The era of e wedding invitations is finally here! This is the dawn of video messages, email invitations and wedding websites. If you’re looking for an innovative way of announcing your nuptials to the world, we recommend sending an e wedding invite.

Why do people love them so much? The most obvious reasons include no postage stamps or actual in-person visits to the post office or even wondering whether your guests received their particular invitation. And just because you’re not holding an actual invitation in your fingers doesn’t mean they’re not just as beautiful or elegant.

E-invites can be customized to suit your personal tastes. In addition to the text and font, you can include images, audio files, video content, and even a photo gallery. You can keep your invitation as simple or sophisticated as you like. In fact, our designers can help you make some of the most memorable and personalized e-cards around. We guarantee your e-card will get your guests excited!

At Indian Wedding Card, we specialize in the following types of e wedding invitations:

1. Image-Based E-Cards:

This method of sending e-cards similar to sending photographs on social messenger networks. Our talented design team can create a lovely photograph collage around your nuptials. After we’ve created a sample of your e-invite (after much editing and adding of necessary information), we will send you the final copy of your e-invitation. If you’re content with the final creation, you can feel free to send it out to your guests via email, social media, and other messaging platforms. It’s that simple!

E wedding invitations

2. Web-Based E-Cards:

In a web-based e-invite, our team will create a customized website around your wedding and program. The domain will be specifically chosen and booked for you. The best part: the website will be yours forever!

The design and theme options are numerous. The web development team will design and build an entire website centered on your wedding. You can also choose to incorporate live social media of the event photos and other media. Other items that you can include in your web-based e-card include an image gallery, background audio, contact form, and video content.

E Wedding Cards

With e wedding invitations, you can make a memorable impression on your guests and have something as a keepsake for a lifetime! Visit Indian Wedding Card to learn more.


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