The Hindu religion is very much different from the other religions of the world in many aspects. The most unique aspect as per me is the Hindu marriages which are a symbol of rich Indian culture, tradition and heritage. Hindu marriages have always been considered one of the most important aspects in life and are remembered for the lifetime. With preparations starting months before the wedding event, everything associated with the marriage ceremony is prepared with ultimate delicacy be it the selection of wedding venue or be it a basic thing like the selection of a wedding card.

Hindu Wedding Cards

The grand affair of Hindu wedding ceremony starts with printing of wedding cards. Though in the ancient times, sending invitation card was not a practice and was popular only among nobilities, but in the modern context, it is considered as etiquette. Also known as “Patrika”, the wedding cards, is a mode to inform the beloved ones with the good news as well as sends warm solicitation of their presence at the wedding. The cards are as vivid and colorful as the Hindu religion is. According to Hindu religion, guests are considered next to God; hence no stone is left unturned to honor the guests.


One would always find that Hindu wedding cards are colorful, luxurious and embellished with stones, zaris, tassels and sometimes even golden or silver coin, as according to the Hindu religion it signifies abundance, fertility and happiness. Though there are plenty of eye catching designs and layouts, the traditional yet royal scroll design is still in vogue. With increasing race to stay distinct, the wedding cards can even be personalized with imaginative designs, colors and textures. The unique design and signature look can be matched according to the wedding theme, and will ensure that the very first aspect of the wedding boosts uniqueness.

Selecting a wedding card has never been an easy task as there will always remain a difference of opinions, likings and disliking in your family. Also, finding a card that suits your culture, profession, and theme of your wedding is not an easy task. However, there are a number of ways to make the research part simple and easy. Instead of selecting any card randomly, do your homework well, because a moderate wedding card can be a cause of disappointment for the life time.

There are some very useful tips through which marriage card selection can be made very easy and a charismatic outcome is assured. The first step in the selection of an exciting and innovative card is a proper research. For this, you can first take the opinion of all who matter like your family members, and then you can go through the internet, where many wedding planning portals are offering free consultations for the designing, theme and layout of the card. There, you can even order for a free sample card before confirming your order, to make sure you are getting what you had ordered for. Any design and layout can be fully customized as per your liking and preferences.


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