There is no event in the world as lively, as interesting, as traditional and as rich and lavish as an Indian Wedding. Be it the guests or the host, it is a time full of preparation, excitement, and anticipation. Everything around looks bright and colourful adorned in all the hues of nature as well as emotions. For a host, it is a testing period as it is his/her personal touch apart from the flamboyant arrangements which are going to be remembered by the guests forever.

Marble Favors

As Indian hosts are known for their unparallel hospitality and warmth and Indians give a lot of importance to relationships, it becomes all the more important to put up a great show which displays class, sophistication and somewhere ingenuity and creativity of the host, along with an expression and gesture of humility and grace.

Metal Favors

Indian traditions are beautifully woven around relationships and wedding is the time when giving due importance to these relations is considered to be customary where the guests are treated no less than the God who have come to bless the ‘about to be wedded couple’. It has always been a part of Indian traditions to present the guests with something that exhibit a gesture of gratitude for their presence on the occasion. Earlier it was a box of sweets or nuts which were handed over to the guests at the time of leaving. Such customs were even followed in western societies but with the change in times, it is mandatory for certain old customs to be replaced with something novel and trendy and that is why the present day newly wedded prefers to thank their guests in a little different manner. They like to gift their guests with something that becomes a keepsake forever, a memory or a memoir that they would never like to part with and consequently, it reminds them of the wedding.


As wedding arrangements are no more handled by the host alone, rather they share their burden with the professionals who are experienced in the field and do not let anything go amiss. Indian Wedding Card possesses of ace card designers who have the plethora of ideas to design and print wedding cards according to whatever the host has in mind but that is not all. We have experts who are well aware of Indian traditions and customs and are always ready with the most interesting and creative solutions.

Jewelry Boxes

Here we come back to Indian Wedding favours which are most creatively catered by us in the form of the variety of gift items that can be gifted to the guests at the time of parting. They can range from religious and auspicious figures like Lord Ganesha favors or Lord Krishna or something that catches the fancy of any woman like zari pouches or jewellery boxes. Even marble figurines or silver items are appreciated by one and all. This and much more can be made available to suit your style and imagination.

Visit us to find more variety with supreme quality in wedding favours at the most competitive prices and most innovative ideas.


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