Majority of people strive for making weddings appear quite an extravagant event, in order to earn applause and compliments. However, while doing so they tend to forget that they are putting strain on those valuable natural resources which are scarce. Though, worldwide people do ponder over the burning issues related to the environment like pollution, global warming, cutting of trees, emission of carbon, etc, but unfortunately barely few people take initiative by adopting greener ways while wedding. Since social awareness towards the nature is increasing, there has been a rise in the number of companies that are contributing their efforts in encouraging the people to go for greener weddings. These companies offer various substitutes of harmful and those materials that lead to the wastage of the limited resources of the nature and cause pollution to the environment. It is quite apparent that electricity is that particular amenity that is being taken for the granted by most of the people. Especially, during weddings, it becomes the most abused element and in terms of the wastage, it tops the list. By planning an eco friendly low energy consumption wedding you can also mention it the Indian wedding cards that you send to guests that it is a greener wedding.

Wedding Cards

Let us have a peek on those valuable tips through which the consumption of electricity can be minimized up to a great extent:

First and foremost is the wedding invites. By choosing a printing company that uses green ink and has ultra modern low energy consumption machines to print the Indian wedding cards, you end up contributing a lot to the environment.

A decision of using compact fluorescent bulb instead of high voltage lights or the big chandeliers consuming excessive electricity can really make a huge difference in reducing the wastage. By saving electricity, you are directly contributing in saving the consumption of precious water.

It is quite apparent that a summer wedding leads to more consumption of the electricity in comparison to a wedding in the winter. In summer, one has to look for a venue equipped with AC, cooler, sufficient number of fans, fridge, etc. By keeping the wedding date in the season of winter, you can really save electricity up to a great extent. If you are keen about having a wedding in summer season only then at least make sure that the AC’s and furnaces of the wedding venue are of right size so that it doesn’t put strain on the electricity.

Electricity consumption can also be reduced by using candles instead of electric light. This would not only project your more accountable attitude towards conserving valuable resources of the nature, but it would also create a unique appeal during the wedding. Organizing a wedding and wedding luncheon during the day time instead of late evening, is a brilliant way to save electricity consumption.

Hiring an acoustic band or hiring good singers instead of playing music by music system is another extremely effective way to avoid more energy consumption.

Another next most abused element of the wedding is cooking gas. Now days, people are striving to be the part of rat-race of keeping the menu list long, without giving a thought about the wastage related to the food. Adding unnecessary menu items, just for the sake of creating a good impression leads to the wastage of the cooking gas. Keep the menu limited and that’s how, you can reduce the wastage related to the cooking gas.

For organizing a unique wedding, one need not waste scarce resources, but one really needs to show a responsible attitude towards saving the environment. Though, the concept of greener wedding has begun captivating the imagination of the worldwide people, but still there is long way to go.


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