Things to Consider Before Ordering Wedding Invitations Online or From Land-Based Shops

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People have begun laying a strong emphasis on the quality of a wedding invitation cards, of late. Now a days, people have a tendency to judge the grandness of a wedding event through throwing a glance on the marriage invite. Due to the same reason, people leave no stone unturned in opting for a magnificent card. With an advent of online wedding invitation card stores, there has been a rise in the number of the people who prefer ordering card from there. Be it Hindu wedding cards or Muslim wedding cards, both are available in varied shapes, sizes, designs online. However, that doesn’t indicate towards the decrease in the popularity of the land-based card stores. In case, if you are keen about ordering a card from online store, read on about the important aspects to be considered upon:

Online Wedding Cards Shop

Experience: New doesn’t refer to fresh offering always and old doesn’t refer to a quality work. However, majority of the people prefer to get their work done from established company and same goes true with an online portal, offering wedding invites. It is quite easy to figure about an experience by going in the ‘About Us’ section of a website. You can also get some idea by referring to the mission and vision of the company. If a company is dedicated towards offering premium quality work, then it would prove to be an ideal one to take up your order. More experience indicates towards fineness in the work so it is better to entrust the work to an experienced company instead of a new entrant. If you wish to have Hindu wedding cards printed, inquire about their specialization in the field.

Cliental list: Generally, an online company includes a clientele list, in order to give an idea about its reputation and quality of the work, to the potential clients. Don’t miss out an opportunity of having a glimpse on the clientele list because if it includes big names, you have landed up at a right destination.

Customer services: Having a careful look at the diverse customer services by an online portal, suggests a lot. Criteria like shipping time, customer care services, facility of sending free sample, discount on bulk order, etc can facilitate you in making a decision regarding placing an order to a company.

Portfolio: Online stores offer a glimpse on the collection of diverse categories of the marriage cards including designer invites, theme-based invites,  invites based on specific sizes and shapes, invites based on different price range, religions based invites, etc. Taking a look at the collection is easiest way to determine whether the quality and design offered by a company is worth or no.

Now comes, aspects to look before ordering an invitation cards from the land-based shop:

Printing machine: It is pointless to say that a lot hinges on the printing quality, which in turn depends on the sophistication of a machine. Modern printing machines gain an upper hand in quality aspect over conventional printing machines. One should not forget about availing the biggest benefit of ordering through a land based shop and that is considering the superiority of the printing machines.

Portfolio and clientele list: Don’t forget to ask for a portfolio of a company and its clientele list because that gives a clear picture regarding the credibility of a company and quality of its work.

Customer services: Gaining a knowledge regarding diverse kinds of customer services also facilitates one in taking a decision. Besides that, one must consider various terms and conditions related to the price, delivery time, etc.

Customer-friendliness of the employees: Developing an invitation card is a team work. Thus, an interaction with diverse kinds of the employees, who are responsible for creating a design theme, designing a card, printing a card, etc facilitates one in understanding about the capabilities of the employees regarding developing a desired wedding invite.

Different Wedding Cards And Their Appearances

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Wedding most beautiful concept which brings two persons together forever. This is a ritual which is followed in each and every culture, tradition. Rituals and customs of this occasion vary from culture to culture but purpose for this occasion is same. The name which is given to this occasion is also different like in Hindus it is known as Shaadi, in Muslim it is Nikaah and in Christian it is wedding. There are series of events which take place on this occasion. This is once in a lifetime event and all the family members rejoin together to make this event a great success.

Wedding Cards

This is an occasion which not only brings two persons together but brings two families together. The celebration of this event starts with Hindu wedding cards selection and distribution. There are huge varieties of cards designs which are available in the market. Selection of cards basically depends on the family like a Hindu family will choose a card which carries God pictures, bride and groom holding their hands. Bright color like Red; orange, yellow etc. Some people select Hindu wedding cards just for invitation whereas some select these too show off as they take this as a status symbol.

