Cutest wedding cards with guaranteed admiration!

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There are very few occasions in the life that bear importance for a lifetime and the auspicious occasion of wedding is one of the most memorable among them. From the inception of human civilization on the earth, wedding ceremony has been considered one of the most celebrated events. This is the reason people want everything related to their wedding ceremony to be unique and admirable from wedding cards to wedding venues. This article is about the importance of selecting right cards for your wedding. The invitation cards of a wedding not mere an information provider, it carries an impression of the richness of this occasion and class of the inviting family. In today’s modern era of internet and globalization, the number of options to choose from has increased significantly. However, whenever choosing a card for wedding, one should always bear in mind the class and type and other aspects of invitees.

Cutest wedding cards

Most people are not aware the fact that how imperative it is to select an innovative and classy wedding card. All their focus remains on making the ceremony a special one. One should keep in mind that a moderate or ordinary wedding card can play the role of a complete spoiler. It is the card of your life and will be remembered for the lifetime, thus giving it a considerable focus will always prove worth it.

So, before selecting a card for inviting guest for the occasion of marriage, it is always recommended to get your homework done well. First of all, carefully decide what kind of wedding invitation card will suit your personality, your family tradition and your profession. Ones the card is selected, it always proves better to take the view of your well wisher family and friends in consideration. However, if you want to keep it a surprise and don’t want to disclose it beforehand, taking the feedback of your close family members always proves beneficial.

A close look at the invitees list is a must before finalizing the order and it is wise to order some extra cards as you never know when there are some last minute additions. This will not only help you have peace of mind but will also save you from hurly burly when you should be patient and enjoying the pre wedding preparations and ceremonies.

Another important thing to consider is the opinion of the bride and the groom in the finalization of the cards. It is often seen that these are finalized without the consent of the bride or the groom and in many a cases the couple feels after marriage that wish they could have designed their own marriage invitation. In fact it is their marriage and if they have the freedom of choosing their life partner then why not they have the freedom of choosing their cards for marriage. Furthermore, it is important that the cards reach all the guests on time and no one is left behind. This can be made sure by dispatching them early and reminders are sent on time to the guests.

Role of Pundita as holy emissary in Indian Wedding

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Indian Weddings are a grand affair and comprises of many rituals. These rituals are performed in the presence of pundit and he is the one who directs the families how all rituals are to be performed. Pundit plays a crucial role as a wedding cannot happen without him. Right from finding the auspicious day for wedding to finalizing the wedding cards to the bidai, the pundit is there as the emissary of god and goddesses. He recites all the hymns and mantras which are necessary for the wedding. The recitation of these is considered auspicious and the presence of the pundit is itself an auspicious thing. Indian Weddings are supposed to be witnessed and presided by gods and goddesses and pundit is believed to be the purest soul with all the knowledge of Vedas who appeases Gods by various offerings and mantras so that the wedding goes on without any hindrance.

Wedding Pandit

The whole process of wedding begins with a Pundit; he is the one who matches the horoscopes of bride and groom and then decides an auspicious day for the wedding to happen. He initiates all the ceremonies and also tells everything to the families. Indians believe in Mahurat and every ritual is performed according to the Mahurat fixed by the pundit. No one except him has the knowledge to tell about the various rituals. Even the family asks for the advice of Pundit before taking any decision. The importance of him can be seen in daily lives too when people visit temples and give their offerings to the gods and goddesses through him. It is he who is considered the intermediate between gods and human beings. He excels in the knowledge of Vedas and that sets him apart from the crowd. The origin is also important as the one who is born to Pundit family can become a pundit and not the others. The pundit requires to have a sound knowledge of Sanskrit too as almost all mantras are in this language.

It is the he who submits the wedding cards to gods and goddesses and then these are sent out to the guests. When the wedding ceremony takes place pundit prepares the vedi or the holy place where the Pheras would take place and performs all the rituals for a wedding. He explains the meaning of marriage to the bride and groom and all the family members. The responsibilities and duties that come after when gets married is also explained and is seriously listened too. A pundit is given clothes and money that is called Dakshina and it is believed that if the pundit is satisfied gods too are satisfied. Even the most modern families perform the wedding ceremony and cannot think of abstaining from the directions given by the pundit. The presence of a pundit is essential for all rituals and pujas related to Wedding, child birth, new house, engagements and even death. The society cannot think of surviving without him. Their presence and existence is important for sustaining the one cannot imagine an Indian society without them. Puja is not perfect unless performed by a pundit