A wedding is like a formal event. Hence, most of the couples include an RSVP or response card with their wedding invitation card. Still, many are not aware of the proper etiquette to write an RSVP card.

RSVPs were not always in fashion. Traditionally, when people received a wedding invite, they would RSVP through personal stationery. Today, response cards have become customary. Guests are expected to return these response cards indicating their ability to attend the ceremony.

You can get an estimate of the total number of guests through response cards. Through this information, you can decide the total seats as well as catering and menu.

RSVP Wording Invitations

RSVP should have the address of the person who is managing the guest list.

What to include in a wedding RSVP wording?

An ideal RSVP Wording card must include:

• A blank line for guests to fill out their names
• Deadline to reply
• Space for writing their acceptance of the invite
• Space for writing their regret of the invite
• Checklist for the choice of food or cuisine

RSVP vs. regrets only:

Some RSVPs are intended to know only regret. You have to reply if you are not going. Otherwise, no need to reply.

RSVP Wording Cards

Respond date of an RSVP:

While designing an RSVP, you must mention the deadline for response. Ideally, you should pick a date which falls two or three weeks before your wedding. You will get enough time to finalize the caterers, favors, event site, and other details. As a moral obligation, guests are expected to respond to RSVPs as soon as they receive the invite. If you wish to attend but are not able to give a final response before the deadline, it’s safer to decline the invite. Make it a point to respond as early as possible.

Include how to RSVP:

Your RSVP should also include how to RSVP? In case of an enclosed response card, guests can return the RSVP through the envelope only. In the case of informal invitations, guests can reply through the provided telephone number, texting address, email address, etc. Guests can respond to electronic RSVP via links to a site with buttons to decline or accept.

The RSVP should clearly state the invitees. You can leave a blank space to write in the number of guests.

Wedding Invitation Wording

RSVP wordings:

While you can follow different styles and wordings, we recommend the following three:

• Formal:

This will be a simple RSVP card stating “The favor of reply is requested by __ {date}” or “Looking forward to hearing from you”.

Some more examples:

Kindly respond by

The twenty-fifth of November

______accepts with pleasure
______ declines with regrets

Here, M line is meant for your guest to fill in with Ms., Mr., or Mrs. And write their respective names.

If including entrée options:

The favor of your response is solicited by

The eighteenth of February

happily accepts____________ regretfully declines
Please initial the meal choice for your guest
_ __________Quinoa

Wording Cards

• Informal/Casual or fun-way:

We look forward to celebrate our special day with you.

Please reply by June 1, 20xx

M ______________ yes, let’s live it up
________ no, will regret this decision

Some more funny options to include:

• Yes, looking forward to eating, drink and see you get married!
• No, will raise toast from afar

RSVP Wording Invitations

• Email or phone responses:

M _________

___________will be happy to attend________ will regret attending

Kindly send your response by

Eighteenth of February


You can research about various other ways for wording your RSVP card. Remember, if you follow the right etiquettes, wordings will come out beautifully.


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