Some try to keep the card really simple and sober as they just take this as a mode of invitation. If we talk about Muslim wedding cards these mostly come with white base color as they consider this as very pure and holy. Muslim wedding cards always carry Allah symbol or mark on them. The quality of paper is very rich but they prefer to keep the look simple.

The Sikh wedding cards are really very different as they are much gaudy and too bright colors, they consider this as a status symbol and thus they are really loud and bright. The Christian card is very simple and sweet and this carry Jesus name and prayer and don’t carry and design or symbol on them, one can see bells, wine glasses on card. They prefer very simple and sober cards.

Thus purpose of these cards is just invitation but there selection differs according to community. There are many sites online which provide specific cards as per the caste. Some people do prefer to create a card of their own for their special day where as some get it made from designers. These designers give a fantastic look to the card but these are for sure expensive too.

Thus selection of card is first segregated by the culture and the second step is according to individual budgets as well. Cards are first step on this occasion of marriage and holds a lot of feelings of families, it’s not only the look which matters but the content of these cards has a lot of importance as some slogans and lines which are added to this  adds feeling to this paper piece and makes it unique. So in short selection of Hindu wedding cards are made very easy as large variety is available in markets and that too as per the trend of caste.

Sikh Wedding Cards – The Most Exquisite Among All

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Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh Wedding Cards

If you have planned to organize a wedding celebration with best possible venue, best possible decoration, and food items, it all must reflect through wedding cards which you send to your family, friend and acquaintances to invite them to marriage. Generally, the Sikh weddings are considered to be the most colorful and the most exquisite weddings in the country. Here, it becomes very important to select the best possible Sikh wedding cards that matches with the Big Fat Indian wedding.

Ah! Beautiful, is the word one should utter while having the first glance of your Sikh wedding card. What make a wedding card beautiful are its rich colors, design and shape. Since, wedding cards available in the markets are expensive and also available at low cost, it depends on your pocket size, which wedding cards you should select. Budget is the first factor which decides your choice of cards. If your budget is high, you will have more options. Generally, wedding cards for Hindu marriages comes at high cost. Similarly, wedding cards for Sikh also cost high. Both Hindus and Sikhs use religious symbols on the cards as they consider it auspicious.

The second big factor that influences you is your religion while selecting the cards. Different colors are preferred in different religion. In Hindus, saffron color is considered auspicious and while in Muslims green color. But, not always, the religion dictates your choice as it depends on the individual. It is seen that Hindus do not choose white cards normally.

What makes cards expensive is the material used in the cards. Designers use kundans, meena, and various other stones and beads to decorate the cards. The stones used in the cards come at quite high prices. Also, it increases the postage charges due to its bulky size. If you want to buy cards with low cost, you can select smaller cards with simple designing. Also, try to see more variety from different shops and traders, as it would increase the possibility of getting the best card in least prices. While selecting cards, one should also keep in mind minute qualities. Like the cards should be easily readable and without any spelling mistakes as ultimately besides all the design and color and other embellishments, the card is in fact the means of communicating the wedding venue, time and other details.

Sikh Wedding Cards – Invitations That Reflect The Entire Culture

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Sikh Wedding Invitations

Sikh Wedding Invitations

Sikh wedding is special in its own way. The wedding is simple in temple and reception is full of music and dance. The Sikh wedding is known as Anand Karaj and takes place in the morning in Gurudwara in the front of holy Guru Granth Sahib. The holy Shabad are recited and the adult who have taken Amrit can officiate the wedding.

The bride and groom are told about their duties and they vow in front of the holy Guru Granth Sahib that they will take care of each other, would be loyal to each other and would follow all the duties. Once the anand karaj is over the bride and groom take the blessings of all.

