Indian Wedding cards – deliver them personally to add a personal touch

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Wedding is a grand ceremony that calls for the participation of all relatives and friends and even distant relatives are invited to be the part of great occasion. The ceremony can never be complete without the participation and blessings of the near and dear ones. Wedding is something that all the relatives and friends look forward too as this is the time when one gets to meet all the relatives whom otherwise one does not get to meet in busy course of life. This is the time when one is in complete mood of enjoyment; a time when the childhood is relived and past is recreated. All enjoy each other’s company and relish each moment. Wedding is the time when one enjoys dressing up, food, dance all because of the company and occasion.

Wedding Invitations

For all the excitement that one gets, company is essential and for the guests’ invitation in proper manner is must. The traditional manner of sending wedding scroll invitations still continues and that too in time and proper manner; because invites contains all the relevant information it is essential that everything is properly printed so that no wrong information is conveyed. If the invites are being delivered in person it should be made sure that proper salutation is written on it. Scroll Invitations are a form of request that one sends to others to be a part of important occasion and so the language should be proper. These are sent even to one’s official colleagues so care should be taken that it is carefully delivered. Wedding invites are generally not sent without sweets so separate boxes along with each invitation card should be placed area wise so that the distribution is quite easy.

Pink Scroll Wedding Invitations

It is a good practice to make a guest list prepared well in time so that no friend and relative are missed out. Wedding is a single time affair and forgetting any of the relatives or friends would be a blunder; the distribution of the invites should also start well in time so as to avoid last moment rush and chaos. In addition to this, the most preferred way to deliver scroll invitations is by a personal visit as one, it enhances social contact, second, it allows the guests to put forward some essential query that can be addresses at the same time.

If the invites are being sent through courier or post then it should be made sure that proper address is marked on it and even RSVP along with proper contact numbers should be mentioned so that the person gets to contact easily. The map of the venue is also printed these days at the back of the cards so that the location is not easy to trace and locate. The cards if sent in time also help the host to know how many guests would attend the occasion and timely arrangements also can be made. Well planned weddings are always properly executed and double the fun and enjoyment because there is no confusion and all the relatives and friends would be the part of grand ceremony. Scroll invitations play an important role in planning wedding and these should be perfect and proper. 

Rajasthani Food – A Craze In Big Fat Weddings

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Weddings and cuisines have a close connection and specially if it is Marwari wedding. Wedding guests really enjoy a wedding if the food is good and well served. A typical Marwari wedding has a lot traditional Rajasthani cuisines and this makes it unique and different from other weddings. Some people arrange for a special Marwari Food stall at the wedding venue where all kinds of Rajasthani food is served. Some of the wedding guests also specially mention on the Hindu wedding cards about the range of cuisines they have set for the guests in the special attractions column. Some let it remain a secret and do not mention anything of this on the Hindu wedding cards.

Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories

There are thousands of foods options which are available all over the country and the taste of these do differ according to the state. There are specific dishes which are linked or are famous to a specific state. Basically there are two major states in India where majority of population is vegetarian these are Rajasthan and Gujarat. If we talk about Rajasthan the food over here is bit spicy but too yummy. The food heavy too as all the preparation is done in ghee, but this ad extra flavor and smell to the food.

In this state whole lot of spices are used in powder form and sil bata is used instead of grinders and mixtures for chopping purposes. This gives a unique taste to the food to which these manually chopped and grinded spices are added. Chutneys are very much preferred along with the food these are basically made up of spices such as mint, onion, garlic and dhaniya.

The food served here is in a traditional village style where mud utensils are used, one thing which will always be there in food is sweets. These sweets doesn’t from a special dish but are a part of their daily meal. There is a huge variety of sweets available among which some are very famous. Most amazing thing about this state is that a new sweet is famous in each city this shows how much the people are fond of sweets over here.

The most famous food is dal, bati and churma accompanied with other vegetables and chutneys. In this churma is a sweet dish and is available in more than 5 varieties. The preparation of this is done on Chuhla i.e. in village style stove rather than gas burners. This food is very heavy as everything is prepared and served with butter and ghee.

