Digital wedding invitation cards dominate the market. Everyone is excited about the idea of going paperless and contributing to environmental sustainability. There are several other factors that have contributed to the popularity of E-wedding cards among young people. These wedding invitations are the most stylish and beautiful, as well as leave the lowest carbon footprint. Inviting guests in such a personalised manner is truly memorable. Indian Wedding Card has presented amazing digital wedding card designs ranging from traditional to elegant. Have a look at these impressive digital wedding card design ideas:

Digital Invitations
  • Classy design

Paperless post has undoubtedly made conventional wedding cards a great experience. Digital invitations card integrates classy design with leaves and flowers around the border encasing wedding invitation message in lovely calligraphy. Floral imprints on subtle shades create the best design for an unforgettable experience.

  • Traditional design
traditional digital wedding cards

Traditional design features spiritual emblems in the form of God Ganpati, More pankh, conch, OM symbol and Swastik. These Indian religious symbols enhance the design’s aesthetic while also having spiritual significance. These symbols can vary depending on the religion and culture, but they all look too eloquent and give off a sense of belonging.

  • GIF designs

GIF designs are quite popular and make the E-Wedding invites distinct and impressive. GIF designs include Graphic elements and beautiful illustrations of the entire wedding event in an organized way. A text message appears with every illustration to convey the message. You will get several options to choose from in GIF digital wedding invitation.

  • Animated illustrations

The beautiful animation of the bride, groom, and all family members has an excellent impact on the guests. The entire family is taking part in announcing the wedding date. This is an entirely new and innovative way of sharing your wedding news.

  • Floral design
floral digital wedding cards

Nothing beats the impact of floral designs in modern and digital invitations. You can also select a template that depicts showering flowers, as in GIF designs. Floral designs are fashionable and stunning.

  • Cinematic designs

Choose these cinematic designs to show off your sense of humour. The hero is the groom, and the heroine is the bride. These are some pretty stylish and one-of-a-kind designs. Choose a black and white shade with an 80s movie poster for a retro touch.

  • Use prewedding photoshoot

The best picture of a prewedding photo shoot can create the most realistic and beautiful E-wedding card. You can send wedding invitation messages with your favourite photo from the engagement shoot by applying various digital effects. Modern couples favour this invitation’s digital format.

  • Narrating your story

This is the best way to let people know about your love journey from the first day to the wedding venue. Everybody will definitely want to be a part of your unconditional love. Beautiful text with related images showcases your wedding invitation.

These are the best designs for your digital wedding invitation card that you can pick from. Make a lasting impression by choosing from the extensive collection of designs and templates from the Indian Wedding Card.


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