. A little bit of effort from their side will surely help them in remembering the date of your wedding event.

These wedding invites perfectly fit the bill for those weddings that are destined to take place near beach. In order to give a proper idea of beach wedding event, a person may either choose a design of lobster or a dolphin or an oyster shell. Soothing colors like sea-blue & sea-green, may be used to further enhance the sea-beach look.

Hand-drawn invites are always the best choice to enhance the appeal of wedding invitation but adding a touch of fun would certainly make it more appealing. So don’t shy away for choosing a fairy tale interactive story like Cinderella or some Cartoon theme.

Muslim Wedding Cards Just a Click Away

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Muslim Cards

Muslim Cards

Marriage is one of the most cherished and the most memorable event in one’s life that one remembers and cherishes the memories all through. The celebrations on this accession are always carried out on a huge level irrespective what the religion, tradition and caste is. The celebration and happiness is same across cultures and people take part in it like a religious ceremony.

However, a marriage ceremony takes its best form in the Muslim culture where it is both simple and the most exotic one as well. To make each celebration successful proper invitation to the relatives, friend and other known persons is necessary and this is done through Muslim wedding cards.

The Muslim wedding cards are very different as compared to other religions. There are basically two major celebrations in Muslim society one is the NIKAAH (done by the bride family) and other one is the VALIMA (from the grooms family). In order to get the blessings of all the near and dear ones invitations in the form of wedding cards are send. These cards are very simple and sober, they are less trendy. They opt for the traditional look and are very graceful.

The Muslim wedding cards generally carry white base and golden, silver, green color for the matter as this gives a very good combination as well graceful look. The paper used in these cards is also very rich; however the same depends on the budget as well.

Almost all the Muslim wedding cards carry the holy symbol and chants written on them, they take it as a blessing from Allah to make marriage successful. These cards are mostly based on contemporary style. The texture and patterns of these cards are really very exclusive which gives it a different look. Handmade paper is used in preparing these cards.

There are online stores available where one can find huge variety of these cards with a wide range of material, design, texture. These sites even provide us with the option to create a personalize card of your choice and then they will create a copy for you, if you don’t find the card up to mark you can recreate the same. If there is any other thing which you want your card should carry and it’s not there on the site you can ask them and they will provide the same for you.

Since marriage is an occasion which should be filled with best wishes and blessings from all the near and dear ones, the invitation sent to them for this occasion should also be special one. This marriage card will be printed once in a life time, so make it the one that is remembered for years. Don’t forget that the special Muslim wedding card of your choice is just click away.

Flair Of The Season – Online Wedding Card Store

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Online Wedding Cards

Online Wedding Cards

Wedding – This word is of immense importance in every community and religion. The rituals vary, but the merriment remains the same. Couples and their respective families generally prefer to conduct the ceremony as per their customs. It makes them feel close to their religion and tradition. Planning for a perfect marriage requires good planning – starting from fixing the date for engagement, marriage; booking the marriage garden or hall; preparing guest list to choosing attractive invitation cards requires immense detailing. Apart from good food everything should be perfect. Invitations are generally given personally, and in case the invitees are living far then cards are sent with humble request to grace the occasion. The invitation cards have seen a tremendous transformation in the recent years. Few years back the customers were forced to choose cards from the limited collection, and there was hardly any change in design, color and pattern. Thanks to online wedding cards stores, now the customers have lots of choice at their discretion. Shopping for cards have been never so easy you can buy cards sipping a cup of coffee with friends or chatting online; all you need is an internet connection.

When it comes to look of the cards, couple have their own ideas – some of the “would be couples” like to put pictures of them; some like to put poems or pictures that are of significance to them. Apart from this they can choose their desired, fonts and colors for text. Customized wedding cards have become the flair of the season.

Apart from these cards there are traditional cards that are specially designed as per the religious faith. There are online cards stores where you can get all cards at one place, and then there are exclusive cards stores where you get cards of a particular faith such as Hindu Wedding Cards, Muslim Wedding Cards, Punjabi Wedding Cards, & Christian Wedding Cards. All cards have motifs and designs that are related to that religion.

