Wedding – the Big day, celebrate it in an eco friendly way

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Weeding is the most awaited occasion for one’s life and there are many ways in which this day can be celebrated. People do have advance plans for the way they celebrate their special occasion. One new idea which is very much in trend is an eco friendly wedding as this is very cost effective and less harmful to nature.

This idea is not very common to attract many people as it gives a different feeling that is feeling nature very close. A lot of options are available for these kind of weddings as well. There is a list of things which need to be arranged, a list of some important ones are mentioned below-

•    Outfits – These play a very important role on this occasion especially for the bride and the groom. There is a huge choice of these available in the market but an eco friendly outfit such as bamboo fabric is bit difficult to get and not so easily available. The options one can consider are cotton, silk. These are available easily along with a wide variety. All the near and dear ones can also opt of wearing this fabric only.

Door Decoration

Door Decoration

•    Decoration– The second thing which plays an important role is the ambience, use small pots and hanging pots forthis purpose as these will give a fantastic look and can be reused after the occasion. Even for the center tables use small pots having lovely flowers like red, yellow, pink, and orange, these will give a fresh look to the venue. Even the small bamboo in pots can be given as a wedding gift to all the guests as these are believed to be lucky ad will always remain with them.

•    Flowers – It is always good to opt for flowers which are available nearby as these will not lose their freshness due to transportation and are cost effective too. One can also opt for fabric flowers made from cotton and silk material as these can be easily reused and are eco friendly too.

Theme Wedding Card•    Wedding Cards – The first thing which gives an idea for this eco friendly wedding concept is the wedding card. The material used should be handmade paper or recycled paper as these are of one time use. One can also get seeds embedded on these invitations so that after wedding people can get these planted and will remember the wedding for years when they will see this plant.

•    Eatables – There are many options which are available for organic food. The raw material which is easily available near marriage venue should be used as this will be fresher and will be easily available on demand, but make sure that the caterer is comfortable with the same.

This will be less expensive and easy to manage wedding as all the arrangements will be done from the products available within place or from nearby. Opting for a wedding like this will also inspire others to plan their big day this way. This will add extra star to your happiness as you are contributing your share towards nature and thereby making your day a very unique one.

New Wedding Concept: Go Green

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Wedding Concept

Wedding Concept

Wedding is a concept which is there in each and every community and culture. This ceremony is very old and it is there since decades but the way in which this ceremony is celebrated is undergoing a drastic change as the mind set and expectation of people are changing. Right from the wedding invitation to the wedding favors, each and every thing has received a change. On the other hand, there are some people who wish to celebrate their wedding in the eco friendly way.

Now a day’s more stress is given on an eco friendly marriage, basic concept is going green. Bride and groom are more inclined in giving a natural and green look to their wedding. Food, which forms menu for this type of wedding is organic food and more stress is given on buying eco friendly products. Although this concept is bit expensive in nature but very widely accepted.

First the eco friendly wedding invitation is chosen and this way it is conveyed that the couple or the family of the bride and the groom intends to celebrate in an eco friendly way. This event starts with sending the wedding cards and generally such cards to all relatives that saves paper and even if one want to go for physical invitation cards then opt for a printing company that uses recycled paper with non toxic soya and vegetable inks and also opting for a eco friendly printing process. Only necessary information should be printed on card and less of paper should be used.

It is more economic to buy flowers and products which are grown in local area where wedding is taking place rather than getting them imported. Flowers add most to beauty of venue so it is always better to use flowers which are locally available as they are cheaper and freshly available. Venue which is selected for event to happen should be nearest from relatives and host home as this will help to save time and money spend on travel. All arrangements should be done at one place as this will lead to more enjoyment. Venues which are full with natural beauty have become first choice of bride and groom, they have a natural beauty and thus very less or no additional decoration is required.

Many options in menu are also available as same can be arranged from farmers and people who are local to the venue place; this will get fresh and healthy food for event. It is good to take help of event organizers as they will help you with best deals and products. Dresses preferred by bride and groom are also eco friendly in nature i.e. using cotton, silk, bamboo. There are many online sites on which designers are available who will design a dress using these materials, and make you look more elegant.

All decoration material used in the wedding should be one which can be reused like vase; co friendly table runners can also be used. Markets are available were eco friendly plates, glasses and other related materials are available. Giving an eco friendly thanks giving gift is an good idea as this one will be unique. Gifts in form of bamboos, herbs are good to choice and they will remain long with guests. Choosing this concept for weddings a really nice idea and helps in saving the nature as well. These will also gives satisfaction that you did your bit to save your surroundings.