One thing which people never forget over here is too respect people; the self service concept is not liked and practiced here. This is believed to be rude and disrespectful. People are made to sit and there will be people to serve them. It is really a wonder to find and relish some of the Rajasthani food at some big fat Marwari wedding. Make sure you taste all the famous sweets of this state.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Wedding Invitations Online or From Land-Based Shops

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People have begun laying a strong emphasis on the quality of a wedding invitation cards, of late. Now a days, people have a tendency to judge the grandness of a wedding event through throwing a glance on the marriage invite. Due to the same reason, people leave no stone unturned in opting for a magnificent card. With an advent of online wedding invitation card stores, there has been a rise in the number of the people who prefer ordering card from there. Be it Hindu wedding cards or Muslim wedding cards, both are available in varied shapes, sizes, designs online. However, that doesn’t indicate towards the decrease in the popularity of the land-based card stores. In case, if you are keen about ordering a card from online store, read on about the important aspects to be considered upon:

Online Wedding Cards Shop

Experience: New doesn’t refer to fresh offering always and old doesn’t refer to a quality work. However, majority of the people prefer to get their work done from established company and same goes true with an online portal, offering wedding invites. It is quite easy to figure about an experience by going in the ‘About Us’ section of a website. You can also get some idea by referring to the mission and vision of the company. If a company is dedicated towards offering premium quality work, then it would prove to be an ideal one to take up your order. More experience indicates towards fineness in the work so it is better to entrust the work to an experienced company instead of a new entrant. If you wish to have Hindu wedding cards printed, inquire about their specialization in the field.

Cliental list: Generally, an online company includes a clientele list, in order to give an idea about its reputation and quality of the work, to the potential clients. Don’t miss out an opportunity of having a glimpse on the clientele list because if it includes big names, you have landed up at a right destination.

Customer services: Having a careful look at the diverse customer services by an online portal, suggests a lot. Criteria like shipping time, customer care services, facility of sending free sample, discount on bulk order, etc can facilitate you in making a decision regarding placing an order to a company.

Portfolio: Online stores offer a glimpse on the collection of diverse categories of the marriage cards including designer invites, theme-based invites,  invites based on specific sizes and shapes, invites based on different price range, religions based invites, etc. Taking a look at the collection is easiest way to determine whether the quality and design offered by a company is worth or no.

Now comes, aspects to look before ordering an invitation cards from the land-based shop:

Printing machine: It is pointless to say that a lot hinges on the printing quality, which in turn depends on the sophistication of a machine. Modern printing machines gain an upper hand in quality aspect over conventional printing machines. One should not forget about availing the biggest benefit of ordering through a land based shop and that is considering the superiority of the printing machines.

Portfolio and clientele list: Don’t forget to ask for a portfolio of a company and its clientele list because that gives a clear picture regarding the credibility of a company and quality of its work.

Customer services: Gaining a knowledge regarding diverse kinds of customer services also facilitates one in taking a decision. Besides that, one must consider various terms and conditions related to the price, delivery time, etc.

Customer-friendliness of the employees: Developing an invitation card is a team work. Thus, an interaction with diverse kinds of the employees, who are responsible for creating a design theme, designing a card, printing a card, etc facilitates one in understanding about the capabilities of the employees regarding developing a desired wedding invite.

Interesting Journey of Wedding Invitations

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Invitation cards for wedding have gone under a drastic change in the last decade. Apparently, this whole journey of transformation has been quite an interesting one. Where at one side, inviting guests with handing over a wedding card with few yellow rice grains on it was customary, on another side, now people don’t mind inviting their guests by sending them online marriage invitation cards. A custom of rice dipped in yellow turmeric has disappeared gradually. Whether, we take a glance on the shape of marriage invites or we talk about the whole concept, the difference is not only clearly visible but it has been accepted and appreciated as well.

