Top 5 innovative wedding card design famous with Indian couples

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ is often a cliche mantra that haunts the bride and groom and their families. However, contemporary wedding ideas have a unique and trendy outlook towards this ritual. Whether you wish to experiment with a traditional marriage or adopt a new concept, it all revolves around the ideas of how to begin with it. The preliminary stage of a marriage preparation is the choice of a right wedding card to best suit the occasion.

online wedding card

Read below for a list of exciting and popular wedding card concepts for your wedding.

1.   Say it with the photograph:

A picture speaks more than words, and this can exactly be the way to invite your guests that special day of your life. Arrange a pre-wedding shoot that has the couple and the date clicked. Let this announce your D-day to your friends and family. In addition to being innovative, this would

also be a trendy way to introduce your better half to your relatives.

2.   Go the Filmy way:

If you like to give a filmy edge to your wedding, then you can experiment with exciting movie poster ideas. Select your favorite film poster or famous pose and replace the actors with your photos. Or, if this is not the way you like, then get your better half, and yourself painted by an artist. This is an excellent concept to startle your friends and family. The marriage card will be a worthy part of your treasure.

3.   Useful & Unique:

If you want your guests should easily remember the day then make it the invite unique and useful. Personalize and customize your marriage invite using creative and unique elements. A mug or a key chain with your marriage date printed on it, or a satin handkerchief with date embroidered on it would be a perfect option for a memorable wedding card. You can also try these ideas on a set of coasters or bags.

designer wedding cards

4.   Invites that Pleases the Taste Buds:

How about your marriage announcement leave sweet taste in your guest’s mouth? Doesn’t it sound amazing and interesting to you? If yes, then opt for an edible wedding card and related accessories. This is a simple yet innovative way to send invites. Get initials of bride & groom and marriage date embossed on handmade cookies, muffins, chocolates or lollipops and send to your guests.

5.   Ready to Play:

How about adding an element of fun, play, or mischief to your wedding cards? If this sounds appealing to you, then channel your marriage card around this idea and add some fun to it. You can ask your guests to scratch the card to find out the marriage date or experiment with a 3D glass/mug to find the date. Keep the suspense alive and leave everyone amazed by your thoughtful invite.

Add these wondrous, stylish, and inventive concepts to your wedding invitation cards and create a lasting impression on your guests. Don’t let the card be dull and boring; rather keep it simple yet unique.

6 Super Cool Sources of Inspiration for Wedding Card Design

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Most wedding cards that feature these days are either taken from the contemporary galleries or match the imperialistic art forms. Identify a conceivable design that can make it to the heart of the guests. It is imperative to do bit of research on fashion styles, engineering and origami.
We tell you 8 sources of inspiration that you can actually use for your wedding card design.

1.    Smart phone copy

Send your wedding card invite to the relatives and guests through a dummy smart phone. Most people would be smitten with your idea of combining technology with the wedding affair. Smart phones are available at cheaper rates these days. The smart phone wedding card designs can work wonders if you are planning to throw lavish event, and have a limited number of guests on the list.

Smart phone copy

2.    Circus theme

Circus is one gala event that throws everyone into splits with their dazzling performances and skills. Use circus hoops and miniature articles to create a wedding card design that looks totally funky. It allows you to sport a more extravagant series of articles and stuffs like sequins and hooks.

3.    Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is an exorbitantly fragrant wedding card design. It is not showy, but exudes blend of the most exotic fragrances. Use of perfumes and aromatic oils that leave their impression over a long period of time go a long way in ensuring the magical effect of Indian wedding cards. You can also use wild orchids as the backdrop, flushed with formaldehyde solution to prevent it from decaying. The natural look of the wedding card is a heart-felt invitation message sent to the guests. Though, they come in limited volume, it is worth taking a shot at the Wedding cards based on the concept of Garden of Eden.

4.    Psychedelic patterns

Leave your guests under a spell of magical impression by designing a wedding card based on psychedelic patterns. Use concentric hoops, circles and lines to create myriad versions of animals, hearts and stars. You can also lace a laser tip to create the effect for you. Most electronic engineers will pitch in for your wedding card if you are set for a novel wedding idea.

Psychedelic patterns cards

5.    FARM house

You may not be having a farm house wedding, but leave your imagination on the roll by conceiving a wedding card design that is inspired by the ambience of humble farm yard. You can go organic by using recycled materials and add a bit of smartness by inserting audio modules that has chirping of birds. Grassy feeling and the fragrance of wet land still haunts the imagination of all humans. Take it to a next level by reflecting your ideology though the wedding cards.

