Indian weddings are the most special and unique accompanied with various rituals guided by traditions and customs of the particular state of India. When Indianness is laced with versatility, how can Indian weddings be the same? Each region of India follows its own customs and the wedding ceremony proves to be a unique cultural experience. The most interesting fact is that the versatility of region or state overpowers the versatility of religion which means that irrespective of any religion that a person belongs to, certain customs of a particular place act as a watermark on that wedding ceremony.

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Planning an Indian wedding means a lot of preparation which begins months before the day the ceremony is going to take place. Indian families by tradition are joint families where it is considered to be important to include and involve all the family members. In fact, the Indian wedding customs are such that all the close relatives, the uncles and aunts, and cousins have an assigned role in the rituals performed during the wedding ceremony.

In the Indian weddings, sending flamboyant invites to those whom one wants to be the part of the wedding ceremony has been customary since the days of kings and queens. It’s only in Indian Wedding Invitations that one get to see bright and vibrant colors and intricate motifs and symbols, somewhere attached to the religion. Above all these Invitation Cards also make the receiver feel important and invited with warmth.

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These cards are traditional and conventional though with changing times, it is observed that Indian Wedding Invitation Cards have also gone through metamorphosis and a beautiful butterfly has got its wings and has taken its flight in the form of trendy, vibrant, rich, stylish and classy invites being sent all across India which reflect the special attention that Indian Wedding Cards are getting from the host as well as the guests. Online Wedding Cards stores have brought the trend of buying the designer invitation cards online as they are ample in variety and reasonable in cost.

Indian Wedding Card proudly brings to you a splendid collection of Indian Wedding Invitations which are vibrant and rich in colour and texture, with religious symbols and relevant text. These invitations are not only attractive to look at but also depict elegance in their simplicity as well as intricate designs. The collection is simply unmatched as the splendor and magnificence of the material used in the form of paper or silk or the motifs carved on this material are simply amazing. These can be customized to make them lavishly stylish, giving the personal touch to the invites in the form of Majestic Scroll Cards. One can even choose from the traditional invitation cards that have a Verse quoted from the sacred religious books of any religion or a modern one depending on one’s choice. The online shopping experience here is so satisfying that one doesn’t need to look any further.

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Who knows better than the Indian Wedding Card as to how to make Indian wedding even more special? Browse through our collection and ask for free samples.


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