Sikh Wedding Cards
Sikh Wedding Cards

Marriage is the most beautiful bond in lifetime which is made in heaven and celebrated on earth. An occasion where two people start a new lifetime relationship based on trust and faith with the blessings of all the near and dear ones. Marriage is there in every caste, society the difference is the way in which the ceremony is performed.

An occasion where hundreds of hands come together to bless. There are various occasions and traditions to be followed in every marriage depending on their culture. Huge preparations are done for these occasions to make it the more memorable day especially in the life of the bride and the groom. This day becomes the most memorable only and only due to the presence of the near and dear ones as they all gather at the wedding event to bless the couple and wish that their married life remains happiest as ever.

The first step in these preparations is to inform the near and dear ones for the occasion so that they can come and shower their blessings on the couple. Wedding card is the first and most important medium of informing the guests.

If a comparison is made between all the marriage in different culture of India, it can easily be seen that that a Punjabi wedding is the most colorful of all weddings. And, Punjabi wedding cards are very special and unique in their own ways. These cards add a lot to the occasion; these are also a status symbol. Punjabi cards are very trendy and vibrant. These are not just the invitations but a symbol of happiness by both the families and a gesture and sincere request to attend the pious ceremony. Sikh wedding cards have a heartwarming design along with a very good color combination.

Sikh wedding cards always carry the EK OM KAR symbol on them as a token of blessing from god and the paper used in these cards is generally very rich as the name of the God need to be printed on special paper. There are many online sites which provide a wide range of cards which can be opted – some offer specially designed cards according to the community, variety of designs, different range. Some cards on these sites are as perfect as per your requirement that they will help you to communicate the message in the best way.


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