6.    Origami

Either learn origami or grab an expert to cut out and fold the recognizable patterns using paper. Highlight your theme and intention of using origami for your wedding card design. You can use an assortment of designs. It looks a bit tiresome, but trust the impact it creates remains unmatched.

Music, entertainment, DJ – integral part of wedding

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Indian weddings are known for their flamboyancies and talk about any wedding including Marwari, Gujrati, Punjabi, Sikh, etc, a wedding always spreads over few days. Every pre-wedding and post wedding function enjoys attention because the success of the wedding event is decided by taking into consideration, the successful completion of all the pre and post wedding related events. Those various pre and post wedding events include wedding cards printing, engagement, haldi ceremony, mehndi, ganesh pujan, sangeet, grahshanti and reception. Among these events, Sangeet ceremony is the one that allows the younger generation to take the full control of the preparations. This ceremony is considered as one of the most exciting ceremonies because the focus from the family of bride and groom shifts towards their near and dear ones.

Due to the same reason, now days, people leave no stone unturned in making a sangeet ceremony, a gala affair. Some specifically mention the detailed program of Mahila Sangeet on the wedding cards. Apart from that, music, entertainment, live DJs and stage shows have begun playing an important role in wedding event and reception, as well. There are some essential ingredients for making the sangeet ceremony, wedding and reception events, more entertaining and more happening. Now let’s have a glance on the importance of all the ingredients, one by one:

Music: It is considered as the soul of the pre and post wedding and also the actual wedding ceremony. Choice of music can simply make or mar the event. Where at one side, selection of appropriate and good songs can create a pleasing ambiance, on other side; selection of inappropriate songs can cause a feeling of discomfort to elders and can ruin a good ambiance. Generally, it is wise to select exclusive songs based on wedding themes. Now days, people prefer to play instrumental music in the background during the dinner time so that the environment doesn’t get noisy.

Wedding Music

Entertainment: All these three ceremonies can be made more interesting by opting for unusual ways of entertaining the guests. For an example, a professional comedian may be hired who can keep up the exciting mood of the guests throughout the event. Before and after every performance, commentary may be added to keep monotony at bay and to enhance the enthusiasm of the performers. Professional singers or live band are fantastic way to make the events more entertaining.

Wedding DJ

Live DJ: Rising demand of professional DJ indicates that popularity of this trend is increasing by leaps and bounds. A professional DJ possesses a good sense of humor and knows the value of right timing. By hiring a DJ, one can bring uniqueness in all three most important ceremonies and when the option of song on request is being given to the guests, they feel more involved.

Dance or stage shows: Earlier, the preparations of sangeet ceremony was restricted to the near and dear ones and the family of the wedding host and due to the lack of professional touch, the event would look somewhat haphazard. The trend of hiring professional dance groups, individual dancers and stage show performers, for all the three events, is really in rage. Professional performances look more appealing, they are undoubtedly more entertaining and they appear more sophisticated.

Indian Wedding cards – deliver them personally to add a personal touch

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Wedding is a grand ceremony that calls for the participation of all relatives and friends and even distant relatives are invited to be the part of great occasion. The ceremony can never be complete without the participation and blessings of the near and dear ones. Wedding is something that all the relatives and friends look forward too as this is the time when one gets to meet all the relatives whom otherwise one does not get to meet in busy course of life. This is the time when one is in complete mood of enjoyment; a time when the childhood is relived and past is recreated. All enjoy each other’s company and relish each moment. Wedding is the time when one enjoys dressing up, food, dance all because of the company and occasion.

Wedding Invitations

For all the excitement that one gets, company is essential and for the guests’ invitation in proper manner is must. The traditional manner of sending wedding scroll invitations still continues and that too in time and proper manner; because invites contains all the relevant information it is essential that everything is properly printed so that no wrong information is conveyed. If the invites are being delivered in person it should be made sure that proper salutation is written on it. Scroll Invitations are a form of request that one sends to others to be a part of important occasion and so the language should be proper. These are sent even to one’s official colleagues so care should be taken that it is carefully delivered. Wedding invites are generally not sent without sweets so separate boxes along with each invitation card should be placed area wise so that the distribution is quite easy.

Pink Scroll Wedding Invitations

It is a good practice to make a guest list prepared well in time so that no friend and relative are missed out. Wedding is a single time affair and forgetting any of the relatives or friends would be a blunder; the distribution of the invites should also start well in time so as to avoid last moment rush and chaos. In addition to this, the most preferred way to deliver scroll invitations is by a personal visit as one, it enhances social contact, second, it allows the guests to put forward some essential query that can be addresses at the same time.

