7 Tips for couples planning for a cross cultural wedding celebration

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The cross-cultural wedding could throw unexpected challenges at the last moment! However, what starts on the right footing has all the prospects of ending well. With couple moving close to their traditional roots and still embracing the culture of their spouse. There are many enchanting ideas to make the cross-cultural wedding an ever-lasting memory.

Here are 7 tips for couples planning a cross-cultural wedding celebration.

1.  Send bilingual invitations cards:

If you both belong to families and communities who speak the different language, it would be considerate to send out latest high end wedding invitations in both languages. Be generous to provide translated content in case the guests are unaware of the community rituals.

If you intend to be more specific, provide extra cue cards and menu details to avoid any confusion.

Wedding invitation Cards

2.  Opt for a 2-day event:

Weddings are the one-time event. Don’t disappoint your families by opting for one single event. Try to accommodate the rituals of either community to impress the guests with your smart planning.

3.  Music and themes:

The music sets the mood for the wedding. If you both belong to a community with diversified music tastes, it is obvious there would be conflicts. Set a mesmerizing tone at the wedding destination by choosing light instrumental classics with a lot of strings and saxophone. Avoid percussion music.

When it comes to picking a wedding theme for cross-cultural events, choose neutral pastel shades. Dual tone white and black themes also work wonders. Rustic themes with metallic tinge and velvet fabric also exude magical semblance to both the cultures.

4.  Flower it up:

Choose a local flower arrangement to embrace heritage as your cultural backbone. To honour the traditions of either party, pick flowers that symbolize piousness and auspicious festivity alike. For instance, tulips, marigold, lilac, lotus, peepal leaves and mango leaves have special importance in Indian weddings. For westerners, Dutch roses and African wild daisies are unchallenged beauties preferred for weddings.

wedding celebration

5.  Groom’s attire:

Grooms have more flexibility in embracing cross-cultural wedding attires. They can flaunt both the styles with equal aplomb. However, if you are choosing between Western suits and traditional attire, ensure you are comfortable in both. Depending on the time of the wedding, the destination weddings can turn to be a sweltering affair, especially during the day.

6.  Symbols and traditions in table decoration:

Destination weddings outperform the local wedding ideas owing to the in-depth preparation on symbols and table decorations for the cross-cultural union. Placing the cultural elements like fire lamps, candles, bone china cutlery and metallic utensils have high reverence for wedding events. Similarly, use of colours symbolizing fertility and bliss throughout the marital life are also given extra preference.

7.  Picking the flavors:

Blending cultures through flavours in drink and cakes is a wonderful idea! Try adding colours and fruity extracts and serve them in traditional caskets made of pottery and wood to exude rustic charm.

If you wish to avoid the hassle of organizing cross-cultural wedding spread over two days, pick a destination venue where you can enjoy all these with enriching results.

How to organize a stunning Rock & Roll Themed Wedding?

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Every bride and groom want a dream wedding so that they can remember it for a lifetime. Working out on different wedding themes has undoubtedly become the trend and therefore you must not be an exception to this. However, one of the biggest challenges on your part is to decide the theme that you would use for your wedding. Considering the fact that there is the plethora of options and choices, you might be perplexed. Make sure that you choose something on which you can work and make the wedding perfectly successful and memorable.  If both you and your partner are passionate about music, going for a rock and roll theme is an excellent idea.

How To Plan:

This theme is comparatively new, and not many couples have used it. Therefore, you can be assured that it will be a completely new theme. You might get some ideas from the internet. At the same time, you might even get suggestions from here so that you can make your move on the basis of that. Since you will invest both time and money in working out with the theme, make sure you decide what is more important to you so that organizing is comparatively easier.

