Bridal shower is a perfect opportunity for girls to let their hairs down and have some great fun with their girlfriends. This customs originally hails from North American culture but with the passing time it has caught the fascination of brides all over the world. Now it has become a prominent part of Indian wedding. Especially, the bridal showers of beautiful Bollywood actresses always become talk of the town. What make the bridal shower interesting is the fun filled games, if your friend’s bridal shower is near and you are looking for some games then here are 5 top bridal shower games.

Bridal Shower Invitation

How well you know the Dulhan:

The bride is asked a serious of questions about herself. It includes her likes, dislikes, hobbies and habits. The guests are then asked the question; whoever gets the maximum answer right is the winner. It also gives bride a chance to know how much her close brigade of friends note and take care of her small things.

Creating Wedding Dress:

The guests are divided into teams and each is given roll of toilet papers. Now they have to make beautiful bridal dress using that, of course you have to do that within the time limit. The team who comes with a creative and striking bridal dress is the winner.

Memory game with slight twist:

Make a announcement that it is a memory game then ask the bride to come into the hallway carrying a tray containing Bindis, Clips, Bangles, Earrings, Necklace, lipsticks, nail paints and other bridal accessories that  she would be needing on the big day. Ask her to gently walk by all the guests so that they can have a good look at the objects in the tray. Once it is over then the host gives a pen & paper to all guests and ask them write the answer of question she would be asking. The twist is that the question would all be directed to what the bride was wearing, not what was it tray. It is like catching them off guard, it is real fun.


The clapping game:

In this all the guest are asked to sit in a circle then the bride is sent out of the room. The rest decides a target for her in the room. The target can be any object like the handbag, mobile phone or bottle of cold drink, in short anything. Once the object is decided then the bride is called inside the room, now she has to find the object and is given three opportunities to identify the object. The fascinating thing is that when she enters the room the others start clapping. She has to follow the sound to get to the object. They clap in a rhythm, the sound of clapping is high when she is away from the target and as she gets near the clapping sound decreases. It is fun as the bride has to focus on the sound of clapping to find the object. You can then do it with every guest. It is will energize the atmosphere.

Dress the Dulhan:

It is the Indian version of the toilet paper bride game with an Indian twist. It is also a team game. Teams are divided according to the number of guests then they are given all the bridal accessories like Teeka, Bindi, necklace and lipstick, Duptta etcetera. The team that quickly dresses the bride wins the game.


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