If the invites are being sent through courier or post then it should be made sure that proper address is marked on it and even RSVP along with proper contact numbers should be mentioned so that the person gets to contact easily. The map of the venue is also printed these days at the back of the cards so that the location is not easy to trace and locate. The cards if sent in time also help the host to know how many guests would attend the occasion and timely arrangements also can be made. Well planned weddings are always properly executed and double the fun and enjoyment because there is no confusion and all the relatives and friends would be the part of grand ceremony. Scroll invitations play an important role in planning wedding and these should be perfect and proper. 

Things to Consider Before Ordering Wedding Invitations Online or From Land-Based Shops

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People have begun laying a strong emphasis on the quality of a wedding invitation cards, of late. Now a days, people have a tendency to judge the grandness of a wedding event through throwing a glance on the marriage invite. Due to the same reason, people leave no stone unturned in opting for a magnificent card. With an advent of online wedding invitation card stores, there has been a rise in the number of the people who prefer ordering card from there. Be it Hindu wedding cards or Muslim wedding cards, both are available in varied shapes, sizes, designs online. However, that doesn’t indicate towards the decrease in the popularity of the land-based card stores. In case, if you are keen about ordering a card from online store, read on about the important aspects to be considered upon:

Online Wedding Cards Shop

Experience: New doesn’t refer to fresh offering always and old doesn’t refer to a quality work. However, majority of the people prefer to get their work done from established company and same goes true with an online portal, offering wedding invites. It is quite easy to figure about an experience by going in the ‘About Us’ section of a website. You can also get some idea by referring to the mission and vision of the company. If a company is dedicated towards offering premium quality work, then it would prove to be an ideal one to take up your order. More experience indicates towards fineness in the work so it is better to entrust the work to an experienced company instead of a new entrant. If you wish to have Hindu wedding cards printed, inquire about their specialization in the field.

Cliental list: Generally, an online company includes a clientele list, in order to give an idea about its reputation and quality of the work, to the potential clients. Don’t miss out an opportunity of having a glimpse on the clientele list because if it includes big names, you have landed up at a right destination.

Customer services: Having a careful look at the diverse customer services by an online portal, suggests a lot. Criteria like shipping time, customer care services, facility of sending free sample, discount on bulk order, etc can facilitate you in making a decision regarding placing an order to a company.

Portfolio: Online stores offer a glimpse on the collection of diverse categories of the marriage cards including designer invites, theme-based invites,  invites based on specific sizes and shapes, invites based on different price range, religions based invites, etc. Taking a look at the collection is easiest way to determine whether the quality and design offered by a company is worth or no.

Now comes, aspects to look before ordering an invitation cards from the land-based shop:

Printing machine: It is pointless to say that a lot hinges on the printing quality, which in turn depends on the sophistication of a machine. Modern printing machines gain an upper hand in quality aspect over conventional printing machines. One should not forget about availing the biggest benefit of ordering through a land based shop and that is considering the superiority of the printing machines.

Portfolio and clientele list: Don’t forget to ask for a portfolio of a company and its clientele list because that gives a clear picture regarding the credibility of a company and quality of its work.

Customer services: Gaining a knowledge regarding diverse kinds of customer services also facilitates one in taking a decision. Besides that, one must consider various terms and conditions related to the price, delivery time, etc.

Customer-friendliness of the employees: Developing an invitation card is a team work. Thus, an interaction with diverse kinds of the employees, who are responsible for creating a design theme, designing a card, printing a card, etc facilitates one in understanding about the capabilities of the employees regarding developing a desired wedding invite.

Wedding Cards At A Glance

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Indian Wedding Card

Wedding Cards

Wedding invitations trace back their history to 1500s in England where information about public gatherings was announced by a stentorian crier. After World War II, invitations became a reflection of personal etiquette and their usage proliferated. In a country like India, with big population, wedding cards quickly became popular and today irrespective of the religion, wedding cards have become ubiquitous.

Initially, wedding cards were plain yellow slips, which only contained the name of the couple, the venue (which was usually a temple) and the important people whose cherished presence was expected. The invitations cards have evolved with age.

There were many indirect effects that followed globalization in India, and it sure did lift many industries, which had no direct connection whatsoever with it. Wedding invitation card industry is among those. The direct impact of globalization was the development of a middle class. Indian wedding card industry saw a proportional growth. The price and volume of wedding cards used are directly related to the affordability and usage by the middle class.

