Engagement indicates official declaration of the fact that the couple have been betrothed. It is a promise for the future big day which holds lifelong commitment of a beautiful life together. Engagement itself is a reason to celebrate and share one’s happiness with one’s family and friends which lead to throwing an engagement party and inviting people for the same.

Engagement Party, unlike a wedding ceremony, is not a formal occasion and the party to announce the engagement can be less formal and more fun-filled. It is the time when the bride and the groom may meet the family and friends of each other for the first time which means they cast an everlasting impression on these people of their style, elegance and being well-bred. This is also the party in which you do not want the same things happening as they would in the wedding. So, you have to make it more chic and peppy by doing something more trendy and in-thing. The first focus in the same direction could be the engagement invitations. These invites must portray the warmth and hospitality of the host, yet be different from anything ethnic or traditional. In that case, displaying the techno-savvy attitude which would save both time and money is the best option, which indicates sending E-Cards as the invites.

Engagement Invitation E-Cards

Using the electronic media to send these invites is the most convenient way to invite for your engagement party which you may have decided at the spur of the moment or which you do not want in any way to overshadow your special day’s celebrations. The best part about these e-invites is that they do not engage more than one person in the task as online card designers, manufactures and printers take away all your worries and design an engagement card for you which amazingly surpasses your imagination in beauty, style, and sophistication and give you an edge above others. These cards fully make use of the modern technology inspiring others also to save paper which means being environment-friendly and eco-savvy. No wonder your friends are going to look up to you with respect and admiration for being so thoughtful. Secondly, sending these invites are just a click away and thirdly, you can create your own invitations as the online stores give you freedom of designing your own invites according to your choice, taste, and theme.

We at Indian Wedding Card present to you the most incredible collection of E-cards which will add new colours and style to your engagement party. Lead the way for an eco-friendly fashion today and let it become the habit of tomorrow so that you arouse a sense of responsibility as you give impetus to others and enkindle the spirit of being different yet classy in your own unique manner. Visit us for the plethora of ideas and designs that will enliven your event. We leave no stone unturned in providing our best services to you at the most competitive prices.

E-Engagement Cards

Browse through our E-Engagement Cards collection and make one yours.


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