Interesting Journey of Wedding Invitations

Shape of Wedding Invites-Now and Then:

First of all, let’s talk about the shape of the wedding cards that are exclusively meant for marriage occasion. Earlier there were not available much variety regarding the shape. Roll-on Farmaans, also popularly known as Scroll invites, were more prevalent. A scroll wedding invitation would offer an elegant look to a card as it would leave scope for lot of creativity in terms of using various trimmings like hanging tassels, satin ribbon, and wooden rods featuring metallic finish. Though scroll invitations have not disappeared completely but due to the availability of other interesting shapes, this kind of pattern has certainly taken a backseat. Now there are available plenty of size patterns including square, round, rectangle, etc which are more convenient from the view point of sending wedding cards through the post or courier to those near and dear ones, who are residing at the far-flung places.

Concept of Wedding Invites- Now and Then:

Apart from shape, it is concept of the marriage invitation cards that has truly gone under a major metamorphosis. Earlier there was no concept of theme based wedding cards as people were not aware about the concept of Theme-based weddings. Due to the influence of Western culture, in Asian countries, concept of theme-based marriages began gaining popularity. That’s how; theme-based marriage invites began grabbing the attention of people. There is a unique fun in creating and sending such kind of invites to the guests. It offers a glimpse of the décor of the wedding by creating a synchronized appeal. There is a lot of scope of creativity in such kind of invites. Earlier designer wedding cards were restricted to the affluent people but now due to the advent of modern technology and availability of card designers, it is possible for middle-class people to afford exclusive designer cards. Another concept that has been gaining prominence is, blending the features of olden time and modern time. For an instance, the trend of using precious and semi-precious gem stone is in rage along with synchronizing it with contemporary printing technique like thermography, laser printing, letterpress, embossing, digital printing, etc. Concept of Handmade wedding invitation card has been witnessing an interesting revival because it offers a distinctive appeal.

To put it a nutshell, in modern era, the emphasis is clearly on creating unique marriage invitation cards because people are growing fond of splurging money on unique and designer marriage invites.


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The concept of Hindu wedding is very old. There are certain rituals which are to be followed in the Hindu culture before finalizing marriage or getting the Hindu wedding cards printed. These are to be taken proper care of as it is believed that miss out on these can prove to be very dangerous.

As per Indian tradition it is believed that marriage ceremony should take place on the date which suits both the bride and the groom. That is as per the horoscope of both bride and groom the day which best suits according to their starts should be the one opted for their marriage. It is believed that if the couple will get married according to the best Mahurat. There life will be happy thereafter.

There are many dates every year which are by default suitable for all marriages. These are Basant panchami, AkhaTeej etc. For these occasion there is no need to check out for mahurats. Other then these, it is always better to check out the muhrats. These auspicious dates are there at least for eight months on different dates and for four months these dates are closed. These dates are calculated from sunrise to sunrise. Panchang Shuddhi is used by which auspicious marriage dates are declared in Hindu tradition. It is this date that is finalized and then only the Hindu wedding cards are given for printing.

One more thing which matters in this is the time? As there is a specific time which is also known as shubh mahurat for actual marriage ceremony to take place. There can be two to three shubh muhrat on the same day but same needs to be checked with the panchang and a Hindu pandit will be in best position to take out these Mahurats. These marriages are also impacted by exams of small children in house as exams spoil their celebration and doom dharaka, so one should plan marriage in this way that everyone can enjoy.

Months which suit best for marriage are December, January, February as these are colder months of year. So there is less tension of the food to get wasted and no exams are there in these months. 2013 Vivah Mahurats for January Year 2013, for month of January dates are 17, 18, 22, 28, 29, 31. If we look for February Dates are (1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 14). If we see the past years the maximum marriages take place in month of February as after this there is no such auspicious date at least for coming 3 months.

These good for marriage days again start in the month of May (7,12,13) and it lasts with July (11,13 and 15). After this there is a closure for 3 months it is believed that during this time Gods sleep and thus no good or religious event can take place. After this comes the best season for marriages that is November (dates in 2013 are 13,14,18,19,20,27,28,29,30) and then closure for the year with 3 best dates (5,10,11). Above mentioned are the lists of lucky dates for this year so if you are planning for such big day in your family you can chose one from these days well in advance so that you can enough time for all arrangements.

