Whether it’s a Diwali party, a birthday bash, or a cocktail party, you need a creative invitation to charm the guests. And if it’s your wedding, you need to spend carefully and see where you can cut the cost. Surely, you can choose an e-wedding invitation format to make your pocket breathe.

Gone are the days of paper cards that used to cost a fortune. Nowadays, paperless cards have made the job easy.

An online invitation bears a lot of advantages over the traditional card format. It’s easy to design, you can put details of your choice, and you can get RSVPs in no time. Besides, you don’t have to spend a fortune in designing the perfect invitation card.

In this blog, we’ll know why you should choose e-invitation cards for your next event. Let’s begin.

Paperless Wedding Cards

Easy to design

You don’t have to wait in a queue to print your card or discuss a design with a designer. All you need is a laptop and the internet. You can explore a variety of card themes and designs in no time. What’s best about paperless cards is that you can create them in the comfort of your home. Just call over your friends to brainstorm design ideas, and you’re good to go. You can include the font of your choice, add personalized messages, animated pictures, and videos.

On-time RSVPs

Earlier, people used to send the invite long before the event. The idea behind it was to receive RSVPs and make arrangements accordingly. It used to be a costly affair and a lot of mismanagement. However, paperless cards allow you to breathe. You can relax as it takes no time for guests to respond to your invite. You can make arrangements as per the number of confirmed guests. This way, your event is going to be successful and finely managed.

Cost reduction

Remember the days when you used to incur costs on printing wedding cards. Well, you can save a lot with e-invitation cards. With the help of the internet, you can create hundreds of cards and send them over through email and WhatsApp.

While planning an event, you have to take care of the budget and make expenses accordingly. With an e-wedding invitation or party invites, you will not be obliged to make adjustments to the planned budget.


What’s best about e-invitation cards is that you can add a personal expression to them. You can include personalized messages, caricatures, animated videos, and much more. It’s good to send personalized cards to your guests. It adds to the excitement, and your party is going to experience a large gathering. If it’s your wedding, an e-wedding invitation can surprise your guests. The card will have your personal touch, which will bring joy to your guests’ faces.

E-Wedding Cards

These are a few reasons why the online invitation is the future trend. In times to come, you may receive e-invites to your friend’s party or wedding. You may already be receiving paperless cards from your relatives. It’s your time to follow the trend and design a happening invitation card for your next big event.

For a creative selection of invitation cards, you can visit the Readiprint Designs store online. You can find cards for every occasion. And if you’ve got an idea in your mind, you can discuss it with their creative team and bring your design idea to life.


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