Wedding invitation:

With a rock and roll theme, the ideal wedding color can be a combination of black and white. The invitation can come in black and if possible you can get the words done in calligraphy and black envelopes. This will not be fussy and you can rest assured that it will speak a lot about the theme to your guests, as a whole. Going for a customized exclusive wedding cards with the photograph of couples dancing would be a great idea. You can get such card in wedding invites online card store.
Wedding invitation cards


Romantic attire can be the ideal attire in this wedding theme. If possible, you can complement your white dress with diamond chokers, rings, and earrings. If your dress can have some black touches in it, nothing can be better than this.


You can make use of candles to decorate the overall venue. A perfect setting will remind your guests of the fantasy wedding. Try to incorporate the images of some wild horse that will mingle easily with the venue and the décor. Using some beautiful black and white laces will also look excellent and this will create a mesmerizing impact on the overall décor.

Rock & Roll Themed Wedding


It goes without saying that music is one of the vital parts of the entire wedding ceremony. Take some time to select the music so that both you and your partner can tap your feet into the fine tunes of the music. The rock and roll theme certainly speaks of the rock and roll music and let your guests grab complete fun and entertainment with the music of the choicest style. Nothing can be better than this.

Therefore, it is high time to consider the essentials and the things that you would incorporate the theme with. On the basis of that, you can get started with it and end up making an excellent arrangement making your wedding more memorable.

What to write in a Wedding Invitation Card

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Just like designing a wedding invitation card, writing the content of the invitation is also difficult. You have to be precise while doing so, and care should be taken to not miss out mentioning the names of any of your beloved relatives or friends, especially in the list where you thank your family members. Missing out someone important might offend the person. Moreover, since wedding is a onetime affair, such mistakes should be avoided.

It is essential to keep certain things in mind while finalizing the content of the invitation card. Special mention of the first family of both the bride and groom in their respective invitation card is a must. Even if your parents aren’t paying the bill for the invitation card, a mention of their name in the card shows your love and respect towards them.

wedding invitation cards

Some other basic contents that a wedding cards online needs mentioning, apart from the name of the couple and their parents, are the wedding venue and timing details along with the contact information. The theme of the wedding, if any, also needs special mentioning. If you need a confirmation from the guests whether they would be present for the wedding or not, then you can add a note of RSVP at the end.

With time, the ways wedding invitation cards are designed and worded have changed. Initially Indian wedding cards where stylized in a traditional and ethnic manner. With the name of the God and his/her picture printed or embossed on it, the card used to begin with a Sanskrit Sholka. In addition, the list of the people to thank for was vast, with distant relatives too mentioned in it. However, this pattern has now changed and a lot of creativity and digitalization has taken over, with minimal information and more emphasis given on how creatively/innovatively a card is designed.

Innovative wedding contents are becoming popular these days. Less words and more information is the present-day mantra for wedding invitation cards.

A lot of couples are coming up with creative wedding themes, which depend on their interests. For instance, if you are planning a wedding of a fairy tale concept then your wedding invitation card should comprise of content that reads like a fairy tale story that starts with “Once there lived…” and ends with “and they got married and lived happily ever after”. You can conceptualize the words as per the theme to enhance the whole wedding experience.

wedding invitation cards

If you want to add humor to the invite, then you can create a content that would leave a smile on your guest’s face. This is certainly a good way to make the guests remember about the wedding date, and in fact look forward to it.

Moreover, just a simple list giving important details of the wedding can do the trick. This will give you enough space to get creative with the rest of the graphics or design. Depending on the content, the size of the invitation card differs.
Add content that is of utmost importance to you and your family, but remember to do it in style!

Top 5 Wedding gifts for Bride & Groom: The New Ways to Start

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The most received gifts from the near and dear ones are cash and jewellery. Both these items are useful to the couple. While cash makes the set up of their new life easy, jewellery serves as their asset for life. This asset could be used in future life as mortgage for their finances and loans. They secure their futures to a great extend. Cash could also be deposited in banks and other financial institutes or could be invested as per the couple’s preference. They can even buy items of their own choice and need.

