4 Things to Consider Before Ordering Your Wedding Cards

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Wedding cards are one of the most important parts of an Indian wedding. Special attention is paid to Indian wedding cards, not just because they carry the information of the wedding but also because they carry an impression of the wedding. Always remember, no matter how close your guest is to you, they would always scrutinize your wedding card. People will do this, so make it worth their while.

Therefore, it is always recommended to put that extra thought before finalizing your wedding card. Only a wedding card would make your guests take a call to attend your wedding or reject. Do not worry. All you need to do is plan right. Following are the four things that you should consider before you order your wedding card:

1.  Preparing the guest list: The first thing that you need to do is to finalize the number of guests that you want to invite to your wedding. You must prepare a list of a number of people attending the wedding in advance so that you could have an idea of exactly how many cards are supposed to be printed. Apart from the list, you should always order some extra cards, you know, just in case you missed someone mentioning on the list.

scroll invitations

2.  Finalizing the budget: Several arrangements are to be made prior to the commencement of the main event such as the decoration, the DJ and the dance floor, the venue, the caters, the food menu, etc. keeping in mind everything you must first plan your budget for the wedding invitation. Budgeting is important so that everything goes smoothly and there are no hassles in any process.

3.  The selection process for the cards: As per the budget you have decided and the number of cards that need to get printed, choose a card that fits the situation. You must choose wisely, the design, the color, the size and the shape, the work, the envelope type, etc. There are several cards available in the market today that could fit any budget size. Some of the most popular types of cards include the scroll invitations, the theme cards, door-open style cards, and many other traditional and contemporary cards.

Door-open style cards

4.  Deciding the content for the cards: This is the next thing that must be done. The content is as important as the design and the envelope. The content must include the request to invite the guests to the wedding along with the details of the functions with their respective venues and time, and the details of both the families.

Top 5 Wedding gifts for Bride & Groom: The New Ways to Start

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The most received gifts from the near and dear ones are cash and jewellery. Both these items are useful to the couple. While cash makes the set up of their new life easy, jewellery serves as their asset for life. This asset could be used in future life as mortgage for their finances and loans. They secure their futures to a great extend. Cash could also be deposited in banks and other financial institutes or could be invested as per the couple’s preference. They can even buy items of their own choice and need.

However, here are depicted some other options that can also be the suitable ones that would bring the real happiness in their new life:

1.   Home decorating gifts:  Home decorating gifts are now so popular is with the newly wedded couples. They get to decorate their new home with all the home decors they receive as gifts. There are so many home decorating gifts such as it can be a beautiful flower vase, night lamp shades, photo frames, statues, showpieces, wall clocks, ornamental home decorating trees, wall hangings, oil paintings, table cloth, bed sheet and pillow covers etc. Home decorating gifts can be a nice gift for the couple as they are starting their new life with the home of their own.

2.   Kitchen items:  Another gift items of the Bride and groom is the Kitchen items. The kitchen stuffs can be very useful gifts for their new home. These are useful products, which saves the opportunity cost of the couple’s budget. While it’s the kitchen items, we can find Microwaves, non-stick cookers, frying pans, dinner sets, toaster, induction oven etc. If you are a guest of a wedding and don’t know what to gift then kitchen items can solve your problem as these are essential part of our everyday living.

3.   Big tickets:   Now a day’s many people are using big ticket items as gift of the wedding. After all the couple want to spend some quality time far from the chaos of everyday life. It can be a pass for an art gallery that would be the key to spend some nice time together. Couples who are patrons of art will adore such gift.

4.  Honeymoon tickets:  Among all the wedding gifts honeymoon tickets are the most precious gifts in the life of the new couple. A honeymoon ticket can make the couple happy as they can go to the place and spend their honeymoon with joy and happiness. If you are a close friend or relative to the couple, you can discuss with them the destination they have always aspired to visit for their honeymoon and accordingly make the bookings.

5.   Sponsoring for wedding related elements:  If you are very close to the couples and in your relationship, money doesn’t matter then you can sponsor one of the wedding related expenses like catering, decor, wedding trousseau or wedding invitation card. It will help the couple to save considerable amount of money. They will surely appreciate this wonderful gesture and valuable gift.