Wedding is the day filled with fun, glitter and lots of lights. It is going to be incomplete without some spectacular fireworks. It has always been an essential part of festivals and celebrations in Indian culture. In wedding, generally Designers Crackers are used. It is a brilliant way to add gleam to the celebration.

On a typical Indian wedding Invitation Card also you will see picture of firecrackers. Get firework displays incorporated into your wedding ceremony; you can have them at the beginning or at the end of the ceremony. In a north Indian wedding crackers are lit on the way to the venue. Guests walk ahead of the procession dancing on foot tapping music and bursting crackers. The splendor of the display is such that at times passers are seen stopping and admiring the colorful design formed in the sky.

Now you must be thinking are wedding firework expensive, well the answer is not that much as it earlier used to be, now there are professional firework display organizers. They help you organize things according to your budget. The cost for the entire event depends on lots of things; let us take a quick look at the prominent ones.

Best Wedding Fireworks and Indian Wedding Invitation

1. Length of display:

The length of the display will directly have an effect on the price. There is no doubt that the guest will simply love watching the glittering firework display, but make sure it is not exceedingly long because most of them would like to return to drinking, eating, dancing or chatting.  The show of ten to fifteen minutes is sufficient to entertain the guests, and it will not cost you a fortune. It is good to have short and high quality display with few simultaneous sequences.

2. Variety:

The complex and spectacular display will be expensive. Talk to your pyrotechnic team, make sure the show is based on your favorite firework & effects, so it is quite possible that it may not be that expensive.

3. Customization:

Generally people opt for standards display. You can choose for a customized display that blends with the color of your wedding theme. It will be pricier but will be surely worth every penny.

4. Display set to music:

Music can bring the firework display to life. You have professional firework display choreographed to the songs you are performing. It is going to be incredibility romantic. However, going for a new song may be expensive, so you can ask the organizer for a song that they have already produced firework display. This will also reduce the cost.

5. Place:

The best place for fireworks is outdoor – the dark night and the dazzling sky with stars and moon make it a magnificent affair.  The rainbows and attractive pattern formed in the sky can be seen from miles. In case, you cannot go for outdoor then you can do it indoor by using silver fountains or similar fireworks but make sure to check the venue before you go for them. Also, if the wedding venue comes under noise restriction, you can avoid loud bangs and go for quiet designer firework specially designed for the purpose.  Wedding fireworks makes the celebration colorful.


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