Indian weddings are undeniably, the most glamorous ones where it is believed that a bride has to look no less than a goddess or a diva who must be traditionally dressed in rich clothes and jewellery which form the part of ‘solah shingaar’ or sixteen adornments of a traditional Hindu bride. This solah shingaar tradition comprises of many accessories that are worn exclusively by the bride and they make her look the most spectacular and stunning on her very special day.

Indian Wedding Accessories are as important as the wedding attire itself. No one can dispute the role of accessories in accentuating the beauty. In fact it would not be an exaggeration to call accessories the condiments that add flavour to the food making it look richer, aromatic and irresistible. Wedding Accessories do the same as they add zing to the bride’s overall appearance. Indian wedding accessories include the following:

  • Wedding Jewellery: There are certain essential jewellery items which are mandatory for any bride to wear, irrespective of the region or state she belongs to. These include:

a. Hairdo items: Fancy hair pins or traditional decorative pieces worn in the plait, more popularly by the South Indian brides while tassels like a paranda, worn essentially by the North Indian brides.

b. Maang Teeka: Maang comprises of the parting in the hair which is decorated with this beautiful jewellery piece which falls on the forehead. Maang Teeka has many versions. There is another variable called Paasa which is worn at the side of the head, usually to complement Sharara or Garara.

c. Nose Ring or Nath: It can be a stud or a big circular ring worn by every bride.

d. Neck Piece: No bridal ensemble can be said to be complete without an elaborate neck piece or pieces, usually in gold and diamond.

e. Kamar Band: Worn at the waist, this accessory creates a sensational impact to the bridal attire with a intricately designed gold belt.

f. Bangles: They can be of glass, metal or gold and diamond but no bridal make-up is complete without them. North Indian brides wear Churra which is considered to be auspicious and must be worn by every newly married girl. Traditionally it comprised of ivory red and off-white bangles but these days it is made of high grade plastic decorated with sequins or stones.

g. Baaju Band or Armlet: This jewellery piece is definitely an add on to the bride’s perfect looks.

h. Anklets: Worn on the ankles, these beautifully carved anklets are certainly not to be missed.

i. Finger rings and toe-rings or bichua: No bride feels completely ready till she wears these beautiful finger as well as toe-rings.

j. Bindi: Worn on the forehead, bindi has always been an important accessory of bridal make-up which is traditionally in red colour but these days you can buy them in any colour with embellishments.

  • Shoes: Another important bridal accessory apart from jewellery is the bridal sandals or any footwear that she chooses to wear.
  • Purse, Clutch or Potli: No bridal ensemble is complete without an embellished clutch which matches the bridal outfit or a silk or brocade Potli which looks amazingly elegant.

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