Online wedding invitations have been in trend for the last few years. The craze for paper invite seems to have taken a back seat, as more and more people realize the adverse environmental impact of these paper cards. Many couples are now switching to e-wedding invites that are not only equally attractive but are more budget and environment-friendly. E-wedding invites can also be a part of your complete wedding invitation suite – including the paper printed card.

But how do you send wedding e-invites? What to include and how to address them?

We’ve got all the e-wedding etiquettes you need to know before you start mailing out your email invitations.

So, without much ado, let’s directly cut to the chase.

Wedding card

Wedding e-invites – What to include and what to avoid?

The Dos

A catchy introduction

Your e-invitation card should have an introduction that instantly catches attention. Be as creative as you can – include the lyrics of your favorite love song; a beautiful poem; the crux of your first meeting, etc.
A catchy introduction will develop anticipation for the rest of the card content.

Wedding theme

The best weddings are one which has a consistent theme – just like a movie. Couples opt for varying and creative themes for their wedding – Bollywood theme weddings, fairy tale weddings, retro-style, etc. You can incorporate the elements of your theme in your online wedding invitation card as well, like the color.


RSVPs are more than a trend that has become a necessity in modern weddings. Being aware of the total number of guests who will attend the wedding helps you plan the dinner and return gifts accordingly. Hence, the RSVP details the contact of the person who is managing the RSVP should be mentioned on the e-invitation cards. But don’t let it be the center of attraction of the card; instead just add the details in a small corner of the card.

Social Media and Wedding website

Nearly every couple now designs a website for their wedding. The wedding website can include things like registry information, pre-wedding videos, pictures, etc. Subtly add a link to your wedding website on the e-invitation. If you are a social media fan, also include the hashtags of your wedding and social media handles on the card.

The Don’ts

Don’t stick to any format

While paper invite mostly follows a strict format, wedding e-invite gives you more freedom to experiment with your style. Don’t add any unnecessary details. Mostly the e-invite is shared with your loved ones only so they will love your unique and creative style.

Keep it short

Unlike paper invites, wedding e-invites do not include 2-3 pages long cards. Hence, you have to stick to only important information and keep it short. Remember, ‘less is more’ when it comes to e-invites. If you want to add more information, opt for a video wedding invite.

Dress code or theme

Mentioning dress codes and themes is too old school. Unless you are conducting a black tie wedding, you don’t need to explicitly mention the theme. For example, there is no need to mention that the guests should come in ethnic dresses, as it is understood.

Registry Information

Registry information should not be mentioned on the online wedding invitation. You have already added the wedding website link; guests can check the registry information from there.

We hope you will take note of these important dos and don’ts of online wedding invites.


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