Weddings are unique. They are an integration of two ideologies (sometimes completely different from each other) and families. Every wedding be it a Hindu or a Christian wedding, has some unique traditions and rituals that set them apart from each other. No matter how different they are, the focal point of every marriage ceremony is the same – union of two souls.

Christian wedding invitation cards

Christian weddings are quite a private affair with only close family, relatives, and friends. One more thing that sets a Christian wedding apart is the invitation card. Christian wedding invitation cards are as unique as their weddings. For designing a perfect Christian wedding card, you must know the following things:

1# Know the theme of your wedding:

Christianity is followed in major parts of the world. As a result, you will see different regions following different rituals. For example, an Indian Christian wedding is quite different from a western Christian marriage ceremony. Christian brides in India, specifically in Kerala, wear a saree during their wedding. This is quite opposite to the gown worn in western weddings. Hence, you must know the theme of your wedding before printing the invitation cards. If you are planning a Goan wedding, then your card design will have western inclinations.

2# Color of the card:

No matter which part of the world the wedding is taking place, Christian marriages are very subtle and simple. The color combination largely includes white, beige, and other lighter shades. The bride also wears a white dress that symbolizes purity. Most of the Christian wedding cards are designed in the combination of white and golden, i.e. the backdrop of the card is white in color, while the wordings are in golden color.

Christian Wedding Cards

3# Quotes from the Holy Bible:

Similar to other cultures, a Christian wedding card too includes a quote from their religious scripture i.e. the Holy Bible. It’s a very important element as it marks the beginning of the card. You have to choose the right love and wedding-related quotes or verses from the Bible.

4# Symbols:

Christian wedding symbols include doves, holy cross, rosary, church signs, angels, wedding rings, etc. Amongst these, the cross symbol is the most prominent due to its importance in the religion. You have the liberty to pick a symbol of your choice to be included in the card.

Christian Invitations Cards

5# Language and wording:

Most of the Christian cards are published in the English language in a fixed format. It’s very important that the content on the card is error-free for a good first impression. You should include the major details like the bride and groom’s name, brief family history, wedding venue, time, and special requests. Don’t forget to include the RSVP at the bottom of the card.

Final thoughts:

Before you start designing your Christian wedding invites, remember to go through some design references. You can hire professional card designers too who will get the work done on your behalf.


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