Gone are the days of sending traditional wedding invitations to the guests. In the digital age, sending e-invites and WhatsApp wedding cards is the trend. Not only do they save you cost, but you also express your personal style through it.

In recent years, you may have received WhatsApp wedding invitations from your friends. Well, if it’s your wedding, you should follow the trend. You can do a lot in a wedding invitation for WhatsApp, from designs, themes, and colors to fonts and images. With that said, you should not go overboard in designing a chaotic WhatsApp invitation.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the mistakes you should avoid when sending a WhatsApp wedding card. Let’s begin.

Do not Forward the invite

It’s your wedding, and every guest is special. However, your one silly mistake can irk the guest. If you send your wedding card on WhatsApp to one friend and keep forwarding it to other guests, it may not go down well with your guests. Remember, they may be as excited as you are about the wedding. So, you should avoid forwarding your wedding e-invite and put effort into sending it separately.

Keep a check on typos

When it’s about designing a wedding invitation for WhatsApp, you have to be a lot more careful. A single typo error can break the game, and your card may lose its significance. If you’ve already sent your wedding invites, but you realize that you wrote wedding as weddng, it doesn’t look right. The idea is to check your card details thrice at least before sending. Take help from your friends and let them proof check it too.

Follow it up with your guests

If you think that sending the wedding card makes your job complete, you need to think it through. You need to follow it up the next day or the day after. You need RSVPs so that you can plan your wedding arrangements accordingly. Moreover, it should look like that you are keen on having them at your wedding. It’s the best opportunity to make them feel special.

Refrain using slangs and millennial lingo

Your wedding guests cannot be all millennials. They may be your parent’s age or senior to you. So, if you include only millennial lingo or slangs that not everyone can understand, your wedding card will lose its charm. When it comes to WhatsApp wedding cards, you can certainly do a lot but make sure that your message reaches a wider audience and not just your close friends.

Avoid lengthy details

If you’re using a digital medium to announce your wedding day, you should play smart and include only the necessary details. If you keep on writing lengthy details about your wedding, your card may look confusing and chaotic. Therefore, you should check on the word count or what details are necessary and what you can avoid.

All these tips can help you design the perfect WhatsApp wedding card. It’s your wedding, and you should have fun planning it.


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