Sikh wedding cards are unique as their weddings are. There are some characteristic features of Sikh wedding cards like expensive and stylish paper which can be handmade, velvet or silk. The design is also unique generally stone work: kundan, sequins are used in the cards to give it a sophisticated look. The designs chosen are also elegant. The fonts used in these cards are in calligraphy style. This type of font gives a special look to the card and is typical in Sikh invitations. There is a tradition of adding poetry and verses which are sometimes penned by the family members and sometimes they are the lines taken from some renowned poem.

Some cards have the pictures of Bride and Groom along with their family members also. The cards are personally delivered to the guests and the tradition of sending card with sweet boxes still continues. The envelope of cards and sweet boxes is same and contains the first alphabets of the names of bride and groom. The cards are delivered by the host and their family members. Sikh wedding is a pompous affair and the guest also come well dressed.

The wedding is not just limited to extraordinary wedding invitations but is full of energy and fun. There is lots of music and dance and sumptuous food. The wedding in itself is a big affair and when it comes to a Sikh wedding it is a guaranteed entertainment where the guest cannot just stand and watch they will soon find themselves participating in the dance and enjoying each and every minute of the wedding and will carry the hangover for next few days.

Cost Effective and Attractive Sikh Wedding Cards

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Attractive Sikh Wedding Cards

Attractive Sikh Wedding Cards

Invitation is the first step on the occasion of a wedding. In order to invite all the near and dear ones the first step is to final a wedding card and since there are huge choices available in the market it is very difficult to chose one out of them. Still there are some of the sites which provide specialized cards according to the caste and the culture so it helps you to get list of cards according to your taste and society.

These sites even offer very good discounts and other benefits if you get your cards printed in bulk quantity. These sites even provide you with the option that you can create a card of your own and get a sample printed and then if the same is approved get the same printed in bulk quantity. Since these cards are available online as well so opinion from your family members can also be taken sitting at home only. You can even tell your requirement on the site and they will design a card for you. Designer cards are also available but these are bit expensive as compared to the normal ones.

If we talk about the prices of these cards there is a wide range available on line and the comparison is also possible their and then as many sites provide the same product but at a discounted rate so you can opt for the one which suits you. Buying Sikh wedding card online is very cost and time savvy as all the varieties are there. All you need to do is to browse them at home and do the editing as per your choice this saves the time which you spend on moving from one shop to another and at the same time comparison from all the cards of your choice is also done.

There is a timely delivery of all these cards as wedding invitations need to be sent before. These sites make sure that the cards as ordered by you reach on or before time to avoid any kind of miss out or rush. So it is always better to opt for this option and you can even design a card online and get it printed in the local market. So use this internet service and get a card printed with the choice of all the family members and also add a personal touch to these cards.

Sikh Wedding Cards – Call To Exuberant Celebration

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Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh Wedding Cards

The Sikh culture in itself is full of liveliness and color and so are the Sikh marriages full of colors and celebrations. The wedding is an occasion where whole of the community comes together and enjoys. To take part in this occasion, the bride and groom’s family invites the guests with help of Sikh wedding cards which are though more or less same as any wedding invitations but carry a distinct appearance that one can easily make out. Even the rituals are exciting and full of dance and music.

Punjabi’s are known for their love of music and dance. “Bhangra” is the reflection of their happy and jolly mood; the beats make each and every soul dance to the music. Sikh weddings are an invitation not only to witness beautiful rituals but also to experience fun and frolic with lot of music and dance. The wedding is known as Anand Karaj and in Hindi ‘Anand’ means joy and happiness. The marriage takes place on an auspicious day in Gurudwara the presence of holy Guru Granth Sahib, where shabad or the holy chants are recited.

The adults take the responsibility of guiding the younger ones about their duties and responsibilities once they get married. The institution of marriage is sacred in all cultures and requires commitment and loyalty. The newly weds understand this and vow that they will be loyal to each other. Family and friends later reunite for a grant feast. The invites for wedding are also unique and set the right tone for the wedding.