However, here are depicted some other options that can also be the suitable ones that would bring the real happiness in their new life:

1.   Home decorating gifts:  Home decorating gifts are now so popular is with the newly wedded couples. They get to decorate their new home with all the home decors they receive as gifts. There are so many home decorating gifts such as it can be a beautiful flower vase, night lamp shades, photo frames, statues, showpieces, wall clocks, ornamental home decorating trees, wall hangings, oil paintings, table cloth, bed sheet and pillow covers etc. Home decorating gifts can be a nice gift for the couple as they are starting their new life with the home of their own.

2.   Kitchen items:  Another gift items of the Bride and groom is the Kitchen items. The kitchen stuffs can be very useful gifts for their new home. These are useful products, which saves the opportunity cost of the couple’s budget. While it’s the kitchen items, we can find Microwaves, non-stick cookers, frying pans, dinner sets, toaster, induction oven etc. If you are a guest of a wedding and don’t know what to gift then kitchen items can solve your problem as these are essential part of our everyday living.

3.   Big tickets:   Now a day’s many people are using big ticket items as gift of the wedding. After all the couple want to spend some quality time far from the chaos of everyday life. It can be a pass for an art gallery that would be the key to spend some nice time together. Couples who are patrons of art will adore such gift.

4.  Honeymoon tickets:  Among all the wedding gifts honeymoon tickets are the most precious gifts in the life of the new couple. A honeymoon ticket can make the couple happy as they can go to the place and spend their honeymoon with joy and happiness. If you are a close friend or relative to the couple, you can discuss with them the destination they have always aspired to visit for their honeymoon and accordingly make the bookings.

5.   Sponsoring for wedding related elements:  If you are very close to the couples and in your relationship, money doesn’t matter then you can sponsor one of the wedding related expenses like catering, decor, wedding trousseau or wedding invitation card. It will help the couple to save considerable amount of money. They will surely appreciate this wonderful gesture and valuable gift.

Exquisite Online Collection of Indian Wedding Card

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Designer CardsIndian wedding card holds an important place in a traditional Indian marriage. This represents the first look of a marriage. It contains the information of rituals, events and main functions that will be held before, during and after the marriage ceremony. India is a country of various communities and cultures; therefore, you will find fascinating differences in the wedding cards. In Indian wedding card, you will find 2-3 pages for description of the bride and bridegroom, events of wedding and names of the close relatives of the couple. The card usually is decorated with symbols of Lord Ganesha, swastikas, Radha-Krishan, floral designs and other religious symbols. Apart from the designing aspect, the language of card is equally important. The language has to be well refined, and it should make a perfect positive impression on the invitees.

There is a wide range of wedding cards according to design, patterns and material available in the market. Their price varies according to above criteria. Apart from, traditional Indian wedding card designs like mythical symbols and graphics; modern, fusion and many contemporary designs are in vogue. The online card shops can design a particular wedding card according to your choice or as per wedding theme. Even wedding planners are also providing such designing services. Wedding card is usually made of thick paper, but nowadays, there is a lot of variety available in this segment too like handmade paper, velvet paper to soft paper.

You can get beautiful wedding cards at indianweddingcard It provides exclusive traditional as well as trendy wedding cards according to ones budget and choice. Here, you can find ethnic Hindu Wedding Cards, Muslim Wedding Invitation, Christian Wedding Invitation, and Sikh Wedding Cards. You can get these cards printed in desired language Hindi, English, Arabic, Tamil, Gujarati etc. Apart this wonderful collection you can get RSVP cards, Reception cards, Programs & Place cards, Thank You Notes, Mehandi cards, Sangeet cards, and trendy wedding accessories.

The team of Indianweddingcard.com is very efficient. Their motto is customer satisfaction. They provide round the clock chat support. You can tell them about your concept, and they will get back with an exclusive card design within no time. You can place an order and get timely delivery anywhere in the world.