Top 7 Unusual & Unexpected Wedding Ideas for Daring Bride & Groom

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The wedding trends keep on changing, so does the way of announcing the wedding. What creates curiosity in the heart of guests is the way the wedding is announced. Here, wedding stationery and invitation play the major role. Here we are going to reveal some unusual and unexpected wedding ideas and designer wedding cards that will sweep your guests off their feet. It is especially for daring bride & groom.
Wedding Ideas for Daring Bride & Groom
1.   Coffee Mug Invitation:

Get the wedding invite printed on a Coffee Mug. Also, you can have lovely picture of you and your fiancée on it. It will take the trend of customized wedding invitation card to a new level. Send the invite to your guests along with some pouches of the best coffee from the world.  They are going to love the unique souvenir – coffee and the unique way of breaking the news of wedding.

2.   Map Shaped Invite:

If yours is a travel theme or an adventurous treasure hunt inspired wedding then map shaped invitation card comes up as a fantastic choice. A look at the invite is enough to tell the guests to pack their bags and be ready with the passport to be part of a fantastic travel inspired nuptial. To make it interesting add some jig jag puzzle or riddle that revels important information about the big day.

3.    Tea Towel Invites:

Well, you don’t necessarily be an avid tea lover to go for Tea towel invites, surprise your guests with this unusual invitation for your wedding. You can approach any wedding invitation cards online store, they will screen print the invite on the towel. Send the invite in a box that has got tea of different flavors.

Online wedding cards

4.    Watercolor Invitation:

We all of have wonderful memories related to watercolor. All of us loved painting with it in our childhood. Revive those memories by going for a colorful watercolor wedding invitation card. It would be nice, if you or your fiancée can make a painting, it will give it an authentic touch. The other incredible idea would be to have painting made by different abled kids on your wedding invite. It would be a wonderful gesture on your part.

5.   Stamped Stationery:

Stationeries are integral part of traditional Indian marriage; give a unique touch to it by opting for stampede stationary that has designs and printing inspired from theme of your nuptial. Like if yours is a rose theme nuptial then stamp should have beautiful roses printed on it with information about the ceremony.

6.   Napkin Save-the-Dates:

Most of us love scribbling on the napkin while waiting for our order in the coffee house or food joint. How about using the same idea for creating unusual and stunning save-the-date or even a wedding invite. To give it striking look hire an artist then get the design made by him printed on napkins.

7.   Guest book in Shape of Family Tree:

Give an artistic touch to your wedding ceremony by going for guest book in shape of family tree. If you want you can keep two different guests one for the family and other for friends. The guests can sign around the edges. Later, you can hang the beautiful keepsake in your new home.

6 Super Cool Sources of Inspiration for Wedding Card Design

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Most wedding cards that feature these days are either taken from the contemporary galleries or match the imperialistic art forms. Identify a conceivable design that can make it to the heart of the guests. It is imperative to do bit of research on fashion styles, engineering and origami.
We tell you 8 sources of inspiration that you can actually use for your wedding card design.

1.    Smart phone copy

Send your wedding card invite to the relatives and guests through a dummy smart phone. Most people would be smitten with your idea of combining technology with the wedding affair. Smart phones are available at cheaper rates these days. The smart phone wedding card designs can work wonders if you are planning to throw lavish event, and have a limited number of guests on the list.

Smart phone copy

2.    Circus theme

Circus is one gala event that throws everyone into splits with their dazzling performances and skills. Use circus hoops and miniature articles to create a wedding card design that looks totally funky. It allows you to sport a more extravagant series of articles and stuffs like sequins and hooks.

3.    Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is an exorbitantly fragrant wedding card design. It is not showy, but exudes blend of the most exotic fragrances. Use of perfumes and aromatic oils that leave their impression over a long period of time go a long way in ensuring the magical effect of Indian wedding cards. You can also use wild orchids as the backdrop, flushed with formaldehyde solution to prevent it from decaying. The natural look of the wedding card is a heart-felt invitation message sent to the guests. Though, they come in limited volume, it is worth taking a shot at the Wedding cards based on the concept of Garden of Eden.

4.    Psychedelic patterns

Leave your guests under a spell of magical impression by designing a wedding card based on psychedelic patterns. Use concentric hoops, circles and lines to create myriad versions of animals, hearts and stars. You can also lace a laser tip to create the effect for you. Most electronic engineers will pitch in for your wedding card if you are set for a novel wedding idea.

Psychedelic patterns cards

5.    FARM house

You may not be having a farm house wedding, but leave your imagination on the roll by conceiving a wedding card design that is inspired by the ambience of humble farm yard. You can go organic by using recycled materials and add a bit of smartness by inserting audio modules that has chirping of birds. Grassy feeling and the fragrance of wet land still haunts the imagination of all humans. Take it to a next level by reflecting your ideology though the wedding cards.

