With your marriage date around the corner, you’re likely getting excited about sending out your Jewish wedding invitation cards. Similar to selecting a wedding dress and cake, your invitations are a chance for you to incorporate your personality and taste into the ceremony.

Your wedding invitation is the first impression guests will get about your big day. Therefore it’s important for the card to capture the atmosphere of the occasion.

There are myriad different options when it comes to customizing your Jewish wedding invitation cards. Here are a few suggestions:

#1 The Envelope

Your envelope is the first sneak peak you’re offering your guests about your nuptials. Typically, most couples prefer a simpler version of the font and stationery for the envelope than what’s inside, but this is completely up to you. Something subtle yet sophisticated always creates a good first impression such as a monogram of your initials. Not only is this a personal touch but it gives the invitee a hint about what to expect from the contents of the envelope!

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#2 The Stationery

Your stationery enables guests to get a first-hand glimpse of your wedding style and atmosphere. It is also a reflection of your culture. Your invite can be constructed from many different types of materials such as cardstock, velvet scroll, wood, special organic paper, etc. This selection can be carried towards your entire wedding invitation suite, i.e. Thank You Card, Reception Card, Table/Menu Cards, etc. It can feature simple graphics such as a symbol from the faith and or a quote from the Torah, both in black or gold colours. You can also opt for whimsical patterns or filigree designs or something nature-based such as a floral motif.

#3 The Calligraphy

You may select your invite’s calligraphy in a few ways. If your ceremony is formal and you’re eager to convey that tone, select a traditional font such as Flourished Copper place, Elongated Italic, Chancellery and Sloop. Some couples like to take the modern approach and opt for styles such as Riesling, Carolingian, and Contemporary fonts. If your ceremony is festive and playful, select something a little less formal such as Comic Sans. If you’re really stuck about which font to pick, speak to the calligrapher of your wedding invitation company. They will recommend a font based on your preferences.

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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, make it truly special and memorable with your customized Jewish wedding invitation cards. Visit Indian Wedding Card today to view our vast assortment of exclusive faith-based wedding invitations.


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