Beautiful Textured Linen Wedding Cards

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In today’s scenario people have started working at home especially the women who don’t have much time to go out and to do work so they do handmade work like making crafts, pots, envelopes, wedding cards, candles, etc. They also display these products at various exhibition, crafts fair etc where these products are highly appreciated and demanded but in this changing environment taste and preferences of the consumers required something unique and elegant which can add beauty in their products. In today’s scenario people give more emphasis on simplicity and quality whatever products it is mainly in the cards which is used for various purposes like for wedding invitation, birthday invitation, party invitation, etc.

Designer Cards

Types Of Cards Stock:

Plain cards:
This type of cards are suitable for the greeting or scrapbook. These cards are the most popular ones and are widely accepted in the first instance as these are commonplace wedding cards.

Patterned cards:
Patterned card stock is printed on either one or both the side these are widely available as 12 inch square with both general and themed patterns.

Glitter or mirror card:
Mirror cards have metallic surface on one side which gives a deep reflective sheen and is ideal for enhancing the looks and design of cards and scrapbooks. In glitter card surface is glittered. Glitter is embedded into the cards which provide a cleaner solution for those who don’t like mess of the glitter, but still want till glitter so as to make it attractive.

Other cards:
These are special or designer cards and these have a surface that more so looks like linen. These are more shiny and have appealing looks than the mirror ones.

Linen cards:
Linen gives a fresh new look to everyday paper. It feels great and looks good to touch it. Most people prefer linen cards because of its high quality and the natural appearance that it adds to cards. Linen cards can be used in many ways like for making invitation cards, business cards, or can be used for making envelopes. Linen adds natural ambience to the wedding cards and thus these stand apart from the other designer ones. Linen papers are mostly liked by all the people especially those who wish to select this paper for invitation purposes. Many beautiful designs can be drawn which add beauty to the card like floral designs or any other designs related to the occasion.

In schools, teachers and children use linen paper for making crafts. Linen papers are available mostly in white or cream color by adding different colors to it can add beauty and attractiveness in the crafts/cards. Linen cards stock is most expensive paper. Linen card stock is a specialty paper, which means it may be difficult to find wide range of colors and sizes. Making the invitation or the cards by your own adds to the beauty of the products as one can add one’s choice of colors, designs and sheet size too. Using linen cards adds the uniqueness and the attractiveness in the greeting /cards which is highly appreciable by all.

Brief About Muslim Wedding

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A wedding is such an event, which is celebrated with much enthusiasm in all religions of the world. The rituals of weddings, of course do differ from one religion to another but the emotions behind this once-in-a-lifetime event remains same. Well, if we talk about Muslim marriage specifically then, there are few rituals and beliefs, which are not known by non-Muslims. In fact, it is better to put in this way that the majority of non-Muslims have the faintest idea about it. Muslim community prefers to organize a wedding event on Sunday. Not a single Islamic marriage is being organized during the months of Muharram and Ramadan. Muslim wedding cards are a craze among the people.

Muslim Wedding Cards

Almost all religion do hold this belief that marriages are made in heaven but a Muslim wedding is believed to be a kind of social contract, which lay upon clear guidelines regarding the duties and rights of the husband and wife.

A Muslim marriage is popularly known as Nikaah. The Muslim wedding cards sent out to the guests A Nikaah is basically defined as a contract in the holy book of Muslims called ‘Quran’. An interesting aspect about the contract of Nikaah is that, both groom and bride are allowed to incorporate additional conditions in a contract. Though, there are many clauses in the contract of Nikaah but the most crucial clause is to offer Mahr upon the bride by the groom. A Mahr is not considered as an ordinary kind of gift, since it bears a deep symbolic meaning. It implies that a groom is willing to accept all those responsibilities, which a husband has towards his better half. A Mahr may be in a form of a kind or cash.

