Ribbon n multi-layer wedding cards make unique, vibrant and stylish invitations. They are delightful to look at and even more so when you receive them. Since it’s your wedding, once-in-a-lifetime affair, why not add some personal touches to make your announcement truly memorable.

Here are seven exceptional ways to personalize your ribbon n multi-layer wedding cards:

1. Use Unique Wording:

Choose words that reflect who you are and your family. You don’t have to follow what others are doing, i.e. “Mr. and Mrs. X request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their kids.”

Consider something more personable such as:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Joyfully invite you to the wedding ceremony of their son Andrew


Sophia Anne Johnson

Dinner and Dancing to follow.


Because you have been a part of our lives with love

Sarah Brown


William Parker

Invite you to partake in the joy of their wedding day

2. Incorporate your Home or Wedding Location:

If the location of your wedding or the place where you live is very special to both of you, why not use it as inspiration in your wedding invitation design. Request your designer to use known motifs, iconic architecture and or the state bird or flower of your location. This is a great way to evoke a feeling for your wedding location.

Multi Layered Wedding Invitations

3. Picture Yourselves on the Invitation:

Nothing is more personal than a picture of you as a couple. Even though a photograph won’t be fitting for a formal wedding, you can instead use your silhouettes. This is graphic, modern yet classic and old-fashioned. It speaks “you” without being too literal.

4. Be Poetic:

Include a single of poetry by your favourite poet or write one yourself. This will set the stage for a personal yet romantic affair. For maximum impact, separate the poetry and rest of your invite text using an insignia, monogram or symbol.

5. Apply your own Handwriting:

Instead of selecting a computer font, why not handwrite the text for your invitation. Then scan it using high resolution. This will add a relaxed, welcoming and personal touch to your announcement.

6. Personalize Your Stamp:

You may not have the budget for a custom-designed wedding invitation, but you can add a personal element with the custom postage stamp featuring your photograph. It’s a more affordable way to get personal.

Ribbon n Multi Layered Wedding Invitations

7. Numerous Printing Options:

There are lots of choice available to you for printing your wedding announcement. Some options include thermography, engraved, letterpress and offset. You can also opt to print on acrylic or wood. These printing techniques are unique and will add a special vibe to your invitation.

With these ideas for personalizing your ribbon n multi-layer wedding invitations, you can create an announcement that’s truly special. To view our exceptional collection of wedding cards, please visit Indian Wedding Card.


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