One striking difference between the Wedding Cards used in western countries and South-eastern countries’, especially India’s, is the guest list. In western cards, a list of guests who are invited and ‘allowed’ to attend the wedding is engraved whereas in Indian wedding cards, no such restriction is imposed. The invited person can bring any number of people (his family) with him.

The emergence of revolutionary Internet has led to tremendous growth of online business. The cards industry too saw a very positive growth. Now there are lots of online wedding invitation card stores. These online stores have a huge collection of card from all around the world. In these online cards stores, you will find exclusive sections for cards based on religion like Christian Wedding Cards, Sikh Wedding Cards, Jain Wedding Invitation Cards, Muslim Wedding Cards, Jewish Wedding Invitation Cards, and Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards.

The Indian wedding cards have a huge market around the word. It is popular due its rich traditional values and artistic designs. It come in various attractive designs and printed using different methods. Engraving forms the basis of wedding cards and is an age-old method. It succeeded hand-written invitations when the guest list became very long. A few decades back, people considered hand-written wedding cards to be most appropriate and the trend have reinstated itself in today’s homes, today the couples send the marriage invitation via Internet.

A Glimpse Into Traditional Hindu Wedding And Invitation Cards

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Hindu Invitations

Hindu Wedding Card

Hindu wedding is known for its unique customs and rituals. Getting married in traditional Indian style or witnessing a Hindu wedding is a memorable experience. It will make you realize that it is not a simple union of man and woman; it is a bond that will tie them together for next seven births.

The bride & groom take up vow in an enchanting environment of religious hymn to stand by each other in thick and thin. Dressed in expensive traditional attire the couples take seven circles around the sacred fire (known as Pheras). With each round, they take vows to follow the religious path; do right means to earn wealth; help poor and needy people, protect home and family; provide good education to children, promise to stand by each other; respect and love each other unconditionally. The religious ceremony gives a new meaning to the wedding and brings couples closer. This is the reason people are coming to India to tie the knot in traditional Hindu custom.

The gathering in Indian wedding is huge it is something that you will not see in other wedding. In India joint family’s exits, so it is important to invite relatives and their relatives too, then there are friends and neighbors. Utmost care is taken to make sure that no one is missed out.

Shadi Invitation cards are used for cordially inviting guests for the occasion. Generally the bride & groom’s family deliver the wedding invitation cards personally; it is posted only if the invitees are very far. The people get the first glimpse about the wedding through invitation cards. The beauty and magnificence of the marriage invitation card will give a picture on what to expect from the marriage. Getting a card that justifies the occasion may be difficult in your city, but checking online Wedding Invitations card store may be a good idea.

Online Indian wedding invitation cards shops have a rich variety of traditional Hindu Indian wedding cards.  India is land of diversities and every community has own customs and beliefs. In online stores, you will get cards exclusively designed as per the Hindu traditions. The card come in colors & patters considered to be auspicious, religious symbols, verses from respective holy religious books along with matching envelope.  The websites of online Indian card store are easy to navigate; click icons of the cards to view it from different angles. They provide easy customization facility, so it gives an option to incorporate own ideas to make a dream card for wedding.

Online Cards Stores – Right Place To Get Latest Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

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Hindu Cards

Indian Wedding Card

In this era of online cards, Indian wedding cards still hold a lot of importance and significance in a marriage. The perfect paper, color, work and emblem all go together to make the perfect Wedding Invitations Card. However, thanks to the latest technology, people are discovering newer and better types of Wedding Invitation Card that can be used to cordially invite relatives and friends not only staying in India but also abroad. What’s more, Wedding Invitation Card are made keeping in mind the requirements and choice of an Indian family.

Here, are a few common types of Wedding Invitation Card that you will come across in Online Indian Card Stores:

Theme Based Wedding Invitation Card: The Indian weddings are slowly evolving. Many couples are smitten by the theme base bug where all the décor, clothes, and card would be as per a chosen theme. Needless to say, this Marriage Invitation Card is in keeping with those themes. One such example of a royal theme based marriage is a scroll invitation cards that resembles the king’s era of scrolled parchments being exchanged amongst kings.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Card: Most of the people still like to stick to the age old traditional wedding invites. In such Invitation Card, a lot of importance is given to the color, design and embroidery on the card. Each religion has a different get up in case of the Invitation Card, like a Bengali Wedding Invitation Card and a Sikh Wedding Invitation Card would be different in certain aspects. However, both the cards would be designed in keeping with the sentiments of respective community.

