How to Arrange For A Rustic Wedding Theme

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In today’s date, more or less every wedding is conducted with a theme. Well, the theme can be dictated by large numbers of factors like color, season, era, destination or food. At times, it can even be centered on the specific style of the venue. Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, you should plan and organize it in such a way so that it makes the event more special and memorable. Let the decorations and arrangement speak everything about the theme that you have selected, and this will certainly make your wedding completely different from the rest.

Deciding And Planning On Your Theme:

After a long drawn research, you might have finally decided to go for beautiful rustic theme wedding. Well, this theme has become common in the recent times, yet you can bring an element of difference in it with appropriate planning and arrangement. Giving attention to fabulous details will help you in getting the best.

The wedding invitation:

Getting started with the latest designer wedding invitations it is important to make sure that the card comes with rustic touches so that guests can have an idea of the theme. Wood colored cards or printing the details of the event in a slice of wood can be a great idea. It can even be used as keep sake by your guests. Make sure to order sample wedding invitations.

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Outfit of the bride:

A floaty skirt and custom flower crown are ideal elements for the bride on her special day. Moreover, if possible, the bride can even wear some vintage cowboy boots accessorizing with an opal necklace and earrings.

Outfit of the groom:

The groom’s attire should reflect a country gentleman. Therefore, formal suits and shirts are the best choices for the groom.

Deciding on the venue:

It is a good idea to decide wedding outdoors like a garden or lawn. This in turn will give you the opportunity to decorate your garden in beautiful ways. Hanging frames in trees to placing lights, you will have plenty of options.

The treats:

Wedding treats should definitely have homemade cakes and cookies. A gorgeous fruit cake and meringue along with some sponge cakes can definitely speak a lot about the theme, as a whole.


You can add some nature inspired touches to your décor to bring out the theme, as a whole. Right from stunning hessian hangings, chair backs to the hessian favors, everything can be a chic to your décor. You can be assured that the theme will be brought together beautifully. Add some tree slices in your table.

Rustic Wedding Theme decorations

Do not forget that wooden details can add a rustic ambience. Hence using a medium sized wooden crate and filling it with seasonal flowers can be an exceptional idea. Using a tea light holder draped in bark and adding some candle lights to the venue can bring a rustic appeal to the decor.  Try integrating the theme into the table numbers

These are some of the best ways through which you can give a rustic touch to your wedding.

5 Easy Tips to Organize Wedding Details and keep a track of the planning

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Wedding preparations go on for months, with a new plan coming up every time you finish something. Keeping a track on the vendors work, contact sheet, and the important checklist becomes tiring, and stressful if you don’t have a proper plan and paper work for it. Paper work helps to keep the preparation in place, and also makes you sure of what you need to get going in terms of time and preparations.

We bring to you some easy and simple tips that will help you to organize the wedding plans stage-wise, thus creating a hassle-free and fun ceremony that everyone would appreciate. Creating a wedding planner is of utmost importance. Read more to find out how to get a planner executed the best way.

1.  No time to act lazy:

Marriage involves a lot of work, for both the couple as well as their families. We understand that you would need some pampering before your wedding, however, it is also important to note that if you want the wedding your way, then you need to get on your toes. Also, even if the wedding is a year away, it’s best to start the preparations the day you finalize the date. Wedding is not like an exam where you wait for the last day to get going.

2.  Create a Wedding calendar:

Preparing a detailed calendar with every a timeline to every event, will make sure you Complete all your wedding tasks on time, thus avoiding necessary delay. A calendar is the best way to give you an idea as to how long will the preparations go on, and where you would get enough time to relax.

3.  Make sure you have a folder intact on your desktop:

Arrange all the vendor contacts, and their quotations in a folder. Make sure every aspect of the wedding, like the decor, food, dress, etc have a distinct folder that will have all the details and updates of the preparations. Also, ensure you scan all the receipts of the vendors, thus saving the task of filing every small paper work.

4.  Make sure to use online free resources:

In today’s internet era, there is a lot that you can find free of cost online, from wedding planning apps to inspiration for wedding decor’ and wedding cards invitation. A perfect research is sure to bring out the best choices made for the wedding.

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5.  Make a weekly report:

Every weekend, when you’ve enough time in hand ensure you make a weekly report of how the preparations are progressing. Discuss with your fiancee and your family members, and ensure everyone’s plans are in sync with each other. In addition, it will ensure you do not repeat or create duplicates of any plan that your other members have taken responsibility for.

Following these five tips will help you in planning a wonderful wedding. Don’t shy away from asking help from your friends and relatives.

Top 5 innovative wedding card design famous with Indian couples

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ is often a cliche mantra that haunts the bride and groom and their families. However, contemporary wedding ideas have a unique and trendy outlook towards this ritual. Whether you wish to experiment with a traditional marriage or adopt a new concept, it all revolves around the ideas of how to begin with it. The preliminary stage of a marriage preparation is the choice of a right wedding card to best suit the occasion.

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Read below for a list of exciting and popular wedding card concepts for your wedding.

1.   Say it with the photograph:

A picture speaks more than words, and this can exactly be the way to invite your guests that special day of your life. Arrange a pre-wedding shoot that has the couple and the date clicked. Let this announce your D-day to your friends and family. In addition to being innovative, this would

also be a trendy way to introduce your better half to your relatives.

2.   Go the Filmy way:

If you like to give a filmy edge to your wedding, then you can experiment with exciting movie poster ideas. Select your favorite film poster or famous pose and replace the actors with your photos. Or, if this is not the way you like, then get your better half, and yourself painted by an artist. This is an excellent concept to startle your friends and family. The marriage card will be a worthy part of your treasure.

3.   Useful & Unique:

If you want your guests should easily remember the day then make it the invite unique and useful. Personalize and customize your marriage invite using creative and unique elements. A mug or a key chain with your marriage date printed on it, or a satin handkerchief with date embroidered on it would be a perfect option for a memorable wedding card. You can also try these ideas on a set of coasters or bags.

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4.   Invites that Pleases the Taste Buds:

How about your marriage announcement leave sweet taste in your guest’s mouth? Doesn’t it sound amazing and interesting to you? If yes, then opt for an edible wedding card and related accessories. This is a simple yet innovative way to send invites. Get initials of bride & groom and marriage date embossed on handmade cookies, muffins, chocolates or lollipops and send to your guests.

5.   Ready to Play:

How about adding an element of fun, play, or mischief to your wedding cards? If this sounds appealing to you, then channel your marriage card around this idea and add some fun to it. You can ask your guests to scratch the card to find out the marriage date or experiment with a 3D glass/mug to find the date. Keep the suspense alive and leave everyone amazed by your thoughtful invite.

Add these wondrous, stylish, and inventive concepts to your wedding invitation cards and create a lasting impression on your guests. Don’t let the card be dull and boring; rather keep it simple yet unique.