However, the practice of presenting Mehr to a would-be wife features flexibility, since a Mahr may also be deferred and it becomes payable during the time of divorce or a death of a husband. In a Muslim wedding, both, bride and groom need to express ‘Ijab’ that means free will regarding entering into a sacred marital bond and simultaneously, they need to express ‘Kabul’, that means acceptance of the each other. A contract of a nikaah is written by both the parties involved in the marriage, i.e, bride and groom and it bears a signature of both, along with two other witnesses.

A contract, which is written, is known as ‘Aqd-Nikaah’ and it is being announced publicly later on. The responsibility of declaring a Muslim wedding, a legal wedding, lies upon the Muslim judge ‘Qazi’, which is being appointed by the court. He also secures a copy of the marital contract for record. After that, all the essential documents related to the Nikaah are filed with the Mosque and local government, both, for the future references.

There is also a tradition of delivering a marriage sermon in an assembly, so that a formal recognition may be imparted to a marital bond. Muslim wedding cards are used in order to invite people to this ritual. During the sermon, besides the bride and groom, guests are also required to mark their presence. Before a sermon begins, praises are offered in the holy name of Allah. This is done, in order to ask Allah to offer guidance and help to bride and groom.

Different Wedding Cards And Their Appearances

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Wedding most beautiful concept which brings two persons together forever. This is a ritual which is followed in each and every culture, tradition. Rituals and customs of this occasion vary from culture to culture but purpose for this occasion is same. The name which is given to this occasion is also different like in Hindus it is known as Shaadi, in Muslim it is Nikaah and in Christian it is wedding. There are series of events which take place on this occasion. This is once in a lifetime event and all the family members rejoin together to make this event a great success.

Wedding Cards

This is an occasion which not only brings two persons together but brings two families together. The celebration of this event starts with Hindu wedding cards selection and distribution. There are huge varieties of cards designs which are available in the market. Selection of cards basically depends on the family like a Hindu family will choose a card which carries God pictures, bride and groom holding their hands. Bright color like Red; orange, yellow etc. Some people select Hindu wedding cards just for invitation whereas some select these too show off as they take this as a status symbol.

Some try to keep the card really simple and sober as they just take this as a mode of invitation. If we talk about Muslim wedding cards these mostly come with white base color as they consider this as very pure and holy. Muslim wedding cards always carry Allah symbol or mark on them. The quality of paper is very rich but they prefer to keep the look simple.

The Sikh wedding cards are really very different as they are much gaudy and too bright colors, they consider this as a status symbol and thus they are really loud and bright. The Christian card is very simple and sweet and this carry Jesus name and prayer and don’t carry and design or symbol on them, one can see bells, wine glasses on card. They prefer very simple and sober cards.

Thus purpose of these cards is just invitation but there selection differs according to community. There are many sites online which provide specific cards as per the caste. Some people do prefer to create a card of their own for their special day where as some get it made from designers. These designers give a fantastic look to the card but these are for sure expensive too.

Thus selection of card is first segregated by the culture and the second step is according to individual budgets as well. Cards are first step on this occasion of marriage and holds a lot of feelings of families, it’s not only the look which matters but the content of these cards has a lot of importance as some slogans and lines which are added to this  adds feeling to this paper piece and makes it unique. So in short selection of Hindu wedding cards are made very easy as large variety is available in markets and that too as per the trend of caste.

New Wedding Concept: Go Green

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Wedding Concept

Wedding Concept

Wedding is a concept which is there in each and every community and culture. This ceremony is very old and it is there since decades but the way in which this ceremony is celebrated is undergoing a drastic change as the mind set and expectation of people are changing. Right from the wedding invitation to the wedding favors, each and every thing has received a change. On the other hand, there are some people who wish to celebrate their wedding in the eco friendly way.

Now a day’s more stress is given on an eco friendly marriage, basic concept is going green. Bride and groom are more inclined in giving a natural and green look to their wedding. Food, which forms menu for this type of wedding is organic food and more stress is given on buying eco friendly products. Although this concept is bit expensive in nature but very widely accepted.