There is not much difference in Sikh Wedding cards and other invites. But the color on these cards are bright, the designs are unique and the cards act as a humble invitation to the guest to bless the newly wed. There are many sites that are designing Sikh wedding invitation cards and can be easily located on the internet. Where there are a lot of pre designed cards available on these website, there are also customized cards available that are specially ordered.

The wedding is an auspicious occasion and all the rituals are performed carefully. Dance and music are an integral part of a Sikh wedding. The near and dear ones enjoy the atmosphere set by the “Dhol” and relish the experience of wedding throughout their lives.

Flair Of The Season – Online Wedding Card Store

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Online Wedding Cards

Online Wedding Cards

Wedding – This word is of immense importance in every community and religion. The rituals vary, but the merriment remains the same. Couples and their respective families generally prefer to conduct the ceremony as per their customs. It makes them feel close to their religion and tradition. Planning for a perfect marriage requires good planning – starting from fixing the date for engagement, marriage; booking the marriage garden or hall; preparing guest list to choosing attractive invitation cards requires immense detailing. Apart from good food everything should be perfect. Invitations are generally given personally, and in case the invitees are living far then cards are sent with humble request to grace the occasion. The invitation cards have seen a tremendous transformation in the recent years. Few years back the customers were forced to choose cards from the limited collection, and there was hardly any change in design, color and pattern. Thanks to online wedding cards stores, now the customers have lots of choice at their discretion. Shopping for cards have been never so easy you can buy cards sipping a cup of coffee with friends or chatting online; all you need is an internet connection.

When it comes to look of the cards, couple have their own ideas – some of the “would be couples” like to put pictures of them; some like to put poems or pictures that are of significance to them. Apart from this they can choose their desired, fonts and colors for text. Customized wedding cards have become the flair of the season.

Apart from these cards there are traditional cards that are specially designed as per the religious faith. There are online cards stores where you can get all cards at one place, and then there are exclusive cards stores where you get cards of a particular faith such as Hindu Wedding Cards, Muslim Wedding Cards, Punjabi Wedding Cards, & Christian Wedding Cards. All cards have motifs and designs that are related to that religion.

Easy payment option, delivery at doorsteps, unique as well traditional wedding cards for every occasion makes online wedding card shops, the first choice for buying cards. As these stores can be accessed from almost anywhere you can give the address of the website to friends & relatives ask their option, or you can chat with them instantly. It will help you to get marriage invitation cards that are liked by everyone. It is once in a life time occasion (probably), so why to compromise when you have options in hand.

Indian Marriage – Incomplete Without Traditional Indian Wedding Cards

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Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

India style marriages are famous all over the world due their distinct customs and rituals. Here, wedding is considered to be a bond for seven births. Bride and groom take vows to remains with each not only in this birth but also in coming births. They promise to stand with each other during thick and thin; follow religious path; serve society and take care of family. Holy mantras and rituals make weeding an enchanting experience. This is the reason that people from different nook and corners of the world are coming to India to tie the knot. In fact, couples who are already married are also seen coming and getting wedded again to strengthen their bond of love.

The Indian marriage varies according to religions and region. A south Indian marriage is entirely different from a north Indian marriage. In the same way, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain, Sikh wedding are unique in their own way. Foreign couples don’t want to miss out anything so they make sure that everything is as per Indian customs – decoration, food, music even the guests are seen wearing traditional Indian attire.

One important that has to be taken care of is “wedding Invitation Card”. A marriage is not going to be perfect without attractive invitation cards. When it comes to Indian wedding cards, there are different types of cards like Hindu Wedding Invitation cards – which has picture of lord Ganesha on it along with Sanskrit Shlok. Punjabis are fun-loving people you can see that in the attractive colors, design and pattern of Sikh wedding Invitation Cards or Punjabi Wedding Invitation Cards. Muslim wedding invitation cards have lots of handwork; pictures and Poetries from Mughal era.

Buying cards sometime back was a daunting task because you have to visit local card shops. Thanks to online Indian cards stores, now you can easily buy them without going from one local shop to another and bargaining over the price.

