The tradition of a Hindu wedding is enriched in excitement and vibrancy. A Hindu wedding is marked by a number of rituals, customs, and never-ending celebrations. In many ways, a wedding starts with wedding invitations. Choosing a wedding card is both exciting and enjoyable. It not only conveys the wedding message, but it also represents your personal preferences and prestige. Hindu wedding cards like Hindu weddings are vibrant yet descent, you will find traditional artwork and images depicting Hindu gods and goddesses on wedding cards. Indians regard weddings as the holiest of events, as it witnesses eternal love, sacrifice, and devotion, and spiritual blessings strengthen these elements to ensure their long-term sustainability.

hindu wedding invitation

Here are some of the most gorgeous and elegant Hindu wedding invitation designs, scripts and fonts to lift your spirits:

  • Reflecting spirituality:

Hindu wedding card has an image of lord Ganpati as Ganpati is considered to eliminate all hurdles and illuminate minds with knowledge and wisdom. In every religious festive and wedding, Hindus worship Lord Ganesha, which is supposed to bring good fortune and prosperity. Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth has also a special place in Hindu wedding cards. Aum/Om signifies the amalgamation of three divine energies supreme Hindu Gods- Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. inscription of Om in a wedding card is considered the flawless beginning of the pious wedding event.

  • Beautiful traditional designs:
traditional hindu wedding invitation

Hindu wedding cards come in a variety of traditional styles and prints. Peacock, flower, leaf, fields, Doli, Dholak, Shehnai, Dulha, and Dulhan are some of the most popular and impressive prints in Hindu wedding cards. The rich, pleasant, and fascinating culture of India is depicted in these prints. All of these designs are stunning and elegant, and they all convey your wedding message from the heart.

  • Texture and colour

Hindu wedding cards usually come in red, maroon, cream and white cards with wedding messages printed in contrasting shades. However modern wedding cards are available in a range of beautiful colour and elegant textures carrying the traditional elements of Hindu weddings. Golden envelopes containing beautiful paper leaves describing the wedding ceremony nicely are in trend. You can explore a wide range of wedding cards in navy blue, green purple, brown, grey and red shades with elegant texture and beautiful calligraphy.

  • Addition of dori

Hindu wedding invites are made more lovely and unique by the use of shimmery dori. The envelope’s peacock feather adds to the overall aesthetic of the wedding card. Scroll Hindu wedding cards are also popular. Scrolling wedding cards reflects the grandeur and beauty of the wedding event.

  • A significant wedding invitation message

The message on a wedding invitation is crucial. It should be perfect and calligraphed beautifully. Every element of the wedding event is included in the wedding invitation message. The card’s design, prints, and colours provide aesthetic value, and the words are the heart of a wedding invitation card, so invitation message should be friendly and courteous.
The Vedas’ lines and phrases abound in Hindu wedding invitation messages, signifying our eternal ethnicity and beliefs.


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