First the eco friendly wedding invitation is chosen and this way it is conveyed that the couple or the family of the bride and the groom intends to celebrate in an eco friendly way. This event starts with sending the wedding cards and generally such cards to all relatives that saves paper and even if one want to go for physical invitation cards then opt for a printing company that uses recycled paper with non toxic soya and vegetable inks and also opting for a eco friendly printing process. Only necessary information should be printed on card and less of paper should be used.

It is more economic to buy flowers and products which are grown in local area where wedding is taking place rather than getting them imported. Flowers add most to beauty of venue so it is always better to use flowers which are locally available as they are cheaper and freshly available. Venue which is selected for event to happen should be nearest from relatives and host home as this will help to save time and money spend on travel. All arrangements should be done at one place as this will lead to more enjoyment. Venues which are full with natural beauty have become first choice of bride and groom, they have a natural beauty and thus very less or no additional decoration is required.

Many options in menu are also available as same can be arranged from farmers and people who are local to the venue place; this will get fresh and healthy food for event. It is good to take help of event organizers as they will help you with best deals and products. Dresses preferred by bride and groom are also eco friendly in nature i.e. using cotton, silk, bamboo. There are many online sites on which designers are available who will design a dress using these materials, and make you look more elegant.

All decoration material used in the wedding should be one which can be reused like vase; co friendly table runners can also be used. Markets are available were eco friendly plates, glasses and other related materials are available. Giving an eco friendly thanks giving gift is an good idea as this one will be unique. Gifts in form of bamboos, herbs are good to choice and they will remain long with guests. Choosing this concept for weddings a really nice idea and helps in saving the nature as well. These will also gives satisfaction that you did your bit to save your surroundings.

Unique Wedding Cards – A Wish Of Every To-Be Couple

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Unique Cards

Unique Cards

Unique wedding cards design is a dream/wish of every couple. It reflects the personality, style, wedding theme. Some people start preparing or choosing their these 3-4 months before their wedding. Many guests have different perception about wedding invitation by looking at it some may have perception of high profile wedding or its being organized in a richly manner some have its normal wedding it’s depend upon person to person. But having unique cards is a dream of everyone.

Wedding invitations should always be unique as it reminds yours family, friends and relatives, etc. It can be made unique by using colorful handmade sheets for friends and to the rest, invitations can be made up of colorful or thick ivory sheets on which some floral designs or couple photos can also be placed on it. To make it more attractive you can also use colorful stones or you can also make the invitation in the form of photo frame on which beautiful photo/picture of ‘God’ or any scenery can be placed which the guests can use as a photo frame and they can remember you even after the wedding.

There are the few things which one should keep in mind while choosing or designing wedding invitation. Firstly, take into consideration the wedding time and location like, what is the wedding venue it’s at an open arena, garden, hall, church, beach etc. What is the season like summer, winter, spring, autumn; it’s during the day or night etc.

Secondly, Match the colors of yours wedding, it might be a difficult task but designing and adding a colorful matching effect can add uniqueness in your invitation. One should remember what flowers being used, what bride and bride maid will wear, which colors ribbon or other things are used. Colors can also be choosen according to the theme of wedding like for butterfly colorful colors like orange, blue, red, purple, etc for Fairy theme like bright colors like Pink, white, silver etc.

The invites can be handmaid or printed. These can be created using different colors of handmaid sheets which matches with the theme use some colorful glitter, stones or can also draw some beautiful design on it or can also draw floral boundaries on the four sides of sheet and placed photo/picture on it.

These invites are unique as these are not only mark the celebration but these are also announce the beginning of the life of two people as one. Wedding invitation is the taste or indication what wedding would be like. These also include the matters which is also one of the most important part like how its written, what font is used, colors, how long matter is etc, so before selecting the design you should  also look how long matter you want to include. Wedding cards can be made unique by selecting right colors, sheets, designs. Everyone hopes that their cards should be like that which make it memorable for everyone.