Online stores have a wide collection of cards from every corner of India. You can get cards customized as per your needs. The costs of are reasonable in comparison to local cards store; moreover you always have the option to move to the next store if you find them expensive. Time to time, online invitation card stores come up with discount and offers on the occasion of New Year, Christimas and Diwali. You can ask for discount if you are going for bulk purchase.

Visit online cards shops to buy invitation cards for every occasion whether it is wedding, birthday or housewarming party.

Indian Wedding Cards Reflect Unity In Diversity

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Hindu Invitations

Indian Wedding Card

Cards are a mode of invitation where one person invites the other to join the event of his happiness. Cards are generally used for inviting people in many occasions. But the highest collection of these cards is there for wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony is the biggest occasion of one’s lifetime and the guest list for this function is the longest. The celebration of ceremony starts with the selection of wedding card and then the distribution. This card will act as an invitation from the bride and groom to their near and dear ones, so that they can come and shower their blessings on them.

India is such a big country which consist of many castes, states, customs and religion. Every community has the concept of wedding. There are huge variety of cards which are available according to different casts and cultures. But all the cultures use wedding cards for invitations and all these carry a mark of Indian tradition and culture.

There are many websites where variety of cards are available and there is differentiation in cards according to the community & culture like – Hindu wedding cards, Muslim wedding cards, Sikh/Punjabi wedding cards. This cards differ in their looks, language, color but all serves the same purpose ie invitation.

There is a huge demand of these cards even in international market a well and all those Indians residing in other countries order wedding card from companies in India. The NRI prefer to purchase cards from Indian Market since they carry the Indian flavor and also there is a huge variety available and these are cheaper too.
With the huge and everlasting demand of these cards even designer wedding cards have stepped into this market and are making designer cards according to customer demand and budget.

In India since decades the mode of invitation for wedding is – a Wedding card and this will remain the same all that changes is the pattern .There are wide range of style, design, color in which these cards are available and these changes are taking place very rapidly according to the market demand. Also, new technology has made changes to the way the cards were designed, printed and given a finish. Besides, the new technology has made cards cheaper than ever and cards have also evolved in shape, sizes and colors. So if you are planning this very special occasion in your or your dear one’s life, please visit the online sites for that very special and unique Indian wedding card.

Best Sikh Wedding Cards That Make the Wedding Memorable

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Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh Wedding Cards

Marriage is the most beautiful bond in lifetime which is made in heaven and celebrated on earth. An occasion where two people start a new lifetime relationship based on trust and faith with the blessings of all the near and dear ones. Marriage is there in every caste, society the difference is the way in which the ceremony is performed.

An occasion where hundreds of hands come together to bless. There are various occasions and traditions to be followed in every marriage depending on their culture. Huge preparations are done for these occasions to make it the more memorable day especially in the life of the bride and the groom. This day becomes the most memorable only and only due to the presence of the near and dear ones as they all gather at the wedding event to bless the couple and wish that their married life remains happiest as ever.

The first step in these preparations is to inform the near and dear ones for the occasion so that they can come and shower their blessings on the couple. Wedding card is the first and most important medium of informing the guests.

If a comparison is made between all the marriage in different culture of India, it can easily be seen that that a Punjabi wedding is the most colorful of all weddings. And, Punjabi wedding cards are very special and unique in their own ways. These cards add a lot to the occasion; these are also a status symbol. Punjabi cards are very trendy and vibrant. These are not just the invitations but a symbol of happiness by both the families and a gesture and sincere request to attend the pious ceremony. Sikh wedding cards have a heartwarming design along with a very good color combination.

Sikh wedding cards always carry the EK OM KAR symbol on them as a token of blessing from god and the paper used in these cards is generally very rich as the name of the God need to be printed on special paper. There are many online sites which provide a wide range of cards which can be opted – some offer specially designed cards according to the community, variety of designs, different range. Some cards on these sites are as perfect as per your requirement that they will help you to communicate the message in the best way.