How to Successfully Conduct a Magnificent Multicultural Wedding Ceremony?

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It goes without saying that each religion is associated with its own culture and tradition, especially in the context of a wedding. At the same time, it is not surprising that people from different cultural backgrounds and ancestry tend to marry. In today’s date, the interracial marriages are certainly on the rise. Well, if you belong to the same group, you might want a multicultural feel in your wedding. The tradition of both the family might be wonderful in itself, but planning the wedding in the perfect way often becomes a challenge. Instead of highlighting one culture and neglecting the other, you can look forward to a multicultural type of wedding.

Ways To Plan:

You might take several approaches in planning the multicultural wedding ceremony. In order to avoid any form of confusion, the best thing you can do is to let one culture dominate the ceremony while the other dominates the reception. At the same time, when two cultures are very different from each other, it is not difficult to find couples holding two separate ceremonies.


Send multi-faith wedding invitation cards to your guests. Nowadays they are easily available in online Indian wedding invitation card stores. You can even order sample wedding invites, it will make finalizing the card easy.

Wedding invitations card

Blending different traditions:

It is up to you to decide how you want to blend the traditions. For instance, the bride and groom can wear the traditional attire of one culture and follow the wedding style of the other. On the other hand, the bride and groom can wear the individual attires, as per the cultural heritage or exchanging each other’s attire.

Weigh your options:

Often, the cultures and customs are so different that you might not want to mingle both of them. In such a case, you should weigh your options and plan two separate programs at different places. You can hold an Indian ceremony, for instance, just prior to the Christian ceremony and throw one joint reception. On the other hand, you can even plan a unique way of celebrating your wedding. There are several factors on the basis of which you will have to take the decision.

Multicultural Theme Wedding

Food and entertainment:

Food and entertainment are the best areas for blending the traditions and cultures. You can serve buffet style diner. Keeping your mind your budget, you can hire two bands to specialize in two different cultures. This in turn can play a great role in bringing the families together. On the other hand, you can hire bands playing music of one culture and dancers to represent the other culture.

It is true that multicultural weddings are on the rise. Hence, there is an increasing need to think of various ways to blend the two cultures and conduct a wedding. This in turn will make the wedding completely successful. Families and guests of both the sides will enjoy to the fullest, and the event will turn out to be unique and memorable. At the same time, it is important for both the bride and the groom to respect each other’s cultures and tradition so that the marriage proves to be a blessing.

Top 7 Unusual & Unexpected Wedding Ideas for Daring Bride & Groom

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The wedding trends keep on changing, so does the way of announcing the wedding. What creates curiosity in the heart of guests is the way the wedding is announced. Here, wedding stationery and invitation play the major role. Here we are going to reveal some unusual and unexpected wedding ideas and designer wedding cards that will sweep your guests off their feet. It is especially for daring bride & groom.
Wedding Ideas for Daring Bride & Groom
1.   Coffee Mug Invitation:

Get the wedding invite printed on a Coffee Mug. Also, you can have lovely picture of you and your fiancée on it. It will take the trend of customized wedding invitation card to a new level. Send the invite to your guests along with some pouches of the best coffee from the world.  They are going to love the unique souvenir – coffee and the unique way of breaking the news of wedding.

2.   Map Shaped Invite:

If yours is a travel theme or an adventurous treasure hunt inspired wedding then map shaped invitation card comes up as a fantastic choice. A look at the invite is enough to tell the guests to pack their bags and be ready with the passport to be part of a fantastic travel inspired nuptial. To make it interesting add some jig jag puzzle or riddle that revels important information about the big day.

3.    Tea Towel Invites:

Well, you don’t necessarily be an avid tea lover to go for Tea towel invites, surprise your guests with this unusual invitation for your wedding. You can approach any wedding invitation cards online store, they will screen print the invite on the towel. Send the invite in a box that has got tea of different flavors.

Online wedding cards

4.    Watercolor Invitation:

We all of have wonderful memories related to watercolor. All of us loved painting with it in our childhood. Revive those memories by going for a colorful watercolor wedding invitation card. It would be nice, if you or your fiancée can make a painting, it will give it an authentic touch. The other incredible idea would be to have painting made by different abled kids on your wedding invite. It would be a wonderful gesture on your part.

5.   Stamped Stationery:

Stationeries are integral part of traditional Indian marriage; give a unique touch to it by opting for stampede stationary that has designs and printing inspired from theme of your nuptial. Like if yours is a rose theme nuptial then stamp should have beautiful roses printed on it with information about the ceremony.

6.   Napkin Save-the-Dates:

Most of us love scribbling on the napkin while waiting for our order in the coffee house or food joint. How about using the same idea for creating unusual and stunning save-the-date or even a wedding invite. To give it striking look hire an artist then get the design made by him printed on napkins.

7.   Guest book in Shape of Family Tree:

Give an artistic touch to your wedding ceremony by going for guest book in shape of family tree. If you want you can keep two different guests one for the family and other for friends. The guests can sign around the edges. Later, you can hang the beautiful keepsake in your new home.