There are many ways to create your wedding invitation wording. Each style is going to be more creative and unique than the previous one. However, in our quest for creativity, we often forget to mention basic information that is necessary to create a wedding invitation. The last thing you want is leaving guests to wonder about the fundamentals of your nuptials such as when is it, where is it, with whom, etc.

To get your wedding invitation wordings just right, consider the following five tips:

1. Who

Apart from who’s getting married, you need to include the names of your respective parents and in some cases grandparents (depending on your cultural practices). For instance, you might state:

Mr. and Mrs. James and Joanne Smith

Request the Honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter

Elizabeth May


Geoffrey William

Son of Mr. and Mrs. George and Martha Castille

You may also word your invite in the following way:

Together with the blessings of their families,

Elizabeth May and Geoffrey William

Request the honor of your company

as they exchange vows.

Avoid using first names. If you’re planning a casual wedding, you can use relaxed wording such as,

“Elizabeth May and Geoffrey William are celebrating their love and commitment to one another. Please join in their celebration.”

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2. What

What is the invitation about? You have to be clear what this invite is all about. You may use traditional wording such as,

“at the marriage of their son”

Or something a little less formal such as,

“as they exchange their vows”

You might also use poetic wording such as,

“as they celebrate their union”

3. Where

This is all about the location. Guests need to know where to go. You don’t need to include the address with the postal code but you must mention
where it is, i.e. road names, landmarks, etc. Do not simply mention the name of the church or religious establishment and expect guests to know where it is. This can be confusing to out-of-town guests.

Try to include the name of the ceremony venue, as well as the venue address, city, and state.

4. When

In this section, you need to include the date of the ceremony as well as the start time. In a formal invitation, you can mention words like,

“in the morning”, “in the afternoon”, or “in the evening”

For casual weddings, you can state A.M or P.M.

In this section, include the ceremony date and start time. If the reception will follow suite, you must mention when it will start.

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5. RSVP Date

In a perfect world, all your guests would RSVP, but as you know this NEVER happens! In your invitation, mention a line that states,

“Please respond by October 10th” or “The favor of your reply is requested by October 10th.”

For a casual wedding, you can say,

“Please RSVP by October 5th.”

With these wedding invitation wording tips in hand, your invitation will resonate well with your guests. Visit Indian Wedding Cards today to shop for memorable wedding invitations.


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