6.    Origami

Either learn origami or grab an expert to cut out and fold the recognizable patterns using paper. Highlight your theme and intention of using origami for your wedding card design. You can use an assortment of designs. It looks a bit tiresome, but trust the impact it creates remains unmatched.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Wedding Invitations Online or From Land-Based Shops

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People have begun laying a strong emphasis on the quality of a wedding invitation cards, of late. Now a days, people have a tendency to judge the grandness of a wedding event through throwing a glance on the marriage invite. Due to the same reason, people leave no stone unturned in opting for a magnificent card. With an advent of online wedding invitation card stores, there has been a rise in the number of the people who prefer ordering card from there. Be it Hindu wedding cards or Muslim wedding cards, both are available in varied shapes, sizes, designs online. However, that doesn’t indicate towards the decrease in the popularity of the land-based card stores. In case, if you are keen about ordering a card from online store, read on about the important aspects to be considered upon:

Online Wedding Cards Shop

Experience: New doesn’t refer to fresh offering always and old doesn’t refer to a quality work. However, majority of the people prefer to get their work done from established company and same goes true with an online portal, offering wedding invites. It is quite easy to figure about an experience by going in the ‘About Us’ section of a website. You can also get some idea by referring to the mission and vision of the company. If a company is dedicated towards offering premium quality work, then it would prove to be an ideal one to take up your order. More experience indicates towards fineness in the work so it is better to entrust the work to an experienced company instead of a new entrant. If you wish to have Hindu wedding cards printed, inquire about their specialization in the field.

Cliental list: Generally, an online company includes a clientele list, in order to give an idea about its reputation and quality of the work, to the potential clients. Don’t miss out an opportunity of having a glimpse on the clientele list because if it includes big names, you have landed up at a right destination.

Customer services: Having a careful look at the diverse customer services by an online portal, suggests a lot. Criteria like shipping time, customer care services, facility of sending free sample, discount on bulk order, etc can facilitate you in making a decision regarding placing an order to a company.

Portfolio: Online stores offer a glimpse on the collection of diverse categories of the marriage cards including designer invites, theme-based invites,  invites based on specific sizes and shapes, invites based on different price range, religions based invites, etc. Taking a look at the collection is easiest way to determine whether the quality and design offered by a company is worth or no.

Now comes, aspects to look before ordering an invitation cards from the land-based shop:

Printing machine: It is pointless to say that a lot hinges on the printing quality, which in turn depends on the sophistication of a machine. Modern printing machines gain an upper hand in quality aspect over conventional printing machines. One should not forget about availing the biggest benefit of ordering through a land based shop and that is considering the superiority of the printing machines.

Portfolio and clientele list: Don’t forget to ask for a portfolio of a company and its clientele list because that gives a clear picture regarding the credibility of a company and quality of its work.

Customer services: Gaining a knowledge regarding diverse kinds of customer services also facilitates one in taking a decision. Besides that, one must consider various terms and conditions related to the price, delivery time, etc.

Customer-friendliness of the employees: Developing an invitation card is a team work. Thus, an interaction with diverse kinds of the employees, who are responsible for creating a design theme, designing a card, printing a card, etc facilitates one in understanding about the capabilities of the employees regarding developing a desired wedding invite.

Muslim Wedding Outfit–choose the best for the occasion

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Outfit is most important and it has a great impact on the personality of a person. This holds a very important place in everyone’s life this is one thing whose trends keeps on changing but even after that the demand is ever increasing. This is one of the most prominent things on the wedding day especially for the bride and the groom. Now the outfit looks, colour material differs according to the bride religions like Hindu, Muslim, and Christian.

It is a well known fact that Muslims are very fashionable and so are their outfits. The lavishness of Muslim weddings can be gauged by the Muslim wedding cards as well as the outfits of the bride and the groom. There are thousands of designs which are available for a Muslim bride dress. Before finalizing the dress one needs to be very clear about the budget as there is a vast range available.

Their dresses are very rich in looks as well material, the cloth used is very of very high quality like polyester, satin, silk etc. Many designs such a deep neck, close neck, short sleeves, long sleeves, fish cut, umbrella cut etc. Once the design and pattern is finalized the second step is the cloth type like wrinkle free, self wok, brocket etc. which material will be used as the base.

There are many options of this dress which are available on line so one can choose from these or can design the same. There are options available on line for mix and match as well where one can opt for different colour lehanga, sharara and Chuni in contrast. The colour which is preferred most in Muslim origin is white, maximum dresses are available in this color, but one can always look for other colors as well. Also the bride can choose the dress as per the theme of the wedding and the Muslim wedding cards.


Once you are through with the color, decide on the work which you want on your outfit like beads, lace, ari-tari, gota etc. is very important to give proper measurement of the outfit as a very tight or lose outfit will lose its grace and will be a useless  or waste investment.

The measurement should be taken by an expert and if you are placing an order on line make sure that you provide the details properly. Make sure you see the material in hand before finalizing it on-line because at times there is a difference in the look of the fabric. If you are ordering the dress on-line make sure you order it 20 days before the occasion date. Ideally, the same should reach you within seven days after everything is finalized by you so that you get time to check it out the fitting, the look, the material and the work and can get the alteration done with in time if required.

