Top 8 Embellishments that Give Stunning look to Wedding Invitation Card

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The plain wedding invites are out of fashion. The latest trend is of cards with embellishments. The card makers are constantly coming up with innovative patterns, designs and concept that spice up the invite making it look extremely attractive. Let us take a look wedding invitation embellishment that gives a stunning and lavish look to the card.

1.  Stones:

The card makers are using colorful stones for decorating it. These colorful stone varies from simple to semi precious and precious gemstones. It is entirely on you to which one to have on your colorful wedding invitations. Surely, the price of the card will go up tremendously with semi precious and precious gemstones, but they come up as the ultimate choice to show your super rich status.
Unique wedding cards
2.  Real leafs and tweaks:

The wedding invites online makers are using real leaves and tweaks in nature inspired cards to give them an authentic touch. It makes the card stand out. It comes up as a great choice for nature inspired nuptial.

3.  Dried flowers and petals:

How you will feel if you received a unique flower theme wedding invitations with real dried flowers on it, well surely you are going to love it. Most of us somewhere in life have kept roses in books and know that it looks lovely when dried. Taking a clue from it you will see flowers wedding invites with dried petals and flowers on it.

4.  Embroidery:

The fabric based invite are back with a bang – a regal choice in the bygone era. To make it look stunning fine embroidery are done on cards which increase their beauty manifolds. Although, the embroidery may take the price on a higher side but it comes up as a great choice for royal theme marriage ceremony.

Online wedding invitations card

5.  Mirror Work:

Artistically done mirror wok is anther distinguished feature of cards that tops the list top selling cards in 2016. Mirror gives an enticing look to the card. You may find it tough to get such cards in physical stone, so visit online Indian wedding invitation card store to get heart warming collection of cards with mirror work.

6.  Embossed Designs:

The embossed design is another designing trend loved by people. Easy on pocket they give a gracious look to the card. You will see pictures of Lord Ganesha, Radha Krishna, Flowers and lot more on the invites. The embossed design is surely going to rule hearts for years to come.

7.  Ribbons:

The colorful ribbons are used for decoration. These are put artistically on the card to create eye catching patterns.

8.  Metals/Plastic Replicas:

Small Replicas of Lord Ganesha, Moon, Lord Krishna, Bride & Groom, are another attractions on the wedding invites these days. These are made from very light metal/plastics.  Most of these replicas have golden colors.

These are top designing and wedding invitation embellishment trends making waves in 2016. Visit online Indian wedding invitation card stores to get the latest card at discounted price.

How to choose card according to Wedding Theme?

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The modern couples are very much conscious about every element of wedding. Once such element that couples pay a lot of attention nowadays are wedding invitation cards. The couples know that mere than announcing the wedding it tells a lot of about the wedding and the host. The invitees get details about the coming ceremony as well as what to expect from it. Here we are going to tell you some innovative, trendy, unique wedding invitations to select the right kind of card for your big day.

Scroll Cards

1.   Traditional Wedding:

Most of you will say the two fold card that looks like a book is just right. Well, believe us it is completely outdated. Here, the perfect option would be to go for a customized wedding invite with photograph of bride & groom on it. Give a skip to colors like cream, yellow and white that you normally see on every traditional invite. Go for dark blue, red, or turquoise. It will make your card standout.

2.   Big Fat Indian Marriage:

Of course, you need a lavish card to meet the grandeur of Big Fat Indian wedding. A card with silver/gold embellishments comes up as a classy choice. Don’t forget to accompany it with some goodies like sweets, handmade biscuits, and handmade chocolates with initials of couples written on it.

3.   Royal Theme Nuptial:

Invite the guests in the same way the royals did by sending them gold/silver colored scroll wedding invitation card and send it in a engraved box of the same color. You can accompany it with dry fruits or sweets. A customized silver coin with initials and date of wedding engraved on it will come as another precious gift that your guests would love.

4.   Beach Theme Nuptial:

Give your imagination wings when it comes to deciding the invite for exotic beach wedding. A small umbrella shaped wedding invite will come as a unique way to announce your big day on sand & beach. How about sending the invite in small beer bottle? Well, here is another classy idea – choose your favorite hard drink and replace the wrapper with your wedding invitation. The guests will love the way of announcing the invite as well as the drink.

5.    Nature Inspired Theme:

If you are planning to organize a nature theme like forest, mountains or green theme nuptial then you need to select the wedding cards online very carefully. Some would even suggest going for paperless invite but it will take away the charm of wedding ceremony. Go for invites made from recycled paper. The invite in shape of leaves, plants, and mountains will give a message to save the environment.

Wedding invitation Cards
6.   Cycle/Bike Theme Wedding:

If you are a cycle enthusiast and planning to go for a cycle theme wedding then you need to select a card that reflects your theme. Here a card that is in shape of bicycle is just right. Don’t forget to mention in the card that guests should come riding there cycle.

7.    Heart/Valentine Theme:

Both these themes are closer to hearts of lovers. The couple in love choosing the Heart or Valentine theme can invite their guests by sending a heart shaped wedding invite.

A look at gracious Peacock Theme Wedding Ideas

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The national bird of our country, peacock, holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Moreover, its beauty is splendid and magnificent, and hence arranging a peacock theme wedding is a classy idea on its own. Decorate the venue in a blue and green colored theme and you will be mesmerized by the beauty the embellishment will radiate.

Following are a few tips to know while arranging a peacock theme wedding.

1.  Wedding Invitation card:

A blue and green colored Wedding scroll invitation card looks classy and beautiful. You can paste an attractive peacock feather on the card that will enhance its charming appeal. A peacock shaped invitation card also looks elegant and eye catchy. Satin ribbons and peacock feather colors tied in a knot on the invitation card is a must-try idea. You can also create a scroll wedding invitation card that looks appealing and has a classy old style to it.

Online wedding cards

2.  Wedding Cake:

A multiple tiered cake of your favorite flavor with a blue, green, and gold finish, and a peacock shaped fondant on the top of it doesn’t that seem beautiful and appealing. Make use of peacock feathers to enhance the beauty of the cake. A peacock shaped wedding cake also looks splendid. Arrange for cupcakes in similar colored theme and a small sized peacock feather topping made of fondant on it.

3.  Decorations:

Undoubtedly, the colors that can be used for a peacock theme wedding are blue, green, gold and white. A white base that is decorated with the rest of the color range will look classy and striking. Arrange peacock feather bouquets in the venue that are made using green and blue colored orchids. Keep vases filled with peacock feathers on the tables. Get peacock printed table cloths to be spread on the tables in the dining area for the guests. Give peacock feathers as a welcome sign to your guests when they enter the wedding hall. Ask your wedding venue decorator to customize peacock feather table mats. The mats look alluring when placed on table tops.

4.  Wedding dress:

Accessorize the groom’s sherwani or suit with peacock feathers. Search for small-sized peacock cufflinks for the Sherwani. The bride can be dressed in a peacock printed saree. If you get hold of a saree that has a peacock print only on the pallu, then do not give it a miss, as it looks adorable. If you are planning to wear a Lehenga on your wedding, then get a large sized peacock printed on the skirt of the Lehenga. You can arrange or get accessories in peacock feathers customized.

5.  Wedding favors:

Create gift boxes with peacock feathers on it. If not, you will easily come across peacock feather printed wrapping paper that should suffice. You can gift small-sized peacock showpieces to your guests so that the memorable marriage moments will be reminisced by them every time they see the masterpieces.

wedding cards

Customize the wedding as per your imagination, and be awestruck by the grandeur this theme creates in your wedding.