Easy payment option, delivery at doorsteps, unique as well traditional wedding cards for every occasion makes online wedding card shops, the first choice for buying cards. As these stores can be accessed from almost anywhere you can give the address of the website to friends & relatives ask their option, or you can chat with them instantly. It will help you to get marriage invitation cards that are liked by everyone. It is once in a life time occasion (probably), so why to compromise when you have options in hand.

Indian Marriage – Incomplete Without Traditional Indian Wedding Cards

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Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

India style marriages are famous all over the world due their distinct customs and rituals. Here, wedding is considered to be a bond for seven births. Bride and groom take vows to remains with each not only in this birth but also in coming births. They promise to stand with each other during thick and thin; follow religious path; serve society and take care of family. Holy mantras and rituals make weeding an enchanting experience. This is the reason that people from different nook and corners of the world are coming to India to tie the knot. In fact, couples who are already married are also seen coming and getting wedded again to strengthen their bond of love.

The Indian marriage varies according to religions and region. A south Indian marriage is entirely different from a north Indian marriage. In the same way, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain, Sikh wedding are unique in their own way. Foreign couples don’t want to miss out anything so they make sure that everything is as per Indian customs – decoration, food, music even the guests are seen wearing traditional Indian attire.

One important that has to be taken care of is “wedding Invitation Card”. A marriage is not going to be perfect without attractive invitation cards. When it comes to Indian wedding cards, there are different types of cards like Hindu Wedding Invitation cards – which has picture of lord Ganesha on it along with Sanskrit Shlok. Punjabis are fun-loving people you can see that in the attractive colors, design and pattern of Sikh wedding Invitation Cards or Punjabi Wedding Invitation Cards. Muslim wedding invitation cards have lots of handwork; pictures and Poetries from Mughal era.

Buying cards sometime back was a daunting task because you have to visit local card shops. Thanks to online Indian cards stores, now you can easily buy them without going from one local shop to another and bargaining over the price.

Online stores have a wide collection of cards from every corner of India. You can get cards customized as per your needs. The costs of are reasonable in comparison to local cards store; moreover you always have the option to move to the next store if you find them expensive. Time to time, online invitation card stores come up with discount and offers on the occasion of New Year, Christimas and Diwali. You can ask for discount if you are going for bulk purchase.

Visit online cards shops to buy invitation cards for every occasion whether it is wedding, birthday or housewarming party.

Wedding Invitations: How To Make Guests Feel Precious

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

You can make the guest feel important by using innovative ideas that will make it a greeting of affection. In this write up we will go through some innovative ideas that you can use to impress the invitees.

People mostly pick up the wedding invitation from the local stores. The ordinary invitation card can hardly make the guest feel that they have been invited to grace the occasion wholeheartedly.  Traditional wedding takes place in church – you can opt for beach ceremony; cool breeze will take everyone close to nature; another option is to go for marriage in historical palaces and forts. It is vital that wedding invitation card should carry the theme of the wedding.

Marriage invitations are usually printed on paper, which are thick like cardboard. Going for embossing and multiple color printing coupled with unusual but eye-catching card shapes are some of the ways to make your card interesting.

Good quotations enhance the beauty of the card. Comic couplets, love poems or wisdom quotes can be used; in fact, you can even use poems written by your beloved.

Earlier much attention was not paid to envelop but, with time things have changed. Today, envelop gets the same attention as the wedding card. You can use fancy laces, small plastic wedding couples, shapes of hearts, save the date note on card envelop.

Care should be taken while sending invitation cards to elders. In case, the theme of wedding invitation is comic, make sure it does not hurt their traditional values and beliefs. If you are not sure how they will react to it, then it is good to make categories. In one category, you can put school and college friends – mostly people of the same age group; in the second category place relatives and in the third one put colleagues and people you have professional relations. Even it will help you to develop business contacts. You can send different marriage invitation cards according to category.

Nowadays lots of wedding parties have a theme and dress code. Decorate cards accordingly; if the theme of the wedding is “go green” then you use green with other color combination, pictures of leafs and flowers will make it look attractive. Pictures of snowfall and Christmas tree are ideal on wedding invitation card when the theme of the wedding is winter.

Online wedding invitation card stores are the perfect place to find every kind of card, most of them have 24×7 chat services. The wedding card designers will design customized wedding invitation cards to fulfill all your needs.