Invitations play an important role in special events like weddings where one cannot afford to forget anyone whom he or she wishes to see at his or her marriage ceremony. Certain trends in invitations never go out of date though their utility over the years may experience a change or evolve with a new face. Such a case happened with RSVP invites. RSVP, an abbreviated form of a French phrase, Repondez S’il Vous Plaît which means “Please respond”. It came into existence in 1845, used by the elite. Present times have seen its extensive usage to confirm the presence of guests for a particular event.

RSVP Cards

Why RSVP Invites?

This present new world has gifted us many new concepts, ideas, and products but sadly so with the paucity of time that further leads us to be more practical and innovative. In the case of RSVP Invitations, they have found a new role. Now it is becoming all the more important that in order to ensure the approximate head count, we send an RSVP card to the guests so that they can respond appropriately and the host also gets a fair idea as to how many of his invitees are going to grace the occasion.

How And When To Send RSVP Invites?

It is advisable for the host to send the invites a little earlier than usual so that the guests get enough time to respond. One can send the invitation at least six to eight weeks before the event. This ensures that the guests can plan well according to their schedule. RSVP Card when sent to guests must include an envelope which is already stamped and has the host’s name and address so that the guests find no excuse to delay the confirmation whether it positive or negative. The host must set a deadline date and mention it on the RSVP card so that it becomes obligatory for the guests to respond before the date.

RSVP Marriage Cards

Now comes the most important part of this invite and that is the content of this card in the form of RSVP Invitation Wording which plays a crucial role in making the guests respond. Wordings come in many moods and emotions. They can be straight forward demanding only yes and no from the guest or they can be very stylish as well as articulate in presentation and lastly they can be funny or humorous. The host can give both the choices of accepting or declining the invite in these wordings and the guests can choose whatever suits him/her the best.

Here are a few examples of the Wordings in your RSVP cards:

  1. We’d love to attend or Regrets; will not be able to make it.
  2. Looking forward to attend or Would have loved to be with you all but time constraints

Some funny examples:

  1. Can’t wait to shake my legs at your wedding or Oh No! Will live to regret this forever.

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