A wedding is a lifetime event that requires special preparations. As you work around setting up the plan for carrying out the occasional events and customary rituals, the first thing that comes across to get it the right start is putting up with the right idea of invitation.

As when you get an invite from someone you mostly get to see the same old regular stuff that is all cluttered with mediocre ideas, you may always get jitters while it’s your turn to be the host of the event.

This is where you look for interesting wedding invitation themes and artistic choices to go with and stand out with your idea of inviting. So, making that attempt easy you can select from some real good theme ideas that get you to have a great invitation.

So, here are the most fascinating options to fit in different choices and preferences of wedding invitation cards.

Laser-cut Beauties

Laser Cut Invitation

These beautiful wedding invites get their attraction from artistically crafted laser-cut portrayals of creative designs. These make for infrequent theme-based invitations that get you interesting designs created with delicate subtle pink and gold laser-cut formations. These are accompanied by satin ribbons and glossy trappings and have crystal brooches or embossed hallmarks featured in the center.

Blessings of the Divine

Blessings of the Divine

Get your invitation designed with divine art portrayed through religious symbols and imageries of Gods and Goddesses. These cards have mesmeric depictions of Shiv-Parvati, Radha-Krishna, and Ram-Sita with religious texts carved on them. These theme invitation cards are created to bring together the sense of piousness and divine blessings as a part of the invite. Here, you can have abstract hand-drawn sketches and overlaid water-colored motifs in interesting printed illustrations depicting holy blessings.

Floral Magnificence

Floral Invitation Cards

How can a Theme Party Invitation be skipped without considering an option from the floral theme? You have a lot of scope around flower-themed invitations as they can enhance the beauty of the card by appointing and engaging more colors, artistic elements, and pictorial arrangements. You can have lotus spreads, flowery carriage carts, blooming spring, dream garden, and minimal floral feature art to grab different feature options around this theme.

Royal Retreat

Royal Invitation

Royalty has always been on the top of the themes chosen for a wedding invite. The Royal Theme-Based Wedding Invitation cards come with the regal style of art featuring aristocratic affairs. These depict royal assemblies and conventions with troops of elephants, bridesmaids, courtiers, state events, and a series of celebrations all over. These can be presented in the form of a wedding scroll or a ‘farmaan’ leaflet to get it more relatable with the theme.


Get it quirky

quirky wedding cards

It is always fun to get your invitation quirked-up with amusing caricatures and tickling messages. With quirky invitation cards, you can have personalized comical characters of the bride and the groom pictured in an exuberant doodle art. This can combine with different styles of storytelling and art features and even have custom-styled games and puzzles. So, it can distinctively attract the guest’s attention with its light-hearted and pleasurable appeal that rules over the conventional earnest themes.

Rustic Charm

rustic wedding cards

Things are fast moving towards the ideas that are more with organic, handmade, and the original way of doing it. The more it is close to real and natural ideas the more it is valued these days. So, with this going with the rustic and countrified look of a wedding card invite gets you to grab a better deal of attention. Trying to acquire the rustic charm you can design your cards with Marigold seed papers, strawed sheets, pastel scrolls, and other recycled material craft. And you will be able to tap the natural flavor and feel most impressively.

Wrap up

As you are looking to have some unique, interesting, and impressive way of creating invitations for your guests, going with these theme invitation cards really pays off. All you need to do is do a bit of research and compare among the theme that suits your idea and theme of the wedding the best, and you will have the most fascinating choice of wedding invite created that has that exclusive appeal of a thoughtfully-done invitation.


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