Weddings mark a new beginning for two beautiful souls promising a forever bond. It is exciting to create an aura that exudes trust and goodwill. It begins with joyous wedding celebrations, and couples go to lengths to make it perfect. From stylish wedding décor to choosing the right kind of wedding card. Scroll invitations are in trend this season. They are handy, stylish, and cost less.

The craze for scroll wedding invitations has risen in recent years. Invitation cards are the first things that strike your mind when you begin to prep for your wedding. Be a trend-setter at your wedding and earn praise from your guests for your right choice of scroll wedding cards. Let us look at some of the stylish scroll wedding invitations that may suit your requirement perfectly.

Royal scroll invitations with a silver lining

Scroll wedding cards are available in different styles and designs. One of the most popular styles is a royal blue scroll invitation with silver work. You can customize it with characters and personalize it with the details you want to be included. A silver thread holding the scroll wedding card makes a perfect style statement. The material could be velvet to give it a regal look. Make it rich by adding a wedding card box that would hold the tube inside. Your guests would catch an eye for precise detailing.

Royal scroll invitations

Simple scroll invitations

If your idea of a perfect wedding is synonymous with simplicity, you can go for an elegant scroll invitation. To match the theme of your wedding, you can customize it with the color of your choice. How about a white paper with fiber strands? Use light-color ribbons along with a flower marking to make it look stunning. You can make use of gold and silver to include the details or add a tiny card for personalized messages. You can brainstorm with your other half and design the perfect wedding card.

Simple scroll invitations

Boxed wedding invitations

When it is about scroll wedding invitations, one cannot ignore the boxed invitation card. It is one of the trendiest entries in the world of wedding cards. It allows to add gifting options inside the box along with the wedding card. You can gift chocolates, dry fruits, or a little hamper. Along with the scroll, your guests would rejoice to receive delightful gifts and would reciprocate their affection by arriving early at your wedding.

Boxed scroll invitations

Scroll invitations with thick handles

There is no doubt that a royal scroll invitation catches an eye. It’s your wedding, and you want everything to be lavish and stylish. Start with selecting a scroll wedding card with thick handles. It gives the royal feel. It is the same as a messenger is reading your wedding announcement. Now it depends on you if you like it gold or silver or any other rich color. To brainstorm wedding card ideas, you can take the help of the Readiprint Designs team. They keep the latest collection of wedding and reception cards.

Scroll invitations with thick handles


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