Mix and Match Wedding Invitation Card: These are fast gaining popularity. The fact that these mix and match card are well-known to have the best of both worlds makes the cards stand out from the rest and makes them look bright and beautiful.

Just getting the right design for Wedding Invitation Card is not sufficient. It is essential to ensure that the card is well written and drafted as required. There are many designs of Marriage Invitation Card available on the online cards portal. One simply needs to browse through them. In these online cards stores, couple can design their own cards within few minutes.  Generally most the online store provides clients the option of free customization. They have easy payment options and cards are delivered to client within time. Time to time they come up various discount schemes, make sure to check for the same.

Indian Wedding Cards – How to Select the Best Ones

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Latest Designer Wedding Cards

Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Cards are the first and foremost effort that is initiated while planning for weddings. As a part of Indian custom and tradition, Indian wedding cards are distributed to invite not just distant relatives and friends of the bride and groom, but also to the near and dear family members. However, it is a tricky and a mind boggling task to select the right kind of wedding card that is presentable and unique. Let us read ahead to know about various factors that would help in selecting the right kind of Indian wedding cards that would be innovative and stunning without causing a hole in our pockets –


The foremost thing to determine is the budget that we want to allocate to wedding cards. Once the budget bracket has been decided it would become a lot easier to design and style the card. There are numerous wedding card designers and printers that have galore of choices for every kind of budget. Be the budget be humble or astronomical, Indian wedding cards are available to suit both kinds of budgets.


Keeping in sync with Indian wedding fervor and tradition, Indian wedding cards are preferably designed in vibrant and spectacular colors like red, maroon, gold, saffron and green. These colors are considered to be pious and sacred to be symbolizing passion, energy and Indian tradition. Some of the colors like black, white and grey are not preferred as they are considered to be inauspicious colors for Indian wedding cards. However, they are amalgamated with other colors to impart an attractive aura. Preferably, bright and vibrant colors are used in Wedding Invitations for auspicious reasons.


Designs are a crucial and the most discussed factor to be considered when choosing Indian wedding cards. While some individuals prefer simple, uncomplicated and sophisticated designing, others like to have their wedding cards designed in loud and vibrant designs. The typical wedding cards carry intricate and elaborate design with traditional color scheme. Some of the religious wedding cards also have an extract of spiritual or pious scripture that is printed on top of the cards.


Size of the wedding card is also an important factor along with the font size to be used in the card. While a small wedding card will not be able to carry all the wedding details with clarity, an oversized wedding card will look too awkward. Hence it is important to have clarity over the size of the wedding card and its font to get the right kind of it.

Indian Wedding Cards – In Attractive and Wide Variety

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Wedding Invitation Cards

In times of emails and e-invitations, one thing that is same and ever growing strong is Indian wedding cards. Indian weddings can never be complete without wedding cards that are sent to guest, friends and family members to invite them. They certainly keep on changing their shapes, styles and themes keeping in sync with the latest times and trends. However, people try to retain the element of ethnicity and tradition to keep in tandem with the flavor of Indian wedding.

Let us read ahead to know about some specific types of Indian Wedding Cards that have been popular as ever.

Religious Indian wedding cards:

Some people prefer to base their wedding cards on religious flavor and fervor. Be it a Hindu wedding, a Sikh or a Muslim wedding, the religious wedding cards will carry unique and traditional motifs that would remind of ancient customs and traditions. Religious Indian wedding cards usually carry the designing of beautiful decoration and intricate designing. These cards also have bright and vibrant colors that are attractive and catch attention easily. Religious wedding cards also carry on them an excerpt of related Holy Scripture that is printed as the first thing on the top.

Interfaith wedding cards:

As society has become modern in accepting interfaith weddings, Indian wedding cards have also become unique and innovative. Interfaith Indian wedding cards are amalgamated with conventional designing and innovative motif that speak about amalgamation of different faiths. The people, who are experimental in nature, select some non-conventional base colors for their Wedding Invitations along with some off-beat designing.

Themed Indian wedding cards:

Modern generation has shown great keenness and enthusiasm to have specific theme or idea to be a base for their wedding cards. However, the theme can be a traditional as well as a modern one too. Many innovative individuals even select their own family or family lineage also as a theme for their wedding cards. One such commonly used theme card is the ‘scroll wedding card’. In this type of marriage invitation card, the invitation is printed over a textured cloth or sheet that further is rolled over and tied with a fancy string. Another kind of themed wedding card is the one where a fancy box is used having invitation printed in the form of small templates or decorative metallic plates. Sometimes sweets or chocolates also become part of the wedding cards and are packaged together.