If there is any work or alteration which needs to be done on the material make sure that the same is done before the dress is ready as if the additions are done after that it will lose its finishing. The best stock for Muslim wedding outfits is located in India. In order to provide these dresses all over the world there are many sites available. So do a proper planning for this big day outfit, as this is your big day and this outfit will surely add more beauty to your look and smile to your face.

Interesting Journey of Wedding Invitations

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Invitation cards for wedding have gone under a drastic change in the last decade. Apparently, this whole journey of transformation has been quite an interesting one. Where at one side, inviting guests with handing over a wedding card with few yellow rice grains on it was customary, on another side, now people don’t mind inviting their guests by sending them online marriage invitation cards. A custom of rice dipped in yellow turmeric has disappeared gradually. Whether, we take a glance on the shape of marriage invites or we talk about the whole concept, the difference is not only clearly visible but it has been accepted and appreciated as well.

Interesting Journey of Wedding Invitations

Shape of Wedding Invites-Now and Then:

First of all, let’s talk about the shape of the wedding cards that are exclusively meant for marriage occasion. Earlier there were not available much variety regarding the shape. Roll-on Farmaans, also popularly known as Scroll invites, were more prevalent. A scroll wedding invitation would offer an elegant look to a card as it would leave scope for lot of creativity in terms of using various trimmings like hanging tassels, satin ribbon, and wooden rods featuring metallic finish. Though scroll invitations have not disappeared completely but due to the availability of other interesting shapes, this kind of pattern has certainly taken a backseat. Now there are available plenty of size patterns including square, round, rectangle, etc which are more convenient from the view point of sending wedding cards through the post or courier to those near and dear ones, who are residing at the far-flung places.

Concept of Wedding Invites- Now and Then:

Apart from shape, it is concept of the marriage invitation cards that has truly gone under a major metamorphosis. Earlier there was no concept of theme based wedding cards as people were not aware about the concept of Theme-based weddings. Due to the influence of Western culture, in Asian countries, concept of theme-based marriages began gaining popularity. That’s how; theme-based marriage invites began grabbing the attention of people. There is a unique fun in creating and sending such kind of invites to the guests. It offers a glimpse of the décor of the wedding by creating a synchronized appeal. There is a lot of scope of creativity in such kind of invites. Earlier designer wedding cards were restricted to the affluent people but now due to the advent of modern technology and availability of card designers, it is possible for middle-class people to afford exclusive designer cards. Another concept that has been gaining prominence is, blending the features of olden time and modern time. For an instance, the trend of using precious and semi-precious gem stone is in rage along with synchronizing it with contemporary printing technique like thermography, laser printing, letterpress, embossing, digital printing, etc. Concept of Handmade wedding invitation card has been witnessing an interesting revival because it offers a distinctive appeal.

To put it a nutshell, in modern era, the emphasis is clearly on creating unique marriage invitation cards because people are growing fond of splurging money on unique and designer marriage invites.

Online Card Stores – Easy Way to Find Indian Wedding Cards

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Marriage CardsWeddings have an important role in Indian culture. It is the time for celebration, joy and affirming the bonds of relations and love with each other. Indian Wedding Cards reflect this concept very well through the designs, texture and refined language. Indian wedding is called “Vivaah” or “Shaadi”. It is a four day long function, preceded by an engagement ceremony that takes place few weeks or days before the wedding. First day is for “Mehandi Rasm”, second day “sangeet” and the third day is the actual wedding day.

Indian Wedding Cards can be distinguished for their rich textured card material that gives them a luxurious appearance. Usually thick handmade paper, velvet paper, shimmery butter paper and metallic paper are used for manufacturing these cards. The elegant curly floral designs, self-embossed designs on card front and on envelop, peacock, bells, etc, are some examples of  traditional patterns.

Wedding Cards Indian wedding invitation cards have a separate identity, the language used in the card describe the details of bride-bridegroom, time, date and venue of marriage. The language is artistic and contains some holy couplets to express the gratitude towards the Almighty God. Finding a wedding invitation card that suit your requirement could become easy, if you take help of internet. is a renowned online card store that offers you a lavish range of wedding invitation cards. The card styles and patterns available here are exclusive and unique to make each card design special. From bright traditional colors and shapes like rectangle and oval to modern themes and designing technology; the collection is outstanding. If you are looking for such a combination, then has a beautiful variety of laser cut and gold hot foil design patterns. Laser cut gives designer cuts and linings on front. The centre designs or symbols on front cover carved on gold or silver thick sheet. The design can be replaced with any other symbol or motifs of client’s choice.

The biggest benefit of online wedding card shopping is that here, one can find astonishing card styles, patterns with a wide range of their material, size, colors and prices. The additional services of matching accessories, wedding stationary, etc, make your card special and memorable. You can order the card and it will be delivered on your doorsteps.