Wedding most beautiful concept which brings two persons together forever. This is a ritual which is followed in each and every culture, tradition. Rituals and customs of this occasion vary from culture to culture but purpose for this occasion is same. The name which is given to this occasion is also different like in Hindus it is known as Shaadi, in Muslim it is Nikaah and in Christian it is wedding. There are series of events which take place on this occasion. This is once in a lifetime event and all the family members rejoin together to make this event a great success.

Wedding Cards

This is an occasion which not only brings two persons together but brings two families together. The celebration of this event starts with Hindu wedding cards selection and distribution. There are huge varieties of cards designs which are available in the market. Selection of cards basically depends on the family like a Hindu family will choose a card which carries God pictures, bride and groom holding their hands. Bright color like Red; orange, yellow etc. Some people select Hindu wedding cards just for invitation whereas some select these too show off as they take this as a status symbol.

Some try to keep the card really simple and sober as they just take this as a mode of invitation. If we talk about Muslim wedding cards these mostly come with white base color as they consider this as very pure and holy. Muslim wedding cards always carry Allah symbol or mark on them. The quality of paper is very rich but they prefer to keep the look simple.

The Sikh wedding cards are really very different as they are much gaudy and too bright colors, they consider this as a status symbol and thus they are really loud and bright. The Christian card is very simple and sweet and this carry Jesus name and prayer and don’t carry and design or symbol on them, one can see bells, wine glasses on card. They prefer very simple and sober cards.

Thus purpose of these cards is just invitation but there selection differs according to community. There are many sites online which provide specific cards as per the caste. Some people do prefer to create a card of their own for their special day where as some get it made from designers. These designers give a fantastic look to the card but these are for sure expensive too.

Thus selection of card is first segregated by the culture and the second step is according to individual budgets as well. Cards are first step on this occasion of marriage and holds a lot of feelings of families, it’s not only the look which matters but the content of these cards has a lot of importance as some slogans and lines which are added to this  adds feeling to this paper piece and makes it unique. So in short selection of Hindu wedding cards are made very easy as large variety is available in markets and that too as per the trend of caste.


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