Getting engaged means now you are officially in a committed relationship. It is a beautiful feeling, and also with it starts the preparation for the next step that is wedding, but before that it is the time for you to enjoy this engaged status.  Especially, in country like India where most of the weddings are arranged by the parents, it gives the couples an opportunity to know each. The families view becomes liberal. They don’t mind couple talking or going out. Here, we are going to tell you 8 things that you should do essentially after getting engaged.

1 Let the World Know:

As generally the engagement is affair attended by close friends & relatives, so let everyone know you know are engaged. Uploaded the photographs on social networking sites and see how you are going be flooded with best wishes and congratulatory messages. Show the stunning ring that your beau has put in your ring finger.

2 Talk & Meet:

The time between engagement and wedding is also known as courtship period, enjoy every moment of it. Talk on phones, most of cellular service providers have pocket friendly plans; why not take advantage of it. Go on long drives; take some candles light dinner together.  The time you spend together will bring you closer and the chemistry will be reflected on the wedding day.

3 Give Gifts:

Who doesn’t like gifts? It becomes more special if it is from fiancée. It becomes of sentimental value. The man can give jewelry and designer wear while the girl can gift watch or gadgets to her man.

Wedding Propose

4 Know about family:

Tell each about their respective family. This way after the wedding nobody needs to try to break the ice. When you will be meeting the relatives, you would be knowing most of them at least by name, so there will not be awaked feeling of being outsider.

5 Decide on kind of wedding:

Remember, it is once in a lifetime affair, so talk with fiancée and decide how you want the ceremony to be, whether you want to settle with traditional wedding or want to go for theme. The choice mainly depends on both of you, if you have any wish or dream regarding wedding then talk to each other first.  Once you have reached a conclusion then it is the time to hire a wedding planner and telling him exactly what you want. It is his job to put up the things together.

6 Wedding Shopping:

Ask each others’ color preferences and also ask what kind of attire the other is planning to wear. There is no doubt that bride & groom look best on the wedding day but things will be better if there attire compliment each others look. If you are buying in from an online wedding apparel store then you can give address of it so the other can see it and give opinion.

7 Wedding invitation:

Although the invites would be distributed separately but it would be great if you can show each the kind of invitation you are buying. You can do this by visiting online wedding invitation card store. This way both the families have card that matches magnificence of wedding in a grand way.


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