5 Easy Tips to Organize Wedding Details and keep a track of the planning

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Wedding preparations go on for months, with a new plan coming up every time you finish something. Keeping a track on the vendors work, contact sheet, and the important checklist becomes tiring, and stressful if you don’t have a proper plan and paper work for it. Paper work helps to keep the preparation in place, and also makes you sure of what you need to get going in terms of time and preparations.

We bring to you some easy and simple tips that will help you to organize the wedding plans stage-wise, thus creating a hassle-free and fun ceremony that everyone would appreciate. Creating a wedding planner is of utmost importance. Read more to find out how to get a planner executed the best way.

1.  No time to act lazy:

Marriage involves a lot of work, for both the couple as well as their families. We understand that you would need some pampering before your wedding, however, it is also important to note that if you want the wedding your way, then you need to get on your toes. Also, even if the wedding is a year away, it’s best to start the preparations the day you finalize the date. Wedding is not like an exam where you wait for the last day to get going.

2.  Create a Wedding calendar:

Preparing a detailed calendar with every a timeline to every event, will make sure you Complete all your wedding tasks on time, thus avoiding necessary delay. A calendar is the best way to give you an idea as to how long will the preparations go on, and where you would get enough time to relax.

3.  Make sure you have a folder intact on your desktop:

Arrange all the vendor contacts, and their quotations in a folder. Make sure every aspect of the wedding, like the decor, food, dress, etc have a distinct folder that will have all the details and updates of the preparations. Also, ensure you scan all the receipts of the vendors, thus saving the task of filing every small paper work.

4.  Make sure to use online free resources:

In today’s internet era, there is a lot that you can find free of cost online, from wedding planning apps to inspiration for wedding decor’ and wedding cards invitation. A perfect research is sure to bring out the best choices made for the wedding.

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5.  Make a weekly report:

Every weekend, when you’ve enough time in hand ensure you make a weekly report of how the preparations are progressing. Discuss with your fiancee and your family members, and ensure everyone’s plans are in sync with each other. In addition, it will ensure you do not repeat or create duplicates of any plan that your other members have taken responsibility for.

Following these five tips will help you in planning a wonderful wedding. Don’t shy away from asking help from your friends and relatives.

A look at gracious Peacock Theme Wedding Ideas

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The national bird of our country, peacock, holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Moreover, its beauty is splendid and magnificent, and hence arranging a peacock theme wedding is a classy idea on its own. Decorate the venue in a blue and green colored theme and you will be mesmerized by the beauty the embellishment will radiate.

Following are a few tips to know while arranging a peacock theme wedding.

1.  Wedding Invitation card:

A blue and green colored Wedding scroll invitation card looks classy and beautiful. You can paste an attractive peacock feather on the card that will enhance its charming appeal. A peacock shaped invitation card also looks elegant and eye catchy. Satin ribbons and peacock feather colors tied in a knot on the invitation card is a must-try idea. You can also create a scroll wedding invitation card that looks appealing and has a classy old style to it.

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2.  Wedding Cake:

A multiple tiered cake of your favorite flavor with a blue, green, and gold finish, and a peacock shaped fondant on the top of it doesn’t that seem beautiful and appealing. Make use of peacock feathers to enhance the beauty of the cake. A peacock shaped wedding cake also looks splendid. Arrange for cupcakes in similar colored theme and a small sized peacock feather topping made of fondant on it.

3.  Decorations:

Undoubtedly, the colors that can be used for a peacock theme wedding are blue, green, gold and white. A white base that is decorated with the rest of the color range will look classy and striking. Arrange peacock feather bouquets in the venue that are made using green and blue colored orchids. Keep vases filled with peacock feathers on the tables. Get peacock printed table cloths to be spread on the tables in the dining area for the guests. Give peacock feathers as a welcome sign to your guests when they enter the wedding hall. Ask your wedding venue decorator to customize peacock feather table mats. The mats look alluring when placed on table tops.

4.  Wedding dress:

Accessorize the groom’s sherwani or suit with peacock feathers. Search for small-sized peacock cufflinks for the Sherwani. The bride can be dressed in a peacock printed saree. If you get hold of a saree that has a peacock print only on the pallu, then do not give it a miss, as it looks adorable. If you are planning to wear a Lehenga on your wedding, then get a large sized peacock printed on the skirt of the Lehenga. You can arrange or get accessories in peacock feathers customized.

5.  Wedding favors:

Create gift boxes with peacock feathers on it. If not, you will easily come across peacock feather printed wrapping paper that should suffice. You can gift small-sized peacock showpieces to your guests so that the memorable marriage moments will be reminisced by them every time they see the masterpieces.

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Customize the wedding as per your imagination, and be awestruck by the grandeur this theme creates in your wedding.